Saturday, June 14, 2008

Finally Seaworld (Wednesday)

Our apartment- in the sun. Did you know we arrived that first night nearly midnight- gellaaaaaaaaap.

The Sun is OUT!!!!

Wednesday was Pancake Day! The landlady invited us to eat pancakes kat bawah, The sun came out and it was a lovely day. Biasaje pancake dia..tapi adalah topping lemon, honey, syrup, cream etc. By the time turun dah nak habis..started at 9 kan. But it was nice, to eat in the sun (Dah nak check out I found out that it was AUD20 for the whole family.)

Lepas tu terruuuuuuuuuss pergi Seaworld.(journey- 1 hour!) I wanted to go to Dreamworld but Hubby's quite insistent on Seaworld. Since usually he is the laidback one, sekali sekala dia insist, kitorang ikut ler. Quite relieved to actually be doing something typically touristy.

Kat entrance Seaworld- where the heck ARE we?

We arrived nearly 12 and ter-park kat Hotel Resort dia, so had to take a monorail to the ThemePark. Bestgak can see the entire park. Oh yeah Zu, the girl who took the tickets said my pearls were nice. (My sis in law buat and jual)

The whole reason ppl should go to Seaworld is the fact that you get to see the amazing sea animals...polar bears, sharks, and of course....DOLPHINS!! We caught the Dolphin show but what was amazing was that, it was not simply a show where dolphins jump through hoops or what, it was more of a message for conservationism and marine protection. You also get the real story and purpose of Seaworld- aside from the theme park, it is a very serious body for the research of and protection of marine life and they even get called by other countries to help out if there is a crisis. We learnt quite a bit and the kids now have a healthy awareness and respect of the environment. In Malaysia the govt bodies, the developers all buat donno je kan, how to learn (ok im off the soapbox)

MrsN, Nizzar would totally enjoy himself. There is an entire section under Sesame Street. Ada show lagi where the characters come out . Rugi tak ambik gambar but we had to rush to catch the other shows.

Lunch was at the HALAL restaurants in there- many Malaysians but of course, tak dalah salam salam. Alhamdulillah kalau they smile. I really felt that I should tegur rather than buat tak nampak, like them. I felt like saying- I already have accommodation, and a car, and do not need to go to your place for dinner so don't be afraid of me lah. I got so fedup that after seing this same family dua kali I tegur this makcik. I tanya dia Malaysian ke, - yah, jawab dia. Datang melawat ke? Tak, tengok anak . Anak buat apa? (GOD IM NOSY!) Medicine . Oh ye ke, auntie? my husband is a surgeon in HKL (ie we are not nutters) . BAAAAAAAAAARU Auntie tu soften sikit. And guess who she is, padanla dia macam reticent sikit- mak Wa*rd*ina. I saw her also, I said hi. Actually bukan anak dia sama skolah with mine ke. Tapi tak macam boleh borak . Why? I should also not be so sebok kan.

Of courselah, the entire thing is also a THEMEPARK. Ie rides. My kids macam nak terpengsan punyelah seronok main rides...they asked me to go to the Pirate Ship - yang hayun daripada kiri dan kanan tu...eeeee ..never again. People were screaming in fun (ie smiling while screaming) . I was terrified. I screamed and was convinced I was going to die. And no way was I going to go to the roller coaster ok. Kids did not like me much. As I also barred the youngest 2 from going. Because they cannot go on without an adult accompanying. So mummy tak nak. This is funny you know because when we were younger I remember i was so berani. I nagged my mom to let me go on the rides in Disneyland. Sekarang, ride kanak-kanak pun I tak guarantee. Carousel tu je yang ok . hahahahahaha...

Mummy taknak naik !!!!

Some pics around the park.

Kesiannye aku. I Killed Steve IrwinPosing depan PolarBear (undergroundview)Naik cable car


Madam Tai Tai said...

SW, love your hair! Very nice..and worth the money spent.

As for the kids and Chepul dah gave up on me going on the thrill rides with them. I'm the tukang jaga bag and tukang melambai-lambai aje. My first and last roller-coaster ride was at Alton Towers masa 1st year at UKC. Nasib baik tak termuntah masa tu..

Now, Alya has been bitten by my penakut bug. So adalah gang..

However, Chepul made us promise that he'd only take us to Disneyland if ALL of us will go on at least 2 thrill rides. Hmm..tengah nak menguatkan perut ni in anticipation of this holiday. But you know & don't tell Chepul please..I will not go on any of the scary (not thrilling pun for me!) rides in Disneyland. Beri I RM1000 pun I will not go!

Superwomanwannabe said...

YOU understand ! Yay! I thought I was so pengecut but I don't care. I just cannot see what was so thrilling about it.. but I think you need to do it more than once lah..then maybe the edge is off. Heh heh heh..what you think??

Superwomanwannabe said...

Thanks for the compliment- you like my blouse also?? :-)

Anonymous said...

We have 2 (sepasang).. of course la bawa. Wouldn't go anywhere without them...Mamba dok tension..hehe.
Reached Brisbane nearly midnight, duduk Sebel-King George - lousy. Their queen size beds tu macam super single taulah Mamba besaq mana.
Kat Goldcoast, we duduk Holiday Villa-best. Then last day balik Brisbane balik, we were at Marriot-not as good as the Holiday Villa, but definitely better than the Sebel (ye pon sebel, macam sebal.

BTW, ur poem brought tears to my eyes...

Shazelina said...

O..lupa nak cakap,
I pon penakut macam u jugak. Naik scooby doo ride kat Movieworld tu, pastu taubat dah.
Overall, I jadi cameraman jer, Mamba macam Mawi (mcam one of those Astro Ria program yg bawa Mawi pi merata rata tu)...hehe

MrsNordin said...

Ada Sesame Street?? Then we MUST GO! Tunggu MrNordin strike a big bonus end of the year, then we are off of Gold Coast! Yeay!

Like you, I dulu memang berani naik all these rides tapi bila dah tua ni, macam penakut pulak. I think it's the age factor ~ the heart cannot take it lah.

Plus the fact MrNordin memang phobia with scary rides (naik cable car pegi Genting pun dia tak nak!), kirim salam lah terus.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Shaz!wah..those are nice hotels!! I bet right in the centre of things not like us heh heh heh..but, it was fun doing it our way too... ..tapi your comment abt Mamba made me laugh!! He used to (and still does) tower over everyone!

As for Scooby DOo-- masa we all nak pi, they say "Technical Difficulties" - so that was my sign NOT to go went on the BATWING thingy instead (While I watched from the safety of the ground - batwing is when they shoot you up all of a sudden ensuring that you either have fun or die) 9 year old, 10 year old and 12 year old pi dengan daddy dia.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Genting cable car tu I pass lah hahahahah..not so bad...but then maybe now tak seberani since the other day I read someone actually jumped or what!

jabishah said...

Hi Superwoman,
Your nick totally reflects u in per son I think... traveling with 5 kids. Wow! ;-) Last hols I traveled with 4 kids but I've to pass my medal to you lah. Just look at their faces... happy giler. Enjoyed the pics but was expecting more... hehehe.
Been wanting to take mine to a themepark but hubby restrained. I hv a 6-month-old baby. Makes sense lah jgk. Lagipun, I'm a no fun mom. Penakut... but cable car ok... ;-)
Take care.

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