Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Due to the hubby being on call the last 2 weekends (and next week also) the kids have been pretty much housebound and moaning that they "are soooo boooorreeddddd".

So last Sunday I brought them out to MPH at Great Eastern Mall. I love GEM as (a) it is not crowded, (b) it has some really cool shops and (c) it has Cold Storage .

So off we went to MPH, (sans Daddy, and sans Nadine- as she had a tonne of homework- she is always having loads of work these days) .

The minute we all sampai je, I told the girls and Johan to go choose any book that they want. So they all scampered to their favourite sections.

2 seconds later, Sophia came to me, crossing her knees- Mummy, I need to go to the toilet. home you couldnt go or what...if one wanted to go to the loo, I had to take all of us along too. So off we went to the toilet.

Dalam toilet, Johan went on his own and wanted to wash on his own. Ok lah.

Then, I heard a wail. I'm wet.....!! Johan had sprayed water all over his pants.

It was sodden. We did try to dry it against the hand dryer but after 5 mins I gave up and told him to wear it and pretend he was wearing his swimming suit.

He was moaning all the time in MPH- I'm wet.....wet...wet.....

So, anyway, I told the girls, grab your book and lets go!

Sophia wanted a Barbie book. Her other choices were the simple 5 year old boleh baca kind of book- spongebob activity book, thingslike that. I told her to get something harder- I chose "Book for Girls" - she did not like it as too thick. It was several stories in one. In the end she got a gift voucher for the next time. And as a reward for completing her 5 prayers the other day.

Dahlia chose some enid blyton book (I basically told her to choose anything from Enid ) She did choose one title which looked familiar..I said- kan dah ada kat rumah? She said, "Ada..but itu Nadine punye."

Another toilet break in the middle where I had to call everyone and take dahlia to poo...

After all that....In the end we got away with Spiderman book for Johan, enid blyton for dahlia, the Chronicles of Narnia and the other 2 stories for everyone , and the Life of Mohammed for me.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A TAG from Izreen

Thanks Izreen for the tag- have not done one for ages.

Here goes:

1. When you buy a greetings card, are the words or the picture more important to you?


2. What's your favorite kind of cake?

3. Do you ever make gifts for people, if so what, or do you buy them?


4. What's your favorite holiday?

5.Are you going on holiday this year? If so, where?

6. What was the best party you've ever been to?

7. If you are married, describe your wedding. If not, what would your ideal wedding be like?

8. What's the most romantic thing that's ever happened to you?

9. What's your favorite girl's name?


10. What's your favorite boy's name?

11. Which celebrity would you like a dream date with?

12. Which female celebrity do you find beautiful?

13. Which male celebrity do you think is attractive?

14. What is your best character trait?

Lets get fit

My partner and his wife, both parents of five, are now exercising. I maintain that the wife has NO weight problem. But after a while, these two have inspired me and hubby to also get off our bums- we went to see CASH the Personal Trainer yesterday.

yesterday was the freebie- one hour of "mild exercise" . I was first asked to walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes. I felt like dying and asked him how long had I been walking and he said - 2 minutes. Hahahaha. He stretched me, he pulled my arm, he pushed me, he introduced me to muscles I had no idea existed. We did weights, and I finally found out how to use those pull thingy equipment at gyms (selalu nak try but tak tau how to start,seganlah)

My muscles are today, sore.... hubby too! Semalam kitaorang so lah berkobar kobar we bought this thingy called "GYM IN THE POCKET" - sounds slightly dodgy kan. But then, its really a huge rubber band that you use to train- ie use it as resistance etc. The boys selling it to us were so packed I could not help but stare! Muka kecik je..badan, masyallah!

Anyway it now is in the house being used as a skipping rope by the Kids.

Semalam sempat la singgah tengok British India sale- maaaacam british in India- rasa kena con! Mahal nye for some linen- that is IT I am definitely ordering from MadamTaitai- don't leave yet!! Ada shirt I saw yang cost RM700 and takdalah lawa,. I carik gak kalau ada diamond ke tapi tak lak nampak...! Having said that I bought a blouse and shirt. Then, off we went to a lingerie shop - I insisted that husband belajar beli kan bini baju sexy sexy...last-last he got me a set of camisole and briefs that are white, cotton, comfy and get this - XL.

So much for seksi...seksa jadinye..heh heh...

Ok time to do some work.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Saturday evening- the 70s Party!

A very good friend, also from the UK times- MrsNordin- turned 4-0 recently. To celebrate she held a 70s party. Gave us all pleeennnnty of time to prepare. We even went shopping but I thought I'd go to the tailors to make a gold lame suit for both hubby and me.

Before you know it, it was Friday and neither husband nor me, had anything to wear. Yikes!!! Mom would have lent me her stuff but she's renovating the house so all her baju is in the sealed area! So..takda baju...

To make it worse, my friend sent us a video of Boney M- boy we had no excuse to be unprepared!

