We are back! Yesterday wanted to post but too tired, arrived home at 6 a.m. Took a nazaria cab back home.

Overall the trip was GREAT. Some points :

1. when you travel overseas- bawak mineral bottle dalam toilet to wash your kids's bum

2. good idea if can cram one small pot otherwise you'll be lining your pan with alum foil (just in case the pan had fried bacon etc)

3. Plan your days and then forget abt it otherwise you'll get highblood pressure when your kids are still in bed at 11 a.m

4. When you meet other Melayu there- senyumlah or bagi salam and dont pretend you tak nampak...

In detail:

1) Airasia and LCCT

Air asia is definitely NOT MAS.. things you sacrificed are the covered walkway to the plane, the proper english (ladies and jon-tel man) , the new toilet (ye lah model kapaltarbang lama kan)- the walk on the tarmac is ok but in Gold Coast it rained like anything and we did not bring brollies. Of course lah the LCCT was as glamourous as Puduraya. The toilet was also not as clean- why do we wait in front of each toilet stall instead of forming one line for the first available toilet?

Sophia upset sebab she had her scissors taken away (I tak perasan that she took her pencil box which contained scissors- note: check what your kids pack) . I said to her "haa haa..tak tau" and terus kena marah dengan polis check tu- "Jangan lah takut kan dia....!: ..Ooops. Sophia spent the next 10 mins asking when she was gonna get that scissors back. Sorry darling, never. On the way kids took turns looking out the window and also ordering gallons of milo and soup and sandwiches -kitorang bayar je ler...i think in the end cost dia sama dengan MAS heh heh. Next time I won't be preordering food - the menu for food (if you don't prebook I mean) looked sedap- hotdog for RM10. For the prebooked food, they turned out to be bbq chicken and nasi lemak (6 international 1 local meal) - on the way back pun sama but the nasi lemak suck a bit (mat saleh masak). BBq chckn pedas sikit

I had a lovely time finishing PS I Love You by Cecilia Ahern- first paperback i've read in ages!

2. Tamarind sands/Cabarita Beach

Malam sampai dahler gelap, hujan...pas tu, tak tau where the heck the car rental was- we loitered sampai lah ada mamat ni jumpa we all and gave us a lovely white tarago (estima)..after abt one hour of this , at 10 we set off to find (a) petrol and (b) food. Drove up and down the straight road and finally found a 24hr mcD- apalagi - 7 fillet of fish meal ler. Sedaaaaaaaaaaaaaap. Then we searched for Cabarita where our aptment was .The drive felt very far ..dalam gelap and hujan lebat. Lalu roads that said "Careful Koala Crossing". Finally

jumpa...the place is rather decent!


MrsNordin said…

I'm happy to know that you're back! I thought so because you said something about coming back on Sun/Mon. I'm glad you all had fun and the place of stay was not too bad. I'm waiting for the rest of your postings. Meanwhile, take care!
Fadzila said…
ha..patutla lama tak update....dah berholiday upanya....so cerita la lagi.....
Madam Tai Tai said…
SW, WELCOME BACK!!! You are looked sooooooo happy in the pics.

Nanti post gambar banyak2 ok.
Madam Tai Tai said…
ooopss. should be 'you all' bukannya 'you are'..
NUR said…
alamak...sorang lg balik dr holidaying!!!i'm so JEALOUS okkay!!

glad ur holiday trip is very much enjoyable!such gleaming faces...

nk gambo..nk gambo..nk gambo..
Hi Mrs N

Yah, came back last Monday morning at 4.30.. Pening kepala sebab berapa kali kena kejut daaa....but actually ran to get the airplane sebab by then dah excited nak balik ....
Hi Mdam Tai Tai! How are you???
Alahai noni..janganler jeles...ini cuti sekali dalam lima tahun wor...:-)
Hi Fadzila!

We're back tinggal lagi nak curi masa blog..

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