Due to the hubby being on call the last 2 weekends (and next week also) the kids have been pretty much housebound and moaning that they "are soooo boooorreeddddd".

So last Sunday I brought them out to MPH at Great Eastern Mall. I love GEM as (a) it is not crowded, (b) it has some really cool shops and (c) it has Cold Storage .

So off we went to MPH, (sans Daddy, and sans Nadine- as she had a tonne of homework- she is always having loads of work these days) .

The minute we all sampai je, I told the girls and Johan to go choose any book that they want. So they all scampered to their favourite sections.

2 seconds later, Sophia came to me, crossing her knees- Mummy, I need to go to the toilet. home you couldnt go or what...if one wanted to go to the loo, I had to take all of us along too. So off we went to the toilet.

Dalam toilet, Johan went on his own and wanted to wash on his own. Ok lah.

Then, I heard a wail. I'm wet.....!! Johan had sprayed water all over his pants.

It was sodden. We did try to dry it against the hand dryer but after 5 mins I gave up and told him to wear it and pretend he was wearing his swimming suit.

He was moaning all the time in MPH- I'm wet.....wet...wet.....

So, anyway, I told the girls, grab your book and lets go!

Sophia wanted a Barbie book. Her other choices were the simple 5 year old boleh baca kind of book- spongebob activity book, thingslike that. I told her to get something harder- I chose "Book for Girls" - she did not like it as too thick. It was several stories in one. In the end she got a gift voucher for the next time. And as a reward for completing her 5 prayers the other day.

Dahlia chose some enid blyton book (I basically told her to choose anything from Enid ) She did choose one title which looked familiar..I said- kan dah ada kat rumah? She said, "Ada..but itu Nadine punye."

Another toilet break in the middle where I had to call everyone and take dahlia to poo...

After all that....In the end we got away with Spiderman book for Johan, enid blyton for dahlia, the Chronicles of Narnia and the other 2 stories for everyone , and the Life of Mohammed for me.



Helena said…
Hi there,

Trips to the toilets bila baru aje jejak kaki kat Mall mmg menduga kesabaran.... hehe.... but Helena jarangla marah.... cuma merungut aje... taknak spoil mood the kids bila jenjalan .....

I know how u feel.... hehe
hi Helena- I want to be calm and patient too! Anyway hope they had fun even with 2 toilet breaks.I had a mega headache after that, He he.
ms hart said…
SW, I too love GEM. Peaceful and nice 'feast' for the eyes, but not for my purse lah eh?! Anyway, just a few days back, by son asked me to get him Enid Blyton book "yang bukan girl punya" - unquote!! Sebab, "kat rumah Enid Blyton books semua cerita girls aje..." he he he..referring to kakak2 dia punya old EB books! Entah apa-apa entah...!!!
I don't know why kan tapi my eldest pun camtu.Pegi kedai je masa tu la nak Poo.EVERYTIME!Pernah my hubby bawak dia pegi ikea, trolly penuh barang, tiba2 nak berak.Kenala tinggal trolley, bawak dia pegi toilet while they were already kat bawah!
hi Ms Hart

macamana I boleh tak reply your comment ye?? Im trying to get the more er..macho eb- maybe famous 5?
Yah,I can also count on that...memang if I take my kids, I cannot shop for myself ...sebab tak leh concentrate...!

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