Husband rupanye had the situation handled...On Saturday while I was cooking and wondering where the heck my husband was, rupa-rupanye he had time to go find costumes. So, by 7, husband was dressed a bit like this: ( but in bright yellow)

and I had a mega afro wig with flare pants and blouse ..hee hee
then we went- and we got there ...and NO ONE was dressed up! Well...not as flamboyantly 70s as us ler..everyone was discreetly dressed in 70s print and looked elegant and stylish. Not camp at all! He he..takpalah we had fun as well! There were a lot of snacks like haw haw flakes, etc reminiscent of my childhood!
It ended with a dance and too early for us due to the same inconsiderate (haha) patient who had to be operated on...
Thanks MrsNordin for the great party!

Saturday Evening - the Reunion

Thanks to my former flatmates for trekking all the way to my neck of the woods yesterday ... we had planned a barbecue after our short lunch ..sooo looking forward to the get together- I'm sure our husbands were wondering - eh baruuu je jumpa..Lunch is not enough time ok..

Anyways husband at the last minute was on call for another doc. As he was the chief arsonist /pyromaniac of the family (ha ha) , his absence would mean no one to bakar bakar bbq- Quick call to our local caterer disclose that she cannot spare her 2 wonderful young men who usually help with our tea parties.

So menu was changed (many many MANY times) - in the end it was simple soto and rendang, kuah kacang, lodeh and various kueh. Husband expected me to cook , as he had to again, leave for some very inconsiderate patient who decided to be admitted hari tu jugak - oi orang ada function la! Me cook? Horrors! Nasib baik jadiiiikk.... But really need to get that second car - with him gone I couldn't go get so many stuff I wanted! My roast chickens from Ayamas,my pegedils, my satay, my cillies, my etc etc ...Grr I did offer to send the guy- he said no.

First guest was SZS with her husband R- I was upstairs just about to pray when they arrived- and hoped that husband can usher them in- sorry guys. Yes, R you really do not look your age at all!!

Everyone turned up- thanks guys. Thanks to SZS for her beautiful cupcakes and brownies - to AR for the VicSpongeCake, to L for her chocolate cake (I nak 2 ye, for Raya- I have told your husband- its really nice and dark with choc curls on top) - to T for your caramel yang memang dalam list of "to buy" (not "to do" ok sbb tak reti) and also to SS for her kueh bakar berlauk yang first time I makan!

Our husbands were such sports and looked like they got along with each other - it's amazing that the same group of kids 20 years ago now have such interesting careers! SZS and her husband are both litigators (ie "real" lawyers ha ha- the amount of time I tell people I'm a lawyer and they say - "so you go to court?"-!) AR deals with buying and selling companies - wooooaahhhh..penting tu.!! L scares the bejeebers out of other departments (internal audit! ) SS is a senior lecturer at a prominent college university- waaah ko mengajar, ye. T is a major honcho in a major transportation company- ada chance bagi kerja tak T?

And me? the most boring....Mother of five...dabbling in law (but first, mother of five) I tell you Johan was so excited ramai boys datang. He asked - who's birthday is it? it was that many kids..Should have done party packs ek??

I really had a good time...tak cukup masa borak ...Sampai anak L dah muntah muntah mama dia masih kena tahan nak borak he heh. Sorry ye...

When's the next lunch? Call me 'k!

Satu gambar pun tarak can you believe it!!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


AmpWalk where the new Office is, is fantastic! There is one cart that comes twice a week-selling DVDs and I'm sure they are not the originals...boxed sets of Grey's, House, Brothers and Sisters, and that new series- the spin off from Grey's.

I got 5 DVDs- 3 of them Ultraman...1 Nims Island and the other Spiderwick Chronicles. Now Johan is ultrahooked on Ultraman.

This Ultraman has been around for ever, hasn't he? When I was young, some thirty years ago- I watched Ultraman. A lot of people liked this guy wearing a costume with a zip at the back and bug eyes,who would halfheartedly fight the usually ugly monsters until his "life" runs out and goes BLINK!BLINK! and gets kicked about and when you think that he's out for sure, he'll suddenly throw up an amazing death ray or something that'll have you screaming from the sofa- WHY DID YOU NOT USE THAT BEFORE???

Anyways.. 30 years on, Ultraman is STILL wearing that costume with his zip showing. He's STILL fighting aimlessly until the light goes blink blink. Now Johan is watching Ultraman Dyna and Ultraman Tiga and Ultraman Gaia. Husband made these jokes:

What do you call a mad Ultraman? Ultraman Gila
What do you call a sad Ultraman? Ultraman Duka
What do you call a bad Ultraman? Ultraman takaguna
What do you call a poor Ultraman? Ultraman Papa
What do you call a cool Ultraman? Ultraman Selamba
What do you call Daddy? Ultraman Babah..


Friday, July 25, 2008

A quickie...

It's been a week now..(plus one day). So far so good! Have been busy going out ...I keep wondering whether my friend regrets asking me over- its those self esteem issues again. Hah hah! Also wondering whether I am too talkative or too Makcik Kiah? On the plus side its nice to be doing other fields of law - get the wheels turning.

