Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Gals from Room 302 Flat 2(?) Section 18, KPP

Hari ni, is the WRONG time for any zits to decide to appear , or me to have a bad day, heh heh. For I am meeting my flatmates from KPP this lunchtime.

It started from this blog- one of my flatmates read it and we established contact, set a lunch date, included another flatmate, who roped in another who roped in yet another and before you know it we have almost the complete set! Six out of 7 - not bad eh?

wow...its been 20 years , since we met and were thrown to live together. I yang tak pernah duduk asrama, or with other ppl (apart from the odd nights out with Zu) learnt to share a small room with 3 other girls. 2 bunkbeds in each room, and barely room to swing a cat. ..macam macam experience... I loved them all.

Hmm ...A levels memory..kena maki dengan the coordinator -sapa nama dia hah? Air takda and pi mandi Section 17. had to find food kat Boys' Block- ada abang yang muka dia terburnt serve. Catching bas kilang back. Chu bringing the rambutans from her home. Main terup . Makan kuaci tak habih habih. Trying to smoke. trips to PKNS the happening place. Pakai tudung and making my flatmate cry. Kena teropong. Going to Kuantan -my first trip with friends.Oh ya, who can forget the AAD friends.

Well, 20 years and 5 kids later...macam mana agaknye semua orang. I have bumped into them before and one of them does law too (yah we were also classmates).

nervous pun ada but mainly looking forward to it! I hope we can maintain the relationship. I asked them to bring pix but I sendiri takda pix! Hmmm...


MrsNordin said...

So, what happened during the reunion?? Write, already!

suria said...


Jangan lupa...berebut bilik air,kongsi lunch,u berlari kejar bas dengan bag putih james bond you.yes how can I forget gi Kuantan...jumpa kawan kawan u yang glamour2 tu.

I am so excited to see you and the others!!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Sat lagi lah BJ....nanti I update ok

Superwomanwannabe said...

Heh heh Ye lah chu.. aku temberang kau nak pakai bilik air...cakap nak pi wee wee lepas tu mandi..heh heh..nak idop bebbbb...(but I mandi kebau je puN)

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