Saturday, June 28, 2008


Hi ! How are you? I've been ill these past 2 days. I developed this huge swollen tonsils which made it hurt when I swallow - I fully blame the new office (of current firm)- we went for a visit last Wed and it was full of dust and paint fumes etc etc. And then I had to rush for a talk on Islamic finance thing...then on Thursday I woke up with this golfball in my throat and lead weights on my leg and also aching joints. So MC for 2 days. Although I felt well enough to join the gang in moving yesterday. Although by 5 I surrendered and went home (on MC afterall)

A long post today to make up for the absence:

1- Me and Hubby- the Supirs

Proper moving is today. Am going around 10 and expect to be there until late. Today is going to be crazy day for whoever between Husband and I, designated to pick up kids (probably my husband-again) . This morning there is TaeKwonDo grading for the girls. Last night sent Nadine to Qiyam at her school . This morning Husband sending the other 3 girls to the grading and then pick Nadine up- she has grading too! She wants to come home first to have her bath before going to grading. My Miss Diva refusing to have a shower at the school- there is a long line she said plus its yucky. Ini belum boarding school! After getting her home, have to send her back to grading, then have to go to office to move stuff - then Hubby have to go give a talk abt colon care. Then at 3, birthday party, and then at 8, barbecue (parents only) . Phew!! We need another car honey!!!!!

2. The COCO at ADNI

Because my kids just joined this school this year, everyone's a white belt holder so far. I bet in their classes a lot of their classmates have moved on. I'm glad that Adni stresses on selfdefence. Sara was showing me what she had to do for grading and I was impressed! Hahaha...

Sara definitely enjoys this school more than the previous one. She gets chosen for just about every other competition there is. Pidato lah, Public speaking lah (She won first prize), and now, she's been chosen to be part of the team for the school journal. She'll be one of the reporters. We make a biiiiiig deal out of it , of course. Partly to build her confidence. She needs something to be very good at and all her own. Nadine was the superstudent (which is why Nadine is extratakut if she does not perform- maintain her record mah) . So is Dahlia. Sophia is the Prefect. So now, Sara is the school reporter.

Now its up to us to make sure that the kids do not lag behind in their studies. Husband said to Sara's teacher- Banyak B ye? And the teacher's response- Eh Ok lah tu! Husband was NOT pleased. But on the other hand, kan, depa ni baru, relaks lah...


They know how important good grades are for us. I don't know if we are wrong or not to emphasise this- although I have said that to me, good grades merely mean that you remember what the teacher has taught you. I must be so garang - always yelling at them to go study. I read in their diaries stuff like "Mummy will be furious with me as I have a couple of Bs this time..she was so furious with Sara when she came back with her report card- I better not tell her I got my report card" sad to be feared! Tapi tak gak belajar!

But I don't want them to think we're ok with them not doing well in school - I told them the other day that I love them even if they get Ds but I want them to WANT to be the best. And I want them to show me they have worked hard and tried their best - ni tengok Astro 247 camana...

Although I don't want to pressure them. HOW??? I want them to learn for learning sake- you really WILL need to find out how to calculate this or that, 38 years on, you know, girls. I was SUCH a useless student and therefore usuallly cannot answer my husband when he asks me trivia question like who was the 41st president of United States or where is the longest river in the African continent (I bet you anything that he would know)- I even forgot that Chao Phraya was a bloody river for god's sake. The look on my superior Husband's face- heee boring boring. You married me for my looks and my ability to have loads of kids from my wide hips honey, don't you remember. And!!! Giving birth to FIVE of your children earns me the right to be right. even if I'm not. Heh heh heh.

AND!! You may say it's not good to be so academically oriented, but these days results matters as things are ssoooooo competitive.. How to get to Harvard or Oxbridge otherwise or even NUS?? (in case I have a local grad reader- local universities are good too, ok)

4. ME -NOT THE EXAMPLE did my parents cope with me...I was just content to glide through studies. My bar exams- well, yah, I studied, takda lah macam nak pengsan. I took it twice. The first time, I went to one exam and halfway there I asked my friend (Hi Shadida Ibrahim wherever you are) - "Eh this is Evidence kan?" She turned to me with a horrified look and shrieked "SHILA!!!!! Today is CIVIL PROCEDURE!!!!!!" ..ok, I failed that paper , no surprises there (but if I pass I had to go home and leave my boyfriend ...(who was by the way telling me to go home and do the CLP allready as the Bar is very hard to pass) ) - And when I passed my bar the next attempt (Hah I showed YOU Mr Boyfriend/Hubby!) I think my friend Shadid was MEGA Surprised. (So was I, but I had to pass, JPA was not going to pay for any more resits) . I have been verrrrrrrrrry lucky to get by with minimum effort (eh ada lah effort).