Kids ok...Johan wants me to go back when the sun is still there so that I can ride bikes with him. Pinjam Nadine punye bike pun tak pa lah . I cannot ride ..although I remember naik basikal kat Section 18 dulu-dulu..Someone's bike yang besar. Ok je ...? Ok lah today I will go back early. I will start my day early and go back early to see them. It's time management. All this googling and surfing the net takes a lot of time ok? Heh heh!

Old firm tak call call pun- oi tak miss I ke?? Okay lah tu agaknye..

Sophia wants a brother and Johan wants one too. Johan bising...Kenapa dia takda adek?? I told Hubby. He said Johan's classmates are mostly eldest or at least tak lah youngest so ada adek. If I keep having kids to give the youngest "adek" where will it end??

I am very tempted to just go ahead and DO IT have another. But mainly health jugaklah..nearly 40 and have had multiple births maaaah..nanti dari sehat jadik tak sehat..Sneeze je, terwee-wee - kan dah haru! Plus husband kata kita ni baarrru nak why lah tambah...but I miss the smell of newborn

OK OK OK OK !! I'll stop moaning about it! Decision has been made more babies from HIM OR ME. (Nanti kata from me, je - he can have some more what- hee hee)

Party tomorrow...TAKDA BAJU LAGI!!!!!!!!!! its 70s theme- A lot of 70s are actually 60s!! Think Austin Powers.....Allright Baby!!

Esok Room-mates from Section 18 meeting at my house Yay yay! Looking forward to it. Should I call a clown or what to entertain kids? Takpa lah, I get my kids to be the clown. Nasib baik pakcik rumput tu dah potong..karang member ingat rumah I extension of the zoo...ha ha ha..

Ok byeee

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Trying to chat with the kids

Everyday I would try to have a conversation with my children on how their day was. So I'll be asking them one by one to tell me what they went through that day. How was your day? What did you do?

Most of the time the answers would be- Fine. Nothing.

Then, I would drill them further by saying - what do you mean, fine. what do you mean, nothing.

2 days ago, I was at the dining table- and was drilling Sara. Nadine was having her dinner and Hubby was also there. So I asked- Sara, how was your day? was it ok? Did any of the teacher marah (scold) you? Did you fight with anyone? Did any body annoy you? What did you eat? What happened today?

Answers were- yes, no, nothing, not much, the usual.

I said- look guys, I want to be a part of your growing up, I want to know what you go through.

ThenNadine said - mummy...we go to school everyday and will do so for the next four or five years..(I think she meant herself) - Everyday CAN'T be interesting..!

i.E...stop bugging us!

I said I want to know as I cannot be there in your class with you so I want to know.

Johan said- eeee please mummy don't come to my class.

Johan, I said, can't I sit in your class one day? What if I go to your class and ask for my baby bushuk jojo??

Johan cringed and shook his head very quickly- NOOOO..

Hee hee...

I do want to know what they are up to. It would take time, usually. Normally they'll tell me in bits and pieces, over dinnerke, when I am watching CSI ke, (usually at a critical point) and when I have guests. Since I did not have time, I would be drilling them like that lah. Heh heh.

Now I plan to have more time to be physically there for the kids. No need to "interview" lagi lah!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I just found out that a man I very much admired...drinks lah.! Caught in the act. Down the pedestal you come, oh Great one. (although still a very nice man)

Maid is having marital problem...the husband has decided that he is going to stop working and has been hassling her for money. After all, my wife's working in the land of Opportunity what. She is totally fed up with it and has told him to take a hike. If you want it to last..then changes have to be made but guys- tak ikut ke Marriage 1o1? Husbands are supposed to support the wife not the otherway round....

Kids- well, today is pets day. My kids are going pet-less. Dahlia said teacher N said "entah apa -apa lah bawak haiwan ke sekolah ni..ish" ..I take it she is not a fan of the idea. She is now ok with the fact that I forbade them from bringing the 3 weeks old kittens to school. But teacher N is right...can you imagine the school having to teach AND control little furry stuff? Some one in Sophia's class is bringing his chicks. Baru beli ke??

Tonight my matsalleh couple friends coming for dinner. Apa nak masak ni??


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Girls' Day Out

Last Friday I met up with 2 friends for a "girls day out". Madam tai tai and Mrs Nordin of the blogosphere. Tired of always being the one to dash off early whenever we'd meet for lunch etc, I promised an entire day when we could go do what tai-tais do...lunch and shop etc.

(Madam tai tai has blogged about it HERE )- Madam T- I cilok gambar tak pa ye....

With no firm plans made, we met at Lotus restaurant for tosei. Sorry gang, we arrived closer to 11 than 10 a.m. Hubby really taking this "flexi time" thingy seriously. Apologies to Partner who said it was ok to play truant today (and pls do not call me again- or something like that la heh heh). Hubby was kind enough to send me to my "date" and stayed around to join us for breakfast too. Earlier we had thought abt going to Villa Manja but it was decided that we'd play it by ear.

