Thursday, July 17, 2008


Hey there.

First day was allright at New Firm

Arrived at 10 am (makdatuk). And found a vase full of pink lillies from the Firm- thanks guys! Room was really homely and is what I imagine my office would look like if I work from home.

Laadeedah down to 7-11 at about 11 as very hungry. Passed loads of interesting shops. Ampwalk is happening jugak ek?

Lunch at 12 at Rahsia- reasonable considering its a "posh" restaurant. My Lambchop was RM16 and his beef steak was RMbelas belas also. But nipis nak mati lah. dessert was pear and ginger pudding. This cannot happen too often ok.

Chatted for a bit.

Did a bit of work.

Chatted somemore.

Made tea. larder is fully stocked with horlicks nestum etc.

Went back at 7.00 m.

Met a client at PanPacific at 9.30 pm. She was a bit disappointed that I turned up Im sure..hey, Dadof FourplusOne- I am here also as a representative of the wife heh heh.

Day ended at 10.30. Hubby was waiting outside the hotel. He drove back like a drunk as he was very sleepy. Totally refused to have me drive.

Hmm...Ok I will have to work a LOT harder than this ok.

Otherwise no shorruuuu...


MAMAMIA said...

Best wishes with the new venture.

Aik, jadi partner pun balik lambat gak ke?? Tapi, tak pe, as long as you're happier.

thankfulme said...

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