Thursday, May 08, 2008

Two Am Thoughts

Is this waking up at 2 thing going to be a normal thing then? I'm wide awake now. Have work to do, that's why I'm blogging. Heh.

Anyway now I have a cold. Courtesy of the co-attendee of the meeting. How fast cold germs flies. And tomorrow I'm ON LEAVE!!! Oh the injustice of it all.

Anyways ....Jojo did not go to school yesterday. Takut as Arab homework not done yet. I told him you are the strong one , Johan..He said , But I'm a cryer mummy! Eh? Did he hear it from somewhere??

Dahlia sold her crystal ball to Sara, a small one is 10 sen, a medium 20 sen and a large ball 30 sen- these are small crystal balls that apparently can grow once you put in water...She was "given" them by her friend, and she now sells to her family. When I asked , it came out that she was given the thingy, but had to give a dollar to her friend. Really Dahlia, that looks like its expensive! I'm sure Irene had asked you for RM5, right? "No lah mummy! Just 2 dollars only!!"

Aik?? 2 dollars pulak? Hubby sengeh. I do not know what to think abt this. Should I encourage this entrepreneur spirit? She is only 8. She is truly our daughter. Hubby said he sold stamps when he was at the MalayCollege and hey, I sold the pucuk gajus when I was in Melaka- to my school teachers. Who actually bargained with me, from Rm1 a packet to 50 sen. Come to think of it, maybe RM1 for a packet of daundaun I picked off the tree in front of my house was a bit steep. Hey I was just 10.

Sophia hid when I arrived back- at 9! She was under the table. She had been playing with the internet the entire time she was supposed to change into her pajamas. I had to bang the table before she scooted upstairs. Mere entreaties would not do it.

Nadine has fully gotten the hang of using her handphone. She just smsed me the list of things she wants me to buy. Plus the shopping list.

Hubby wanted to go last night but after having our dinner, he fell asleep in front of the telly. 9.30 is now the latest we can keep our eyes open. I fully expect him to be awake in a few minutes. We have to get our sleeping pattern correct lah. I read that sleep is the most important beauty tool.

Oh yes...


I hope you love your present and I hope your husband would drop a quiet word to mine about the kind of presents wives would love to that carries someone else's name, for example. Heh heh. Never main lah, I have his never tiring devotion to me and absolute willingness to send me, say, to the airport 2 days running before dawn...that's big love going on there, people. (but if you want to buy me anything sparkly or with initials, please feel free heh heh).

I have yet to buy HIM a present and no, my cancelled ticket costs cannot be chalked up as his present. Hmm...what ye?? Still no idea. got him perfume last time.

Ok lah will check in to do that work I was tellin you about

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