Then, the girls wanted to go to ..Sungei wang. Haaaa??? I suggested Gardens...more my type of tai tai area. Heh heh..sorry Gina...

Off we went...I am so "perghak" -never stepped into the Gardens. As luck would have it, they were having a sale- Into Robinsons we go...aku tak paham lah style that was on sale...they were made for midget girls. Then, tuckered out, we looked for food (I mean I was tuckered out, the other girls were fine)...the restaurant of choice was Cova, where we sat on fat leather sofas, and enjoyed caesar's salad, sirloin steak and oriental noodles. And cakes !! The lightest strawberry shortcake ever. Plus some brownie cake.

I think we were there nearly 2 hours kot- no one wanted to check their watches. Then we sauntered to the other shops, dragging our (my) very full tummies around....I dah lama sungguh tak shop ...and went a bit mad at the sales...I think hubby would get a shock at the bank balance..I wanted to buy hubby a pressie but he said no shirts or pants etc for him please. got him an M&S boxers..ikut hati lama lagi nak shopping.

After lunch, shop some more...then massage...Thai massage,bawah escalator, P2..who would have guessed that a massage place could go under the escalator..? It was really good! And painful! P Kung, my masseusse, pulled my shoulder back until it clicked-- yowzzz...Thanks Mdm Tai Tai for the massage!

then- do hair or movie? Asked MrsN- do HAIR lah! off we went to LaMode...amboi kan. Basuh rambut, blow blow...hai...more massage of neck..heaven.Thanks MrsN for the hair do!

Dah lawa....(perasan)

I had a totally fantastic day, one which I have not done in a looooooong time. You're right, we have to do this again!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Hey there.

First day was allright at New Firm

Arrived at 10 am (makdatuk). And found a vase full of pink lillies from the Firm- thanks guys! Room was really homely and is what I imagine my office would look like if I work from home.

Laadeedah down to 7-11 at about 11 as very hungry. Passed loads of interesting shops. Ampwalk is happening jugak ek?

Lunch at 12 at Rahsia- reasonable considering its a "posh" restaurant. My Lambchop was RM16 and his beef steak was RMbelas belas also. But nipis nak mati lah. dessert was pear and ginger pudding. This cannot happen too often ok.

Chatted for a bit.

Did a bit of work.

Chatted somemore.

Made tea. larder is fully stocked with horlicks nestum etc.

Went back at 7.00 m.

Met a client at PanPacific at 9.30 pm. She was a bit disappointed that I turned up Im sure..hey, Dadof FourplusOne- I am here also as a representative of the wife heh heh.

Day ended at 10.30. Hubby was waiting outside the hotel. He drove back like a drunk as he was very sleepy. Totally refused to have me drive.

Hmm...Ok I will have to work a LOT harder than this ok.

Otherwise no shorruuuu...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Blessing in Disguise

I should be commenting on current political events kan?

What do you think if I say that the middle class can cope with the increased fuel price and that there is no real hardship caused? That the increased fuel cost is good and timely as it forces everyone of us of the "take take take" mentality to realise that we can indeed, make do without? That we can now be creative and think of ways to save petrol? Save money? save the environment?

People are finding out the cheaper option. Lavish expenditure is curtailed. Families eat in more.

There is always a silver lining to a dark cloud.

I think we have a long way to go before we become firstworld citizens. I passed some old buildings near Menara KL- they are definitely old But are they preserved? heck no, instead they look like they are dens to drug addicts. In Singapore the same type of building has been turned to tourist attractions. Why is it so hard for DBKL to do that? What do the Singaporeans eat to make them think differently in terms of appreciating nature and heritage?

Of course, having said that, Malaysia still has a lot going for it and I would live here over Singapore any day.

new beginning

Today is the first day of me being a Partner in ChorPee Anwarul & Company.

(is that advertising?)

Where did the time go?

I just sent the kids off to school, for once I did not need to yell so much for them to find their tudung/socks/water bottle/etc ..they were allready ready by the time I came down. Johan insists that I stand by the door and wave. Dahlia asked if I can come and watch her swim today. All her other friends' mom do, she said. Sigh..I'll see if I can get the car ok.

Last day at old offfice was -busy. I'm sure there are still things I have forgotten to do. I hope that the problem I uncovered on the very last day will be resolved. In a nutshell, it was something which landed on our laps, which had to be done by another party,who was dependent on yet another party to respond to queries- basically as of yesterday, nothing was done. I could not leave with the perception that I had sat on things - I don't sit on things. I explained to boss that it was allready given to another partner to handle and should have indeed been handled. We were merely there to supervise. I stressed to my colleague who is handling this matter that it has to be resolved TODAY if we want to save the situation. It's not fatal but it can be.

