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You know what? My car is alive

The other day (Friday actually) we were discussing trading in our Serena and discussing what to trade it in for? We need one MPV and one small car. Hubby wants the small car to also fit 7- mana namanye small. I want the small car to be cheap. I thought the MPV could be Nazakia as it looks nice and is not that expensive! But all the mechanics tell us- stay away from Nazaria as tak elok. Ye ke?

Anyway we were in the car while we were boraking about this, and at the back of my mind, I thought "Sat lagi mesti kereta ni meragam."

SURE ENOUGH!!! Malam tu, as we were driving , the car rattled, and bau burnt rubber sangat. We left the car where it was , and hubby SOSed his lovely uncle Mail who lent us Izreen's car - thank you Izreen we are forever indebted to you.

The next day we went to the mechanic. 2 hours later we got the car back, nothing was wrong. Dah service dah. We drove it for a mile, nasib baik up the road je sebab ada birthday party nearby..when it sputtered to a halt. Balik ke mechanic (me and 5 kids pi party)- then hubby texted that the radiator bocor!! Haik?? Macamana mechanic tu kata AOK?

Anyway today baru boleh siap...

Tu lah...jangan sebut nak trade in...kereta paham....


Madam Tai Tai said…

Bukan aje kereta, semua benda paham bila kita hint yg their time is almost up. Tapi yg tak paham is only the leader of our current government. LoL!

Teramat sensitip kereta you tu ya. Two strikes in a day. Amboi...dah merajuk sangat lah tu. Can't you just keep the Serena, since it is still ok, and get another medium-sized sedan (that can fit all of u)?

Just as much as the Serena isn't willing to part with you, I think the feeling is mutual from your side too. Simpan aje si sensitip Serena ni..

Are you on facebook ke btw?

Yeah you are rightlah. Hubby is very attached to the car...siap nak reupholster - maybe this is a good sign that he is not into replacing yang lama dengan yang baru? hehehhehe..tapi bini takleh reupholster maaa...hahahhaha
Madam Tai Tai said…
Not in facebook. Very lazy to start get into it.

Sapa kata bini can't be re-upholstered? That one definitely can - berlambak beauty and slimming centers that can do that for the wives, what.
MrsNordin said…
Our NazaRia dah dua kali kena tarik pegi workshop pakai tow truck. And we've only had it for less than 2 years. Thinking of changing, but since the car is mostly used to ferry the kids to school (inc. my BIL's kids who tumpang for FREE padahal anak dia ramai lagi dari anak we all!), we'll just continue using it for the time being. Ask Jab to upgrade to the new Serena lah!
Anonymous said…
Stay away from the NazaRia.... gas guzzler and also susah nak dapat parts and lots of mechanical problems.... I have a few friends who beli NazaRia and menyesal.

fulltime mom
Kalau dah jumpa that small car yg can fit 7, keep me informed.
suria said…

I pun ada nazaria but I know nothing about the spare parts or mechanical problem sebab I drive aje .

Tapi to keluar masuk rumah antar budak tak ringkas sebab dia besar,minyak pakai banyak...and I problem hal hal parking ni.
Hi Madam Tai Tai...slimming centre is looking very attractive these days . I used to think they are a big con but now ...! Have to , lor heh heh
Hi Mrs N..jual je kat BIL you said anak dia ramai gak heh heh

New Serena is a bit boxy kan. What do you think?
Hi are you? Yah I hear a lot of ppl complaining abt the gas guzzler thing...pity kan, Naza should do something as it looks good and not too expensive too
Hey Suria..plan nye is keep an MPV for "longdistance" and get a mini car for short trips...

I rasa in the end..gune je Serena poot poot I tu..
MsHart- small car that sits 7- it can be done!
MrsNordin said…
I think the new Serena is nice. Depends on the price lah... kalau mahal sangat, then it's not so nice anymore. :)
MrsN- guess what. We're keeping Serena first and buy Savvy or something small (myvi or honda crv tengoklah)
MrsNordin said…

Honda CRV is not small, ok? But it's a nice car!

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