Saturday, June 28, 2008


Hi ! How are you? I've been ill these past 2 days. I developed this huge swollen tonsils which made it hurt when I swallow - I fully blame the new office (of current firm)- we went for a visit last Wed and it was full of dust and paint fumes etc etc. And then I had to rush for a talk on Islamic finance thing...then on Thursday I woke up with this golfball in my throat and lead weights on my leg and also aching joints. So MC for 2 days. Although I felt well enough to join the gang in moving yesterday. Although by 5 I surrendered and went home (on MC afterall)

A long post today to make up for the absence:

1- Me and Hubby- the Supirs

Proper moving is today. Am going around 10 and expect to be there until late. Today is going to be crazy day for whoever between Husband and I, designated to pick up kids (probably my husband-again) . This morning there is TaeKwonDo grading for the girls. Last night sent Nadine to Qiyam at her school . This morning Husband sending the other 3 girls to the grading and then pick Nadine up- she has grading too! She wants to come home first to have her bath before going to grading. My Miss Diva refusing to have a shower at the school- there is a long line she said plus its yucky. Ini belum boarding school! After getting her home, have to send her back to grading, then have to go to office to move stuff - then Hubby have to go give a talk abt colon care. Then at 3, birthday party, and then at 8, barbecue (parents only) . Phew!! We need another car honey!!!!!

2. The COCO at ADNI

Because my kids just joined this school this year, everyone's a white belt holder so far. I bet in their classes a lot of their classmates have moved on. I'm glad that Adni stresses on selfdefence. Sara was showing me what she had to do for grading and I was impressed! Hahaha...

Sara definitely enjoys this school more than the previous one. She gets chosen for just about every other competition there is. Pidato lah, Public speaking lah (She won first prize), and now, she's been chosen to be part of the team for the school journal. She'll be one of the reporters. We make a biiiiiig deal out of it , of course. Partly to build her confidence. She needs something to be very good at and all her own. Nadine was the superstudent (which is why Nadine is extratakut if she does not perform- maintain her record mah) . So is Dahlia. Sophia is the Prefect. So now, Sara is the school reporter.

Now its up to us to make sure that the kids do not lag behind in their studies. Husband said to Sara's teacher- Banyak B ye? And the teacher's response- Eh Ok lah tu! Husband was NOT pleased. But on the other hand, kan, depa ni baru, relaks lah...


They know how important good grades are for us. I don't know if we are wrong or not to emphasise this- although I have said that to me, good grades merely mean that you remember what the teacher has taught you. I must be so garang - always yelling at them to go study. I read in their diaries stuff like "Mummy will be furious with me as I have a couple of Bs this time..she was so furious with Sara when she came back with her report card- I better not tell her I got my report card" sad to be feared! Tapi tak gak belajar!

But I don't want them to think we're ok with them not doing well in school - I told them the other day that I love them even if they get Ds but I want them to WANT to be the best. And I want them to show me they have worked hard and tried their best - ni tengok Astro 247 camana...

Although I don't want to pressure them. HOW??? I want them to learn for learning sake- you really WILL need to find out how to calculate this or that, 38 years on, you know, girls. I was SUCH a useless student and therefore usuallly cannot answer my husband when he asks me trivia question like who was the 41st president of United States or where is the longest river in the African continent (I bet you anything that he would know)- I even forgot that Chao Phraya was a bloody river for god's sake. The look on my superior Husband's face- heee boring boring. You married me for my looks and my ability to have loads of kids from my wide hips honey, don't you remember. And!!! Giving birth to FIVE of your children earns me the right to be right. even if I'm not. Heh heh heh.

AND!! You may say it's not good to be so academically oriented, but these days results matters as things are ssoooooo competitive.. How to get to Harvard or Oxbridge otherwise or even NUS?? (in case I have a local grad reader- local universities are good too, ok)

4. ME -NOT THE EXAMPLE did my parents cope with me...I was just content to glide through studies. My bar exams- well, yah, I studied, takda lah macam nak pengsan. I took it twice. The first time, I went to one exam and halfway there I asked my friend (Hi Shadida Ibrahim wherever you are) - "Eh this is Evidence kan?" She turned to me with a horrified look and shrieked "SHILA!!!!! Today is CIVIL PROCEDURE!!!!!!" ..ok, I failed that paper , no surprises there (but if I pass I had to go home and leave my boyfriend ...(who was by the way telling me to go home and do the CLP allready as the Bar is very hard to pass) ) - And when I passed my bar the next attempt (Hah I showed YOU Mr Boyfriend/Hubby!) I think my friend Shadid was MEGA Surprised. (So was I, but I had to pass, JPA was not going to pay for any more resits) . I have been verrrrrrrrrry lucky to get by with minimum effort (eh ada lah effort).

Which is partly why I am so motivated now. (Hah!!! She says, dengan perasannye) - (I mean, I think I am definitely more motivated than some of our younger grads these days....if tak spoon feed and tak easy, malas!!!) I REGRET putting minimum effort - heh heh. I should have been hungrier! But I am still this easily contented person..takes very little to please me. Heh heh..Ok enuff abt me.

Yah, last night Dahlia announced to her dad, that a boy likes her.
"A boy likes me and I like him too, daddy."
Cool je kan? "He likes me because I'm cute and I'm smart"

When hubby relayed this to me (I was in the shower) I gelak and thought - boy she's part Johorean allright!! (NOT lacking in self confidence) And then I thought- hangon a minute- she's EIGHT. What is she doing "liking" boys?

So I asked her- Dahlia, you like this boy? Yes. That's nice, Dahlia, you must like boys just as you like girls, as friends. But this boy likes LIKES me, Mummy.