And the lunch went well. Nasi tomato , ayam masak merah , kari kambing and acar...Thank you to my colleagues Ir and Nad for the lovely choc strawberry cake. Like kids, most of us picked out the fat strawberries. Got some presents- thank you..

ok! time to get ready for work!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hubby is Giving a Speech

Tonight Hubby has a ceramah to give to at the local surau

He has not slept , thinking about it.

or so I thought. (Rupanye 10% do the speech, 90% download stuff from the net)

The topic is "Gastrointestinal Diseases"

He's busy now doing up the power point - I told him relaks ler...speak off the top of your head je lah...

Apparently my surau is very canggih projector, got camcorder etc.

He's very excited...even told the catering lady to come (I'm catering tomorrow for lunch - my last day mah)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

men are from mars where they dont yell

We were supposed to go swimming at 6 pm today. Break for solat maghrib, then sambung tennis from 8 to 10.

Dad took a nap and got up and said JOM! This was half past 6.

Now its maghrib, we are still at home, I have told them to solat at home, and dad is fuming mad. FUMING mad. That we are late and now mummy is going to take you guys swimming cause dad will go ahead and play tennis. And he has told us all way before that the swimming is at 6

I heranler.In the meantime, I do not hear any nagging , or yelling or screaming going on from him. he merely told them to get ready, then he sat in front of thelaptop, waiting.

And then, he is mad that his children are STILL not ready. (they follow one of the parents, in that they take sooo long to get ready)

You have to be a sergeant lah DAD!!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008



eh manusia! Who the heck are you, huh, to cane someone else's daughter like that?

She was already hurt from a previous fall and also, you caned her over her bad results!!!!

I'd like to take a cane to the warden that's what I'd like to do to him!!

The Last Day

( Copyrighted )
My mom always tells me that I am such a people-pleaser. She is so right.

I hate saying no, and I hate having to say no. I hate to offend people. or make them upset. Hence I am not a litigator. I'd probably see the point the other party tries to make, feel sorry for him, and agree.

Anyway. What brings me to this post is that I have been asked to extend my last day. On the basis that I have not had my farewell lunch yet! And there are a lot of matters to be settled. Yes there are, but I am fully confident that I can hand them over to good hands on Tuesday, which is the last day. We have not really talked about handing over stuff. I think it's been easier to just pretend that I'm not going anywhere. I even bought a rug ok for the room. At my current place.

So now, I think it's sunk in at last that by wednesday I'm not around and panic is ensuing. Hence the request. I didn't say anything. I so wanted to refuse but I so did not want to offend anyone , with any perceived haste to leave you know? And I do appreciate the panic. But on Wednesday I have to go in to new Office ! And on friday I have a spa date!

So, this is what I will say on Monday. Boss, sorry, I have asked, and sorry I can't extend my stay. (my middle name is really "Sorry") Plus on Friday I am going somewhere. However, IF YOU REALLY NEED ME I will finish your work/review/read my email/water your plants etc from there ok. I have access to my emails for a month it seems. Hoo-ray.

What do you think . Tak sampai hati pulaaakk. but I think this is merely panic on their side talking.

Friday, July 11, 2008

General Ramblings at 6 a.m

woke up early to do some work.

ending up watching dave chappelle on you tube. Man he's funny!

Also got an email about Seapark Brickhouse- and Serendah retreat. They are both very back to basic and all about minimalist furnishing The Serendah retreat shows a glassshed, a mud shed and a rumah kampung where you can stay in, in the middle of the forest. This sounds very idyllic and looks it too but all I can think about is...HANTUUUUUUU....! Hee hee..I cannot see myself NOT freaking out in the middle of the night esp since the glasshouse is basically- a glass house and you see everything out there.

Dahlia demam lagi lah. very panas. We stopped by guardian to get our paracetamol. The father does not do visits to the gps. heh heh.

Johan has to memorise some english story. Its english week this week. Teacher Wanida called last night. The show is today. A bit last minute eh what?

Sara got a certificate for Boria. I love this school! She had a BM week last week and she took part in Boria. Dahlia took part in shair. Sara has qiyammulail today. She is proposing to pack this big bag. Nak masuk pillow. Sara, its only one night. She does not want to go. But its compulsory ler.

Bapaknye realising that there are a lot of unhealthy practises out there. Money is the prime motivator for a lot of ppl. He is ranting about how some ppl would do x and y for money. Takpalah , hubby, we can continue our rosetinted view of the world. It makes us happier what. As long as we don't condone what is wrong lah.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pet Day

This 22nd ada "Pet Day"

Kids are hassling us to let them bring the cats/kittens to school. Bapak dia kata, nak hilang, bawak lah. Sure kucing tu tak balik.

Sara nak bawak hamster. She has been asking for a hamster since I can't remember. Ni tv influence lah ni. Orang melayu mana simpan tikus (hamster tu tikus lah kan) and she does not have any friends who own hamsters. But petshops sell hamsters so she want. Dulu I was saying no as she was rough with the rabbit-she pulled the leg out and broke it and it later got amputated and later ran away (on the same day I brought newborn Johan back- and Johan has a birthmark on the same side of the leg that the rabbit broke)

But that was years ago I think she was 5- Ok lah forgiven. Johan pun sekarang dah 6 years old/

But hamsters bukan will attract snakes ke? And bukan food for the cats ke?