Which is partly why I am so motivated now. (Hah!!! She says, dengan perasannye) - (I mean, I think I am definitely more motivated than some of our younger grads these days....if tak spoon feed and tak easy, malas!!!) I REGRET putting minimum effort - heh heh. I should have been hungrier! But I am still this easily contented person..takes very little to please me. Heh heh..Ok enuff abt me.

Yah, last night Dahlia announced to her dad, that a boy likes her.
"A boy likes me and I like him too, daddy."
Cool je kan? "He likes me because I'm cute and I'm smart"

When hubby relayed this to me (I was in the shower) I gelak and thought - boy she's part Johorean allright!! (NOT lacking in self confidence) And then I thought- hangon a minute- she's EIGHT. What is she doing "liking" boys?

So I asked her- Dahlia, you like this boy? Yes. That's nice, Dahlia, you must like boys just as you like girls, as friends. But this boy likes LIKES me, Mummy.

What do you mean, "likes LIKES" you? As a GGGGGGGirlfriend????!!! Dahlia.! YOU.ARE.EIGHT.YEARS.OLD!!!! You.still.sleep.with.your.mummy! You CANNOT have a boyfriend at 8!! Nanti tak jadi doktor !!(ok no logic there)

Flashback to me telling my mom that Tengku M wanted to kiss me - at the age of 5. Hmmmm...Ignore ignore.

Dahlia has one answer ready. Uncle so and so had a girlfriend when he was 12. Which Uncle Dahlia??? And what is he doing right now???? I bet he is jobless right??

Ok, freaked out a teeny bit. But really. She's 8. I know its cute. I pun nak gelak. She said to me, A lot of ppl said I'm cute, mummy. Hahahahhaha! heee perasannye!!!!

In the end I said to her - Dahlia , when they say that, tell them- You should see my mom! Hahahahaha (maybe I'm part Johorean too heh heh) Nolah, tell them, thank you , and thank Allah as my looks come from him. And of course you can like boys , they are nice too. But maybe not anything more than friends ok Dahlia, until you are 28.

In the end the mother in me won over the "Friend" and I said to her sternly "ALL you have to think about is STUDYING ok Dahlia! I don't want to HEAR about boys liking you. BUT YOU MUST TELL ME EVERYTHING". (confusing her and me thoroughly at this point)" ITS BERDOSA TO KEEP SECRETS FROM YOUR MOM!"

That is my proposed Motto for my kids . My mom has been telling me two things since I can remember - (a) Education is everything and (b) always think of her when I want to do anything. DAMN effective,ok . I could not forget what she said even if I wanted to and I would have to think of her, if I wanted to do anything out of the straight and narrow. If you ask the other party, he'll probably say it was his fear of God and the Retribution that kept us on the straight and narrow! (nudge nudge wink wink)

Anyway I want "Never keep secrets from mom" to be what my kids curse- heh heh. Something they would feel compelled to do. can tak?? It's really HARD to know what to do!

Oklah. now I have to get dressed and go send Nadine for her grading. BYEEE

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Time for Change

Today (yesterday) my table was taken away from the room- no not as punishment for coming back late from lunch. heh heh.but because we are moving - from in front of Pavillion, to somewhere near the Weld . The office is now being stripped down, and for half a day semalam and today and tomorrow until lah Friday, I will be sitting on the floor. takpalah,nak sangat rasa macam work from home...heh heh heh !!

The move is a sad one for the office, having been in the same place for the last 11 years...a historic move. Rising costs and also increasing traffic problems. New office quieter. Nice , I was told. Although a heck of a lot further from pavillion. Just when I was starting to think that a grand was cheap for a Coach handbag..

Yah, values tend to change a teeny bit when you are surrounded by luxury items paraded as if it is the absolutely normal thing to do, to buy one. Semalam went to see Coach sale...unfortunately I still do not fancy fabric handbags sangat..yang murah (hah) banyak fabric or besar. or buckle kiri kanan. Tunggu Prada bukak okkkkkkk....

Nanti my new office laaaaaaaaaaaagi jauh daripada Pavillion...jeng jeng jeng....I'm moving out of this current firm..after 2 years..joining a dear old friend - smaller firm set up (there will only be 2 partners including me) and no lawyers. The theory being, more time for me to spend on the kids, but I have yet to hear of my new partner to be coming home earlier than 8! You may have read his blog- dad of four plus one?

