Us at KirraBeach. Beach in front of apartments .

Sambungannye....Wanshana, we actually know where to go for ayamhalal as we had googled it earlier- got "muslimsingoldcoast" punye site . I wanted to call them to ask when they were going to close that day. Hubby marah sebab buang duit je pakai handphone but to me better buang duit call daripada buang duit melalau carik and then to find the place is shut.

Anyways we stopped at Kirra Beach for abt 1 hour , kids nak main . Beach was flat. Absolutely no one was about save for a couple of girls walking their dog. Sun was coming out, so after awhile,pening kepala. I gila shells but unfortunately no shells to collect so just collect batu batu kecik je lah.

Surfer's Paradise from where we were. Another 22 km kot! We had to go through it to get to ChirnPark where the Arabs are. We stopped for lunch at TUGUN where Dad went out to get us - apalagi- cheese pizzas and juices. Memang murah giler kalau tak convert. Dahlia nak wee wee so tak leh stop until we got to Chirn Park. I was told to go to the toilet at the playground. I ingat sure kotor tapi BERSIH. And of course lah the kids had to stop and play. Banyak nye pitstop. Yang boring nye is that gelap so fast...winter lah kan. Maghrib was abt 4.30 ish.

The Kids having fun at the 2nd playground where we stopped .Here the dad turned the thingy very fast so macam thrill ride. One horrifying moment when Johan slipped off but leg still attached to the red bars - body dah kat luar. the thing was still moving so fast. Nasib baik he did not put his head down, he managed to keep his body upright until we stopped it. I dah menjerit jerit dah.

Surfer's Paradise ...this was at the SPIT.

After that...balik ... best gak lepak tengok tv....tengok NEIGHBOURS and HOMEANDAWAY!! Dinner was nasi and ayam kuah yay yay! Malam tu first time pakai dishwasher...perghak betul kan.


Anonymous said…
Hi Shila,
This is Shaz, remember? wife of Redza a.k.a Mamba. I've posted this comment earlier tapi tak keluar pulak...peghak bin jakun kot.

Anyway just nak cakap that we were there also, but during the first week of school holiday la. Otherwise we can meet kan? He he macam la kat M'sia tak boleh jumpa...
hi Shaz!! I barulah nak update blog ni....laaa ye ke you were there?? Best kan?? Where did you stay??Did you bring the kiddoes? (how many do you have ye?) salam to Mamba! Bila nak datang rumah!
Lan0stZz said…
alalahai super cute lah 1st picture of u and chepi. :):):):)
Hi Lana..

Eh ye ke...tak sama cute dgn gambar you all dengan HQ - gerammmnye..memang nak mamam.
MrsNordin said…
I like your gambar with Mr Dr! Nice!! Despite you pejam mata and your seluar panjang sebelah (heh.. heh.. jgn marah..), you both look very cute together. And happy!! But why is Jab wearing his working shoes on the beach?? :)

heheh.yaa.memang nampak kesian kan...jab tak bawak slipar...

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