But I said to hubby- bagi lah dia. I cannot tahan any more nagging. (which proves the point - persistence pays)

I may regret it.

What about the other kids- they want a pet too. Can't they take turns taking the future hamster? Or buy them goldfish. Or tortoise?

Tak tauler. pet teddy bear can tak. OR, go round petting everyone that day and say you misunderstood the concept. Hahaha....!(Ok not funny )

After the Reunion

Yesterday afternoon was the lunch with my exflatmates- to say it went well would be an understatement.

We are so going to be banned from that particular Kenny Rogers.

We were so loud! One customer frowned at me. Ada kah aku pedulik? Heck no! Time rolled back 20 years. Everyone looked the same! Seriously! Everyone sounds the same! L, you still sound soo manja! SZS, you look so corporate! AR, you do not look anywhere close to 40 ok.

We're arranging to meet again in 2 weeks, my place.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Semalam Auntie Rokiah's birthday -ada surprise party at her house. Happy Birthday Auntie rokiah! Sorry ye sampai lambat..tunggu budakbudak habih mengaji. And sorry you were kept up so late. We all sampai rumah around 1 kot. I drove the last part. Hubby dah ngantuk . tapi beriya iya kata tak ngantuk - And thanks for the tapau!

Kitten no 3 died...tinggal 4..I am worried now. why do they keep dying on us? Now the rest have gone missing, Manalah pulak the mommy go and sorok...

Friskie only has soft tissue injury and will be kept in hospital for 5 days. Hope he will be ok...we'll pop in of course. The other cats are looking for him.

Nadine taekwondo semalam until 6. her dad went to get her, but pakcik also waited for her. In the end I got a call from the wife of pakcik bas to ask me where was Nadine, and i had to tell her husband went to get her. last Sunday ada Class Club prize giving ceremony- everyone in Nadine's year - dapat hadiah. She got one for Word explorer . She is still trying to figure that one out. the next day she got one from her class- best student. Wooohooo! But of course - try harder and beat your personal best.

Car is back with us. Thanks Uncle Mail and Mak B for the loan of the car!

Finally reading "Don't be Sad"..the book is written with my life in mind, I am convinced. "avoid chaos"? I am Mrs Chaos.

Anwar and saiful- who KNOWS? Conspiracy? Reality? Who knows? One thing is for sure- it is dodgy and something reeks in China. bala missing? Something is going on, don't know what.Although one good thing -Now I know that I can go see my DPM for scholarship application. I may need this for the kids. Najib, Anwar, Saiful, Dont be Sad, ok?

And one day I will write this all up and it'll become a best selling fiction. heh heh ...

Gals from Room 302 Flat 2(?) Section 18, KPP

Hari ni, is the WRONG time for any zits to decide to appear , or me to have a bad day, heh heh. For I am meeting my flatmates from KPP this lunchtime.

It started from this blog- one of my flatmates read it and we established contact, set a lunch date, included another flatmate, who roped in another who roped in yet another and before you know it we have almost the complete set! Six out of 7 - not bad eh?

wow...its been 20 years , since we met and were thrown to live together. I yang tak pernah duduk asrama, or with other ppl (apart from the odd nights out with Zu) learnt to share a small room with 3 other girls. 2 bunkbeds in each room, and barely room to swing a cat. ..macam macam experience... I loved them all.

Hmm ...A levels memory..kena maki dengan the coordinator -sapa nama dia hah? Air takda and pi mandi Section 17. had to find food kat Boys' Block- ada abang yang muka dia terburnt serve. Catching bas kilang back. Chu bringing the rambutans from her home. Main terup . Makan kuaci tak habih habih. Trying to smoke. trips to PKNS the happening place. Pakai tudung and making my flatmate cry. Kena teropong. Going to Kuantan -my first trip with friends.Oh ya, who can forget the AAD friends.

Well, 20 years and 5 kids later...macam mana agaknye semua orang. I have bumped into them before and one of them does law too (yah we were also classmates).

nervous pun ada but mainly looking forward to it! I hope we can maintain the relationship. I asked them to bring pix but I sendiri takda pix! Hmmm...

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Possible broken leg

I am not much of an animal person. I mean, I don't fuss over them, I don't hug the cats or buy them bells or what. I fuss over my kids and my kids fuss over the cats.

I have a BIG MUMMY cat who has given birth 6 months ago to 4 boy cats- one white, one tompok ginger and white, one ginger and one grey stripy (which disappeared one day!). Then the mummy cat - Brownie, met yet another boyfriend - (her social life!!) totally black. She got pregnant again and 2weeks ago out popped 7 kittens.

2 died soon after and now I have 5 . They are all due for a visit to the vet.

Anyway this morning, Nadine stepped (accidentally) on one of the boy cats-Friskie they call him (Hubby said that's a good name for the mom) - we thought it was ok but then upon closer inspection, we saw that the hindleg was injured and there was a gash- can see the bone!! Yikes!!