I will miss my galpals of is all about the ppl you meet and the friends you make...but I'm ready for this next stage in life as in- independence. Can friends work together? We go back 2 decades, he was my classmate, and we were neighbours until I moved and he is even related to Hubby....but, will we fall out??? We shall see..I think ok kot...I'm such a lovely person what hahahah..more like my friend is such a sabar person. to deal with my kelam kabutness!! (Hope he knows Im very kelamkabut). Our respective spouses are so supportive - they're our silent partners hahahahaha.

On the topic of cannot use KL Plaza anymore...dulu beli membershiip of BerjayaVacation, get to use the club facilities..Not a bad club actually, the kids love the pool, there's a gym and sauna and table tennis etc. But 1st July onwards, tak leh dah.

Kebetulan we found out that the club at AmpangJaya was selling their membership at promotional pikir punya pikir..join lah
Kids pulak..came back with such good results from 1 for Nadine and Dahllia and no 4 or 5 for the rest...I tumpang happy but I note with concern that their marks could be higher..and if sekolah kebangsaan yang dulu, dah corot kot..tapi takpa kita positif right...I should be proud since they had to catch up on Arab and etc that they did not take - new this year kan...but I hope they themselves will strive to do better, Its not about the marks, its about understanding what you have learnt. So says the Queen of Last minute study

Ok got to go sleep lah..tata...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

More Goldcoast pics

Movie World FINALLY!!Adult is AUD64 Children AUD35 (I think) Orang punye lah ramai queue up for this 4D experience- it was great once you get in. 4D means your chair rocks when the carriage moves, and when someone spits you get water sprayed in your face (lovely)
In front of Harry Porter's shop....

Batman show - manalah depa dapat batman maaaacam batman...square jawed and muscular.

Parade- this is main event -Austin Powers, Bugs Bunny, Scooby doo, the Justice Leagues, er...Marylin Monroe.. tu je lah. Can you see Sophia on the right hand side of the pic? Mummyby the way was sitting down under the tree by this time...penat woooo.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Goldcoast's Hinterlands (part 1)

Sorry ye..been a bit busy with stuff.Dahlia wants a party for her birthday (dah lepas) and her dad has been rushing to get the stuff..for the party this Sunday. We decided to do it- today. Biasa lah kan...

We HAD to see the Hinterlands.. orang dok cakap pi hinterlands. There were a few tourist drives that you could take, passing through the nature parks and winding rivers of Tweed and Nerang. We decided to drive towards the famous Mount Warning and try to catch the "Natural Bridge". The drive was nice, through villages and valleys with the hills as backdrop. We all bukan tengok map sangat..main redah je heh heh..

I'll quickly post pics of the rest of the trip k..

That is not Mount warning, said hubby. this spot is where i curik melambak pinecones.

We passed through villages with quaint names like Murwillumbah and Chillingham. last last we reached Mount Warning (an extinct volcano!) but just at the carpark lah. Apparently kalau nak naik boleh...tapi for the 7 of us, takyah lah..posing je lah.

Mummy nak duduk dalam kereta je lah boleh tak...

Someone's horse farm kat Numinbah valley

Salah tengok maaacam kat Malaysia kan??

the Natural bridge- ie underground river...waterfall falling through hole in rock.

Thursday and Friday

The only time we could have shopped was Thursday night, as it was late night shopping. memang many shops...this place was called Pacific Fair Mall or something, Nak mati punye besar. But sooo nice. Myers was having a 70% sale pulak tu...we bought a -suitcase. Believe me I wanted to shop some more but the exchange rate was not making it all that much cheaper..and a lot were MIC (madeinchina)

Pics below(caption below each pic)Johan wanted to try this game- pakai crane, angkat sweet. All the sisters "helped" him direct the crane. he was in the seat. We bought our discounted tickets here (alahai bukannye banyak discount-AUD2 for each ticket. Its called "Tours and Tickets" Lihatlah baju baruku, AUD14 je (alahai lebihkurang kita je..).and this is our car..I want this car, hubby..everyone has to use the seatbelt. Its the law.
Bye bye tamarindsands! On Friday we had to check out..wheather was so nice now.
visited the lake behind Tamarind sands- this is the Cudgens Nature reserve- TAKDA SAMPAH....
There was a house about 200mtrs away
sara posing dekat lake. Ie memang standing on the edge of the lake.

