What I did this weekend ....

The good thing abt having a blog is you can ramble on and on abt the most mundane thing and no one is going to tell you to shut up...hahahaha...

Anyway what was I doing before distraction sets in and I turn to this blog??

Looking for apartments in Gold Coast- to find one, easy. To find one that would take 7 people - Impossible. I am still trawling the net. As in WOTIF. Wot if we don't get any place? If they say "The room caters for a maximum of 2 adults, and a maximum of 4 children but cannot exceed 6 guests in total"- what happens if I bring 5 kids? Hubby tells me to not risk it. I called this hotel - VibeHotel and they actually suggested that I take THREE SEPARATE HOTEL rooms. One for me and my husband, and 2 for the kids, where they can be split 2 and 3. Are they stupid? Did they not get the ages of the children?? Jo and Dahlia on their own?? Hissshhh ozzies...!!! Love the country but...

Anyway can't believe another weekend is over. Where did it go ah? What did we do today ya? Morning we lazed around ie no maid so please do not dirty the kitchen with such stuff as breakfast hahahahaha..no lah, I did make sure the kids are fed and bathed, we are not THAT helpless, we did survive years in the UK with not a single domestic assistant (although there was only Nadine and Sara and Sophia then).


Kids went to Colours of Malaysia last night. Parents took them to brother's house, Brother and wife took them to Putrajaya for the show. Thanks! Where were we?? We went to a wedding (another one) at PWTC. Nice, very Malaysiana, with the food being served by young boys in Malay regalia, and a local Kuala Selangor band wearing yellow costumes and tudungsaji lookalikes hats (Kumpulan Bali-Bali) - very festive and very nice. We sat next to Datuk A*ziz Glen*eagles (Medical Director of PCMC please) and I am completely won over he is so nice and so gentle and can I have another baby so that he can deliver it? His equally gorgeous wife is equally nice. They must think we are there in their league as they recommended that we buy a RM2.2 m house - bargain, dahlink- got pool and everythang. Eh..reality check. I can't be trawling the net for the cheap cheap bargain accommodation in GC and think abt a RM2.2 m house- - maybe whenyou declare the hospital OPEN , Datuk...tak kena lah kan??

Mum said, go home straight after wedding, we can send your kids back. Hubby said - no lah, missing the kids , so off we went to my brother's place in the goodooks (he llives in Bukit Jalil):-) and waited for our kids to come back.


Actually we had to go to TaeKwondo tournament this morning, Sophia was already dressed. She was taking part it seems. However we had to wait for Dad to come back from where else, the hospital. he was on call at both places. He came back at half past ten - the thing started at 8. Sophia said she didnt want to go lah. And she did not seem too cut up abt it. Nadine was the one who said she had to go as teacher said must go. If the teacher said...must do or else arm will fall off.


Went to a wedding lunch time. Nearbyonly...However, Hubby forgot where. So we stopped at 2 places before we found the right one. One place even told us - this is an engagement lah.Hmph at least you could have invited us in for a drink! All the way Dahlia and Sara was fighting abt who gets to sit in the middle. At one point I told them to sit on the floor of the car. Can tak if not fight?? They have this system- if the car stops for more than 3 mins you have to change seats- the ones at the back has to go to the front- the middle seats are the fought over ones. It is a good system - good for giving mum and dad headaches.


Today..after wedding went to visit DadofFive and family- realised that the house next to his (which is ours) has become a jungle- sorry ah, DOF - we will sort this out. Thanks for feeding us and sorry for overstaying. And Hajar is so gorgeous I want to eat her cheeks. Kids found some curlers from old house. Now everyone of the girls arein curlers. Hahahahahahah...My kids are soo big now.

What!!! Its 1.20 am and hubby is still not back from GH?? How to go to sleep?He's my bantal what.

Ok - bye bye.....


NUR said…
wwaaaahhh...gi Gold Coast eh??next time ajak kitorang K!!!nk ituuttttttttt...
JOM !!! Family trip Adom clan
MrsNordin said…
You sat next to Dr Aziz? I'm so jealous!!!

One of the reasons why I want to have another baby is so I can go & see him every month. He is very charming, isn't it? And very gentle.. :)

You know I have his gambar pasted on my cubicle ni (alah... newspaper clip masa dia dapat datukship that day). When my boss saw it, he went, "Is that your husband?" (I wish!) "No. That's my gynae", I said. I'm sure he thought I was nuts! (but I don't care!)

Sure wife dia ver pretty, kan? Anak dia lawa2. In his clinic, gambar anak je banyak, gambar wife satu pun tak ada. So I always wondered who's MrsAbdAziz..
Oh my god J..I totally know what you mean. I sanggup pregnant just to see him heh heh. I found myself googling for his pic the other day! Hee hee apalah dia pakai ye....

Wife dia lawa lah but the ranggi trendy kind of lawa not thelemah lembut ayu type.
MrsNordin said…
Oh I see... I always thought she's the sweet, lemah lembut housewife type of person. I guess he prefers career woman as well, huh? Now I wonder how they met...

Let's google for his photos somemore!!! But if you want, I can e-mail you this photo I have of him. Very sweet smile... :)
Thank you on the offer of the photo.boleh gak lah heh heh heh.

(Sure ada fanclub J!)

And yah, the career woman is very pretty.

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