Terus lari pi vet unfortunately the vet opens only at nine..

You know, Hubby and I were cooing in the car to this box, where we had put the cat into, and telling him that everything will be ok.

The vet said that it may be broken- its very swollen at any rate. And she'll keep him in one night.

Nak balik we had to say bye bye and felt really sorry that the cat will be left at some strange clinic.

So..I guess we are cat people after all huh....:-)

Monday, July 07, 2008

Cars Understand

You know what? My car is alive

The other day (Friday actually) we were discussing trading in our Serena and discussing what to trade it in for? We need one MPV and one small car. Hubby wants the small car to also fit 7- mana namanye small. I want the small car to be cheap. I thought the MPV could be Nazakia as it looks nice and is not that expensive! But all the mechanics tell us- stay away from Nazaria as tak elok. Ye ke?

Anyway we were in the car while we were boraking about this, and at the back of my mind, I thought "Sat lagi mesti kereta ni meragam."

SURE ENOUGH!!! Malam tu, as we were driving , the car rattled, and bau burnt rubber sangat. We left the car where it was , and hubby SOSed his lovely uncle Mail who lent us Izreen's car - thank you Izreen we are forever indebted to you.

The next day we went to the mechanic. 2 hours later we got the car back, nothing was wrong. Dah service dah. We drove it for a mile, nasib baik up the road je sebab ada birthday party nearby..when it sputtered to a halt. Balik ke mechanic (me and 5 kids pi party)- then hubby texted that the radiator bocor!! Haik?? Macamana mechanic tu kata AOK?

Anyway today baru boleh siap...

Tu lah...jangan sebut nak trade in...kereta paham....

Saying Goodbye

Feel so sad ...sadder and sadder as the day draws nearer when I part ways with my colleagues...and my staff...I will take you when I have the resources ok...but not if our Big Boss marah, tau.

One more week to go..of course I am looking forward to new challenges, but you don't brush off the last 2 years of friendship that easily esp kita perempuan- tend to get close. They say you don't form meaningful friendships beyond uni..well "they" obviously have not resigned.. I still meet up with the gang from the first company, and the second work place .. and hopefully this one as well. OF course, lah, not as close, but then at least takdalah putus terus.

I'm imagining that certain relationship which was warm before is now cooling. I mean, I don't get included in the chats. Ke...saya je berjiwa sensitip?? Heh heh..DOsa besar tu tau, tak include me in your chats! Heh heh! Work is all about chatting.

Last week saw the big Man himself. Alhamdulillah, things were pleasant and cordial. Siap ada present lagi. The door is always open, he said if I ever wanted to come back. It's nice to hear. Don't worry ler oit Haq!

Ok ok better finish what Im doing or else my last day is going to be even faster. heh heh...

Sunday, July 06, 2008


Last Saturday we met up with my old flatmate from Uni, Ms G , her husband and their 2 gorgeous daughters. Ms G is a minahsalleh who until recently was the colleague of maryarkarrin's soontobe husband- who by the way goes totally unrecognised at his school- and only known as his girlfriend rather than the star.

Anyway I still remember the first day I met Ms G (and my other 4 english flatmates) ......(flashback alert!)

It was my 2nd year at Uni. Having spent the first year staying with my mom's cousin (my auntie lah tukan) her husband and her new baby , I thought I'd try staying in campus and applied, at the very last minute, for uni flats. Because I applied alone, it was up to chance where I was going to land - and I landed in this flat with 4 english girls whose friend I was replacing had pulled out at the last minute. And I got the biggest room. Needless to say, the decision to move out was not looked upon favourably by my auntie..heh heh heh...she thought I was turning my back on her..

Anyways I arrived at the flat late ...and when I went in, I heard a commotion in the kitchen. Four girls were at the table, cans everywhere, happy as they can be. Me not realising that happy means tipsy. They stared at me, in my "tudung" ! I bet they thought "oh NO!" ..They asked me if I wanted to have a drink and I said "Sorry I don't drink" and that sent them howling with laughter.

Anyway...surprisingly (?) we got on well...I got particularly close to Ms G and her friend, Ms They learnt that not all muslim women are backward (Ihope) and that they can be just as mad as anyone else..she was telling me that I was mad withOUT the drinks and can't imagine what it would be like if I do take alcohol!! Oh the memories...heh heh

So... she has been in Malaysia for the past 8years can you believe it. I saw her like, three times only. The third being last Saturday. She and her husband had to leave Malaysia as they are only allowed to stay for ten years only...

We met them again at KLCC paddling pool- mak ada polis pompuan kat situ, kejap kejap PRETTTTTT!!!! Wisel dia ..mak datok- picnic TIDAK dibenarkan LANGsong!! Budak main salah sikit je- preeeeeeeetttt!!

