Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thursday and Friday

The only time we could have shopped was Thursday night, as it was late night shopping. memang many shops...this place was called Pacific Fair Mall or something, Nak mati punye besar. But sooo nice. Myers was having a 70% sale pulak tu...we bought a -suitcase. Believe me I wanted to shop some more but the exchange rate was not making it all that much cheaper..and a lot were MIC (madeinchina)

Pics below(caption below each pic)Johan wanted to try this game- pakai crane, angkat sweet. All the sisters "helped" him direct the crane. he was in the seat. We bought our discounted tickets here (alahai bukannye banyak discount-AUD2 for each ticket. Its called "Tours and Tickets" Lihatlah baju baruku, AUD14 je (alahai lebihkurang kita je..).and this is our car..I want this car, hubby..everyone has to use the seatbelt. Its the law.
Bye bye tamarindsands! On Friday we had to check out..wheather was so nice now.
visited the lake behind Tamarind sands- this is the Cudgens Nature reserve- TAKDA SAMPAH....
There was a house about 200mtrs away
sara posing dekat lake. Ie memang standing on the edge of the lake.

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