Goldcoast's Hinterlands (part 1)

Sorry ye..been a bit busy with stuff.Dahlia wants a party for her birthday (dah lepas) and her dad has been rushing to get the stuff..for the party this Sunday. We decided to do it- today. Biasa lah kan...

We HAD to see the Hinterlands.. orang dok cakap pi hinterlands. There were a few tourist drives that you could take, passing through the nature parks and winding rivers of Tweed and Nerang. We decided to drive towards the famous Mount Warning and try to catch the "Natural Bridge". The drive was nice, through villages and valleys with the hills as backdrop. We all bukan tengok map sangat..main redah je heh heh..

I'll quickly post pics of the rest of the trip k..

That is not Mount warning, said hubby. this spot is where i curik melambak pinecones.

We passed through villages with quaint names like Murwillumbah and Chillingham. last last we reached Mount Warning (an extinct volcano!) but just at the carpark lah. Apparently kalau nak naik boleh...tapi for the 7 of us, takyah lah..posing je lah.

Mummy nak duduk dalam kereta je lah boleh tak...

Someone's horse farm kat Numinbah valley

Salah tengok maaacam kat Malaysia kan??

the Natural bridge- ie underground river...waterfall falling through hole in rock.


Sue said…

Ni chu/Su your housemate kat KPP lah.Satu bilik dengan Lizo ,annie and tun.Remember me?I was bloghoping when I discovered your blog.You sure look the same since zaman KPPlah.

Really enjoy your story on gold coast.I was there in Dec 2007.
HI are you?? Pls can you email me your number at

Laaaa adatak lebih kurang 20 tawun kita tak jumpa...i kawen orang muar lak tu...and selalu ingat you bila ke jalan abdul raman of muar....
suria said…
Yes yes I remember masa your wedding you cakap hubby you orang muar.Anyway do read my humble blog to know what I have been up to.Will e mail to you soon.

We must meetkan .All the gang satu apartment kat KPP dulu.
Hi was very nice chatting with you and I cannot believe that my friend of god-22 years a mom of 3 big boys and a cute girl! Nak gambar..
wanshana said…
Waaaa...the holiday was surely one great complete package, huh?

Sun, sea, waterfalls, mountains, greens and great outdoors, and of course, the wajib shopping sessions, too! Hehehe!

I'm sure the kids really had a great time. Errr, any of them requested to go again next year?!

Hi shana...what do you think? heheheheheh...

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