AustinPowers And DiscoChick

Thanks to Mrs Nordin- I cilok gambar yeeee......


MrsNordin said…
No problem. You were totally awesome!
aida yurani said…
Wow, kaklong. Ini mana Epi dapat baju ni? Hehehehehe.

Last night dari mana nak pi mana? Superwoman drive laju siot, triton tak larat nak kejar. Hehehehe
NUR said…
kak long!!!
tq for the pic..bkn senang nk tgk che pi & you dress up in 70's!

i bet it was fun!
MRSHUSiN said…

couldnt recognise epi & his, ehem, toupée. wah, did he tease it or what? gila besar! epi looked exactly like austin powers, yeah bay-bee! except taller!
& u kakLong, look totally grooooovyyyy! big afro, bell bottoms & lip-lap lip-lap lagi! hehehe, good effort you two! if there was a contest, u guys should have won, hands down! :D
wanshana said…
Waaaaaaa....I LIKE!!! :)

I agree with mrshusin - u guys would have won hands down ;) if there was a contest for best-dressed couple.

Errr...malam tu tido in the costumes ke?!
Lan0stZz said…
hahaha klakala wanshana tergelak i.

nway u couple are totally grooOvy baybeh! hahhaa seriously where did chepi get all the cool costume coz we re all loving it :D:D
mrs Nordin- thanks - you were classic 70s also with that dress! Love your make up!
hi Aida

Along baru balik drp MPH greatesternmall....ada time limit - have to reach home by 7.30!!
Hi Noni...

Yalor...very once in a while tau?

Nolah..the hair came like that...I totally loved the colour of his suit- bright yellow! All the way there we prayed that the car would not break down sebab macamana nak keluar? hee hee.

I totally loved my wig also- and the glasses! Did not realise how chubby I looked though!
Wanshana..hehh heh..cepat cepat kenabukak sebab a- jab had to go to the hospital and b- takut kids wanted to try!
hi lana!

costumes came from CenturyFiesta at Desa Hartamas- not that mahal also...we thot everyone dressed up you see he he
MrsNordin said…
Hey, we should do another costume party lah! Can you think of a reason??
TRM said…
oh my god - have just picked myself up off the floor after exploding with laughter. Brilliant outfits...Jab's is the best lah - he looks so cool. I love it. Your's also very good of course..but then with your personality its not much of a stretch kan. But Dr. Jab too lah memang tak boleh tahan too....aiyoo imagine him rocking up to cut into you at surgery dressed like this...sweet.

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