Girls' Day Out

Last Friday I met up with 2 friends for a "girls day out". Madam tai tai and Mrs Nordin of the blogosphere. Tired of always being the one to dash off early whenever we'd meet for lunch etc, I promised an entire day when we could go do what tai-tais do...lunch and shop etc.

(Madam tai tai has blogged about it HERE )- Madam T- I cilok gambar tak pa ye....

With no firm plans made, we met at Lotus restaurant for tosei. Sorry gang, we arrived closer to 11 than 10 a.m. Hubby really taking this "flexi time" thingy seriously. Apologies to Partner who said it was ok to play truant today (and pls do not call me again- or something like that la heh heh). Hubby was kind enough to send me to my "date" and stayed around to join us for breakfast too. Earlier we had thought abt going to Villa Manja but it was decided that we'd play it by ear.

Then, the girls wanted to go to ..Sungei wang. Haaaa??? I suggested Gardens...more my type of tai tai area. Heh heh..sorry Gina...

Off we went...I am so "perghak" -never stepped into the Gardens. As luck would have it, they were having a sale- Into Robinsons we go...aku tak paham lah style that was on sale...they were made for midget girls. Then, tuckered out, we looked for food (I mean I was tuckered out, the other girls were fine)...the restaurant of choice was Cova, where we sat on fat leather sofas, and enjoyed caesar's salad, sirloin steak and oriental noodles. And cakes !! The lightest strawberry shortcake ever. Plus some brownie cake.

I think we were there nearly 2 hours kot- no one wanted to check their watches. Then we sauntered to the other shops, dragging our (my) very full tummies around....I dah lama sungguh tak shop ...and went a bit mad at the sales...I think hubby would get a shock at the bank balance..I wanted to buy hubby a pressie but he said no shirts or pants etc for him please. got him an M&S boxers..ikut hati lama lagi nak shopping.

After lunch, shop some more...then massage...Thai massage,bawah escalator, P2..who would have guessed that a massage place could go under the escalator..? It was really good! And painful! P Kung, my masseusse, pulled my shoulder back until it clicked-- yowzzz...Thanks Mdm Tai Tai for the massage!

then- do hair or movie? Asked MrsN- do HAIR lah! off we went to LaMode...amboi kan. Basuh rambut, blow blow...hai...more massage of neck..heaven.Thanks MrsN for the hair do!

Dah lawa....(perasan)

I had a totally fantastic day, one which I have not done in a looooooong time. You're right, we have to do this again!


MrsNordin said…
Nice posting on this. I yet have to do mine coz my boss wants something quick today (well, he wanted it last Friday. But what the heck..) Thanks!
Anonymous said…
I nak ikut jugak!!

Madam Tai Tai said…
SW, your are getting commenters in your blog! Way to go, girl!

I totally had a great time and yes definitely we have to do another one next year. Hopefully by then there will be a new mall that has opened.

And thanks for the lunch treat at Cova. Sodap!
MRSHUSiN said…
wow! kakLong, u are really cut out for this tai-tai thing! but, hey... why not kan?
love all hairstyles on all 3 ladies, well i am a sucker for blowdrying pun...
and what a good idea to have each one of u treat one another! 1 for makan, 1 for massage & 1 for hairsalon! i should try that soon!
amboi mmg tai2! :)
aida yurani said…
amboi, sakan tu shopping lah, massage lah. Hehehehe.

I just got back from SP. Mama & myself ketuk babah kat kedai kain, habis borong.
Hi MrsN- it was SUCH a lovely daykan.. i shok buat rambut. heh heh ..hope you will always find time to update!
Yani- next time Villa Manja jom!
izan- we did not plan anything that was the best part ...go with the flow..
Madam tai tai---- another mall? U know, I think next time sungei wang lar ok heh heh
Hi Aida...tunjuklah kain!
wanshana said…
Ouuccchhh! That massage (the shoulder clicking and all?!) sure looks painful maaa!!!

I also read Madam Tai Tai's posting on this - a comment I made in hers - you all are "Tiga Mak Budak Pingitan"...Hehehe!

I'm sure you guys are already planning for the next Tai Tai outing, huh?

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