Trip in Pics!

The landlord lent us some boards and my kids became surf babes... while mummy duduk atas the warm rocks...tengoklah tu I bentang kain, tapi last last kain tu basah..and bontot pun basah....tulah pandai kan..

Masa ni tak terror lagi (gambar bawah)
A bit better
My surfbabes...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!

A very Happy Father's Day goes out to a fantastic Husband and a wonderful Daddy to the kiddoes- who is now in Bangkok pining for me (I wish) - I mean, who is now in Bangkok looking at how the Siamese do it. Cut people up , I mean. Who has been away from Thursday and coming back tomorrow. Come back soon honey, everyone misses you. and of COURSE I trust you..what was I thinking when I told you not to go see all those "Tiger" shows . :-)

In honour of this day, I was thinking of sending flowers to the hotel but then he'd have to bring it back and maybe a hassle. Anyway while I ponder whether I should do that or not, here's a poem to say how much we appreciate you..(It's homemade so tak rhyme, sorry)

Today I want to say Thank you for being such a great dad
For, without asking for payment
or being nagged (much)
you have :
Changed nappies, helped them burp
woken up when I was flat
letting them treat you like a park
riding your back tirelessly,
Always given your best

As they grow, you have been :
the calm one when they puke all over
refusing to take to the doctor
the minder when mummy wanted a nice bath , a break
from chatttering toddlers pulling at my leg!

And now, they love you for:
Being the one who'd give them chewing gum
when its definitely on mummy's never-buy list
Taking them to the rides at the theme park
when mummy resists
taking them kite flying
and bike riding

And thank you for you have:
Never shirked from your daddies' duties
which has included taking them for a haircut
or sending them to camp
or picking them up from school
or geting various stuff they need

Thank you for being such a wonderful father
Thank Allah for sending you to us.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Finally Seaworld (Wednesday)

Our apartment- in the sun. Did you know we arrived that first night nearly midnight- gellaaaaaaaaap.

The Sun is OUT!!!!

Wednesday was Pancake Day! The landlady invited us to eat pancakes kat bawah, The sun came out and it was a lovely day. Biasaje pancake dia..tapi adalah topping lemon, honey, syrup, cream etc. By the time turun dah nak habis..started at 9 kan. But it was nice, to eat in the sun (Dah nak check out I found out that it was AUD20 for the whole family.)

Lepas tu terruuuuuuuuuss pergi Seaworld.(journey- 1 hour!) I wanted to go to Dreamworld but Hubby's quite insistent on Seaworld. Since usually he is the laidback one, sekali sekala dia insist, kitorang ikut ler. Quite relieved to actually be doing something typically touristy.

Kat entrance Seaworld- where the heck ARE we?

We arrived nearly 12 and ter-park kat Hotel Resort dia, so had to take a monorail to the ThemePark. Bestgak can see the entire park. Oh yeah Zu, the girl who took the tickets said my pearls were nice. (My sis in law buat and jual)

The whole reason ppl should go to Seaworld is the fact that you get to see the amazing sea animals...polar bears, sharks, and of course....DOLPHINS!! We caught the Dolphin show but what was amazing was that, it was not simply a show where dolphins jump through hoops or what, it was more of a message for conservationism and marine protection. You also get the real story and purpose of Seaworld- aside from the theme park, it is a very serious body for the research of and protection of marine life and they even get called by other countries to help out if there is a crisis. We learnt quite a bit and the kids now have a healthy awareness and respect of the environment. In Malaysia the govt bodies, the developers all buat donno je kan, how to learn (ok im off the soapbox)

MrsN, Nizzar would totally enjoy himself. There is an entire section under Sesame Street. Ada show lagi where the characters come out . Rugi tak ambik gambar but we had to rush to catch the other shows.

Lunch was at the HALAL restaurants in there- many Malaysians but of course, tak dalah salam salam. Alhamdulillah kalau they smile. I really felt that I should tegur rather than buat tak nampak, like them. I felt like saying- I already have accommodation, and a car, and do not need to go to your place for dinner so don't be afraid of me lah. I got so fedup that after seing this same family dua kali I tegur this makcik. I tanya dia Malaysian ke, - yah, jawab dia. Datang melawat ke? Tak, tengok anak . Anak buat apa? (GOD IM NOSY!) Medicine . Oh ye ke, auntie? my husband is a surgeon in HKL (ie we are not nutters) . BAAAAAAAAAARU Auntie tu soften sikit. And guess who she is, padanla dia macam reticent sikit- mak Wa*rd*ina. I saw her also, I said hi. Actually bukan anak dia sama skolah with mine ke. Tapi tak macam boleh borak . Why? I should also not be so sebok kan.

