Friday, June 13, 2008


Masih Lagi Hari Kedua ( ie Monday)

Wah..laut sungguh bergelora...this is abt 2 mins drive from the place we had lunch..memang spot where surfers go lah...tapi of course now it was raining so no one was fool enough to try. Although ada news orang kena rescue kat Surfer's sebab pi gak mandi and then cram. We were all fascinated (ye lah first day kan, tengok laut tu jakuns lah...masuk hari ke 7 semua macam tak heran je)

Oh yeah, lunch for 7 of us ok lah (esp if you work here hahaha) ...abt AUD80 kot..itu pun mak bapak makan roti keju (namanya glamer- bruschetta with feta cheese) . Kids of course lah order macam macam benda posh -barramundi lah, passionfruit juice la...mak I kata I layan kenapa..but when it comes to food how do you refuse your kids? Dahlia nak gak chicken nugget walaupun her sisters said ...HARAMMMMMMMM!!!!

Lepas tu...we just drove..sejuk and hujan kan kat luar...lalu sungai macam sungai Amazon gitu punyelah besar. Because its been raining, sungai penuh lah. Scary gak...We stopped by some small shop - I went a bit mad with the tabloid mags- WOMAN'S DAY magazine (Ange kawin dengan Brad , you!) and the AeroMint coklat and the cherrybom coklat etc etc. Lepas tu balik and nganga dalam bilik- kids played playstation downstairs (ada kids'room at the aptment)

Hari Ketiga (ie Tuesday)

Plan nak pergi seaworld/dreamworld tak jadi sebab semua keluar pukul 10 pagi....


On the second day, the weather looked a bit better so we took the car out and just drove , targetting to go to Surfer's and also to find a Halal Butcher...We've been eating cereal/bread and cheese pizza and we miss chicken and meat!

The coast memang lawa and so darn clean .Don't Aussies throw rubbish?? The roads, the beach,...semuanya clear of any litter. The first town we went to was TWEED - we stopped at this place called POINT DANGER- loads of signs about warships going down had fun in the local shop and also looking out of the binoculars ..I was hoping to spot WHALES as apparently they pass through during June tapi hampeh. I tanya how do I spot whales? I ingat the lady at the shop will recommend lah, oh you take this tour or that tour...she said "you just stand at the beach and pray you get lucky". Heh? That's aussies for you heh heh.

We just kept driving on....we passed small towns . We passed a beautiful stretch of beach at KIRRA...depan apartment, selambak je beach. Kirra is a happening town , with bistros and cafes facing the sea...tak ramai yang bawak anak berderet. I kept getting asked - Are they all yours?? Habih? Anak sapa kan???

(Blogspot susah nak upload gambar..will try later...)


Anonymous said...

Hi Shila! I think you look really nice and trendy with that hair length.


lala said...

"Are they all yours?" ahahahahaha, still laughing at that line. Sounds like a great holiday just exploring.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Jah

Thanks- nampak bulat, kan??

Superwomanwannabe said... was!

wanshana said...

The weather may have been gloomy and (looks) pretty cold But, the scenery/view so breath-taking one...

I can just imagine you guys kemaruk cari ayam and daging all over Cabarita...:)

fifi said...

Kids looked like to had a lot of fun, mana gambar Epi..;) ? Post more Shila, looking fwd to read your updates!

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