What do you mean, "likes LIKES" you? As a GGGGGGGirlfriend????!!! Dahlia.! YOU.ARE.EIGHT.YEARS.OLD!!!! You.still.sleep.with.your.mummy! You CANNOT have a boyfriend at 8!! Nanti tak jadi doktor !!(ok no logic there)

Flashback to me telling my mom that Tengku M wanted to kiss me - at the age of 5. Hmmmm...Ignore ignore.

Dahlia has one answer ready. Uncle so and so had a girlfriend when he was 12. Which Uncle Dahlia??? And what is he doing right now???? I bet he is jobless right??

Ok, freaked out a teeny bit. But really. She's 8. I know its cute. I pun nak gelak. She said to me, A lot of ppl said I'm cute, mummy. Hahahahhaha! heee perasannye!!!!

In the end I said to her - Dahlia , when they say that, tell them- You should see my mom! Hahahahaha (maybe I'm part Johorean too heh heh) Nolah, tell them, thank you , and thank Allah as my looks come from him. And of course you can like boys , they are nice too. But maybe not anything more than friends ok Dahlia, until you are 28.

In the end the mother in me won over the "Friend" and I said to her sternly "ALL you have to think about is STUDYING ok Dahlia! I don't want to HEAR about boys liking you. BUT YOU MUST TELL ME EVERYTHING". (confusing her and me thoroughly at this point)" ITS BERDOSA TO KEEP SECRETS FROM YOUR MOM!"

That is my proposed Motto for my kids . My mom has been telling me two things since I can remember - (a) Education is everything and (b) always think of her when I want to do anything. DAMN effective,ok . I could not forget what she said even if I wanted to and I would have to think of her, if I wanted to do anything out of the straight and narrow. If you ask the other party, he'll probably say it was his fear of God and the Retribution that kept us on the straight and narrow! (nudge nudge wink wink)

Anyway I want "Never keep secrets from mom" to be what my kids curse- heh heh. Something they would feel compelled to do. can tak?? It's really HARD to know what to do!

Oklah. now I have to get dressed and go send Nadine for her grading. BYEEE


Fadzila said...

eh..i pun kena sumpahan tu....anythg yang i buat n not telling my mom..rasa so miserable... better give this sumpahan to the kids kan..? so at least diorang pun rasa bersalah if buat anythg that is beyond our knowing....

MRSHUSiN said...

hahaha... it's funny but very cute kak Long! i mean the dahlia part. but thank god my mummy didnt have to go thru that till i habis form 5 cos i have been in an ALL-GIRLS school since forever. so i guess mummy & daddy didnt have to worry abt boys! haha, i ni pun bukannya lawa pun... :) perasan je...

yeah, my mom pun dr kecik has told us siblings repeatedly that (a) Education IS everything and (b) always think of her (& God) when I want to do anything. & alhamdulillah, look at me now.
thanks Mummy, i love u!

btw, hope u are well now tho!

jabishah said...

I somehow have highlighted this to my girls. "Never keep secrets frm your mom!" thingy. I think it somehow works sbb the other day my 7-yr-old girl with her guilty look confessed to her dad (tak berani approach mama..) that she pegi jln2 rumah kwn before school starts (she sekolah petang & her friend's hse blakang sekolah). As usual HB referred the case to me. Apa lagi... kena bebel lah.
ps- I hv bought my elder girls a diary. Encourage them to write. Sebenarnye mama diorg nak baca their inner feelings... ;-)

MrsNordin said...


Education IS important, regardless of what other people say. I sent my eldest step daughter to UiTM last Sunday. Well, the campus is nice but it's not the same as our unis in the UK. Kesian pulak I tengok kan dia. If only she made the grades and could go overseas... that's what I was thinking as I watched her unpacking in her small room.

I've always told her this before ~ i you want to go to a good school/uni, go get good grades coz we can't afford to send you overseas. you need to get the scholarship to go. Well... she did just ok but not enough to warrant her a scholarship.

No doubt the IPTA in M'sia is good as well, but tak de chancelah merasa pegi belajar overseas. The experience is different there. Wish she had pushed herself harder when she was in school..

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Fazilla..yaaa that would be the best! Sampai hari ni I cannot disobey my mom....!

Superwomanwannabe said...

MrsH- you were a HOT CHICK! Except you were a good lets hope my kids jadik sikit sikit macam you...hehehehehe

Superwomanwannabe said...

Jabishah- DIARY!! Yes!! Good idea!! (TInggal lagi depa ni kunci- susah mak nak intai)

Mak ...risaunye ye , anak kita jalan ah?I would also freak out.

Superwomanwannabe said...


overseas yang lebihnye the exposure..and of course the thrill tengok tempat orang ...and of course the pahit maung nak survive jauh daripada orang mesia...dulu pandainye buat murtabak and, beli je hehehehe...takpa lah maybe she can further her studies when she goes she is a bit more mature.

MRSHUSiN said...

hot chick kakLong?! ye lah tu!
(tapi sebenornya dah kembang semangkuk! LOL)
no la, i was very nakal la kakLong, but u didnt get to see all the nakal-ness since i got the typical Muar-Born&Bred Parents! VERY GARANG & NO MERCY ONEEEEE!

hehehe... but i love u mummy & daddy! (hahaha, coverline...)

but Kiddies, u can come see Auntie Izan anytime for advice okay? tapi lepas tu kena refer dgn ur mommy & daddy!

wanshana said...

My...don't they start very young these days, huh? Hehehe!

Tergelak I baca about Dahlia... but, it's kinda sweet, kan?

Good Luck with handling the kids' growing up pains, especially the girls! :)

(Don't all of us need luck for that...Sigh...)

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