Of courselah, the entire thing is also a THEMEPARK. Ie rides. My kids macam nak terpengsan punyelah seronok main rides...they asked me to go to the Pirate Ship - yang hayun daripada kiri dan kanan tu...eeeee ..never again. People were screaming in fun (ie smiling while screaming) . I was terrified. I screamed and was convinced I was going to die. And no way was I going to go to the roller coaster ok. Kids did not like me much. As I also barred the youngest 2 from going. Because they cannot go on without an adult accompanying. So mummy tak nak. This is funny you know because when we were younger I remember i was so berani. I nagged my mom to let me go on the rides in Disneyland. Sekarang, ride kanak-kanak pun I tak guarantee. Carousel tu je yang ok . hahahahahaha...

Mummy taknak naik !!!!

Some pics around the park.

Kesiannye aku. I Killed Steve IrwinPosing depan PolarBear (undergroundview)Naik cable car


Us at KirraBeach. Beach in front of apartments .

Sambungannye....Wanshana, we actually know where to go for ayamhalal as we had googled it earlier- got "muslimsingoldcoast" punye site . I wanted to call them to ask when they were going to close that day. Hubby marah sebab buang duit je pakai handphone but to me better buang duit call daripada buang duit melalau carik and then to find the place is shut.

Anyways we stopped at Kirra Beach for abt 1 hour , kids nak main . Beach was flat. Absolutely no one was about save for a couple of girls walking their dog. Sun was coming out, so after awhile,pening kepala. I gila shells but unfortunately no shells to collect so just collect batu batu kecik je lah.

Surfer's Paradise from where we were. Another 22 km kot! We had to go through it to get to ChirnPark where the Arabs are. We stopped for lunch at TUGUN where Dad went out to get us - apalagi- cheese pizzas and juices. Memang murah giler kalau tak convert. Dahlia nak wee wee so tak leh stop until we got to Chirn Park. I was told to go to the toilet at the playground. I ingat sure kotor tapi BERSIH. And of course lah the kids had to stop and play. Banyak nye pitstop. Yang boring nye is that gelap so fast...winter lah kan. Maghrib was abt 4.30 ish.

The Kids having fun at the 2nd playground where we stopped .Here the dad turned the thingy very fast so macam thrill ride. One horrifying moment when Johan slipped off but leg still attached to the red bars - body dah kat luar. the thing was still moving so fast. Nasib baik he did not put his head down, he managed to keep his body upright until we stopped it. I dah menjerit jerit dah.

Surfer's Paradise ...this was at the SPIT.

After that...balik ... best gak lepak tengok tv....tengok NEIGHBOURS and HOMEANDAWAY!! Dinner was nasi and ayam kuah yay yay! Malam tu first time pakai dishwasher...perghak betul kan.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Masih Lagi Hari Kedua ( ie Monday)

Wah..laut sungguh bergelora...this is abt 2 mins drive from the place we had lunch..memang spot where surfers go lah...tapi of course now it was raining so no one was fool enough to try. Although ada news orang kena rescue kat Surfer's sebab pi gak mandi and then cram. We were all fascinated (ye lah first day kan, tengok laut tu jakuns lah...masuk hari ke 7 semua macam tak heran je)

Oh yeah, lunch for 7 of us ok lah (esp if you work here hahaha) ...abt AUD80 kot..itu pun mak bapak makan roti keju (namanya glamer- bruschetta with feta cheese) . Kids of course lah order macam macam benda posh -barramundi lah, passionfruit juice la...mak I kata I layan kenapa..but when it comes to food how do you refuse your kids? Dahlia nak gak chicken nugget walaupun her sisters said ...HARAMMMMMMMM!!!!

Lepas tu...we just drove..sejuk and hujan kan kat luar...lalu sungai macam sungai Amazon gitu punyelah besar. Because its been raining, sungai penuh lah. Scary gak...We stopped by some small shop - I went a bit mad with the tabloid mags- WOMAN'S DAY magazine (Ange kawin dengan Brad , you!) and the AeroMint coklat and the cherrybom coklat etc etc. Lepas tu balik and nganga dalam bilik- kids played playstation downstairs (ada kids'room at the aptment)

Hari Ketiga (ie Tuesday)

Plan nak pergi seaworld/dreamworld tak jadi sebab semua keluar pukul 10 pagi....