We stayed there until about 1pm, munching on the various tidbits we bought. Janji 10 am, sampai 11 kot- glad to see that my matsalleh friends pun dah adapt to Malaysian time. G and I chatted as if we had been in touch all this time, and of course, we talked about the kids and our kids going to Islamic school.

And , just like in the UK, I found myself explaining about the religion! Again! My non Muslim non Malay friends used to be very curious about it as in why? Why was I a Muslim, why was I wearing a headscarf? Why Islamic banking? Why Islamic school? Why Islamic anything?? Sure its not just culture??? Of course, my friends were very tactful and nice about it, as in they take whatever good values that can be found from every religion there is.

Penatlah berdebat...Always I get the urge to say Islam is NOT a terrorist religion. You have to be sure of yourself to answer..understand why your faith is what it is....why you are a muslim..not because your parents are...tapi how to explain? you pun bukan ustazah kan..The reason orang puteh curious sangat kan, is that we flaunt our religion - we are out there, in the hijabs, with our beards, working etc. We are not like nuns, restricted to the convent. Maybe that is why we are looked at suspiciously.

Why Islamic School? Sigh...ok everyone needs spirituality. Everyone needs spiritual guidance. I believe that. So we think this is the way we can help out our kids get grounded. Although of course ada kelemahannya...I want to increase the nonmalay content for eg...

Wah heavynye!! Anyway it was still a very fun meeting... and she is coming over for dinner one of the nights...

Everyone should have a foreign friend I think- it makes you appreciate yourself ! Heh heh...

Thursday, July 03, 2008


DI petang ini, oh sungguh sedap kalau..TIDO....

I'm trying to find a name for a company that I think my husband should set up, if he does not want to continue to contribute towards the cost of maintaining street lamps in kl- hahahah- tax lah. what name huh?? Some Melayu name? Semangat Jati Sdn Bhd??? Or Unggul Kekal Sdn Bhd (but as it has been pointed out to me, those are names which ppl try to change from) -0k lets have a matsalleh name- "ExcellentSurgeon Sdn Bhd" hahahahaha..or "Mywifeis GOrgeous" Sdn Bhd.. hee hee hee or OneStopSurgeon Sdn Bhd . Eh???

He wants to name it - GUTSURGEON SDN BHD - get it?? Good surgeon and Gut surgeon???

Ok ok his brand of humour is funny. I know. Any ideas ppl???

On another rambling subject, this is for you, you know who you are...if you are wondering why so and so did not tell you about his meeting with so and so, then you better go and ask this so and so WHY he did not tell you lar....instead of condemning him now, to the bowels of HELLLLLLL because he is probably an absent minded so and so or MAYBE he is merely busy.

Kan, er- Maria? Heh heh heh.. Dengar tu Maria, I nak bagi nasihat ni...Daripada you assume entah apa apa pasal bopren you tu...baik lah you pi tanya mamat tu..what the heck is going on...takyah lah main games..kita ni dah TU- we......he heh jangan marah ye... Yang mamat tu pun....apahal lah tak beritau ye....CepAT!!!

Johan PONTENG today....he said he was hit and punched by another guy called HUSEIN. Sigh....and also he did not do his homework. Hmmmm

And!! BRownie the cat gave birth again!! to not one, two or three but SEVEN kittens!!!! Yesterday one died....I came back and Daddy buried it...but not before bringing the dead kitten in a box to the bedroom where I was, hiding under a pillow, screaming my head off and telling him not to terrorise me with it. Heeeee suka benar menyakat bini!!!! Today we need to go to the vet to take the kittens one look poorly...

Murah Rezeki...Maybe I should say I am a mother of five, and owner of 10 cats.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Ate at Bijan just now. Belakang office baru I kan,....RM30 for a plate of Nasi Kerabu???!!! It's just a plate of rice mixed with various things like lemon grass etc right. Of course, this Nasi Kerabu got udang besar, grilled tender beef, a lovely salted egg (with really really tasty keropok/crackers . It was really tasty and well worth the money paid for! Everything tasted fresh. It was followed by pandan cendol icecream, which took the tastebuds a bit of getting used to.

Semalam makan at my other new office - Cosy Corner at GreatEasternMall. The food there is guaranteed to be nice. The occassion- DadofFourPlusOne threw a farewell dinner for his attachment student. So hubby and I, DadofFourand Wife and , ahem , "OUR" Staff (hee hee I ada stafff....) makanlah, sotong lah, ikan masak asam lah, ikan sweet and sour la, sedaaaaaap. Balik dekat pukul 10 and husband could not keep his eyes open a min longer and terus berdengkur.

Eh boring nye blog I nih....hmm Sophia is unwell lah. Sot set sot set...hidung selsema... Johan WANTS to be demam...and keeps asking me to feel his forehead lah, neck lah etc.

Today Princecourtmedical centre launching!! Officially. Hubby went with a suit. Maybe I present kan dia suit nak. I ceritalah kat dia, other people buy each other loads of expensive gifts, shall we start? He said no he already has everthing...hahahahah. Yah, honey but I dont mind having gifts on top of that..hehehehe


Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...