On the second day, the weather looked a bit better so we took the car out and just drove , targetting to go to Surfer's and also to find a Halal Butcher...We've been eating cereal/bread and cheese pizza and we miss chicken and meat!

The coast memang lawa and so darn clean .Don't Aussies throw rubbish?? The roads, the beach,...semuanya clear of any litter. The first town we went to was TWEED - we stopped at this place called POINT DANGER- loads of signs about warships going down had fun in the local shop and also looking out of the binoculars ..I was hoping to spot WHALES as apparently they pass through during June tapi hampeh. I tanya how do I spot whales? I ingat the lady at the shop will recommend lah, oh you take this tour or that tour...she said "you just stand at the beach and pray you get lucky". Heh? That's aussies for you heh heh.

We just kept driving on....we passed small towns . We passed a beautiful stretch of beach at KIRRA...depan apartment, selambak je beach. Kirra is a happening town , with bistros and cafes facing the sea...tak ramai yang bawak anak berderet. I kept getting asked - Are they all yours?? Habih? Anak sapa kan???

(Blogspot susah nak upload gambar..will try later...)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cabarita - Monday

Hi..So the first night, sampai terus- pasang TV tengok Australian TV!! Dahlia was so funny , laluje Mat Saleh- she'd say "Tsk Australians..." or "eh, this is Australian water " She was dead chuffed and very jakun at being in Australia...

The first thing we noticed on telly is that- the weather report was horrible!! The entire Australia was sunny, except where we were. Brisbane siap ada flashflood lagi, with pics of ppl pushing their car through the banjir. And then , Universal Studios lak caught fire...oh man....nasib baik Universal studios kat USA- kalau kat Oz dah nangis dah anak I hahahaha..

This is us makan brunch kat Cabarita Beach...

Sat lagi sambung ye...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


We are back! Yesterday wanted to post but too tired, arrived home at 6 a.m. Took a nazaria cab back home.

Overall the trip was GREAT. Some points :

1. when you travel overseas- bawak mineral bottle dalam toilet to wash your kids's bum

2. good idea if can cram one small pot otherwise you'll be lining your pan with alum foil (just in case the pan had fried bacon etc)

3. Plan your days and then forget abt it otherwise you'll get highblood pressure when your kids are still in bed at 11 a.m

4. When you meet other Melayu there- senyumlah or bagi salam and dont pretend you tak nampak...

In detail:

1) Airasia and LCCT

Air asia is definitely NOT MAS.. things you sacrificed are the covered walkway to the plane, the proper english (ladies and jon-tel man) , the new toilet (ye lah model kapaltarbang lama kan)- the walk on the tarmac is ok but in Gold Coast it rained like anything and we did not bring brollies. Of course lah the LCCT was as glamourous as Puduraya. The toilet was also not as clean- why do we wait in front of each toilet stall instead of forming one line for the first available toilet?

Sophia upset sebab she had her scissors taken away (I tak perasan that she took her pencil box which contained scissors- note: check what your kids pack) . I said to her "haa haa..tak tau" and terus kena marah dengan polis check tu- "Jangan lah takut kan dia....!: ..Ooops. Sophia spent the next 10 mins asking when she was gonna get that scissors back. Sorry darling, never. On the way kids took turns looking out the window and also ordering gallons of milo and soup and sandwiches -kitorang bayar je ler...i think in the end cost dia sama dengan MAS heh heh. Next time I won't be preordering food - the menu for food (if you don't prebook I mean) looked sedap- hotdog for RM10. For the prebooked food, they turned out to be bbq chicken and nasi lemak (6 international 1 local meal) - on the way back pun sama but the nasi lemak suck a bit (mat saleh masak). BBq chckn pedas sikit

I had a lovely time finishing PS I Love You by Cecilia Ahern- first paperback i've read in ages!

2. Tamarind sands/Cabarita Beach

Malam sampai dahler gelap, hujan...pas tu, tak tau where the heck the car rental was- we loitered sampai lah ada mamat ni jumpa we all and gave us a lovely white tarago (estima)..after abt one hour of this , at 10 we set off to find (a) petrol and (b) food. Drove up and down the straight road and finally found a 24hr mcD- apalagi - 7 fillet of fish meal ler. Sedaaaaaaaaaaaaaap. Then we searched for Cabarita where our aptment was .The drive felt very far ..dalam gelap and hujan lebat. Lalu roads that said "Careful Koala Crossing". Finally

jumpa...the place is rather decent!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...