Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lets get fit

My partner and his wife, both parents of five, are now exercising. I maintain that the wife has NO weight problem. But after a while, these two have inspired me and hubby to also get off our bums- we went to see CASH the Personal Trainer yesterday.

yesterday was the freebie- one hour of "mild exercise" . I was first asked to walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes. I felt like dying and asked him how long had I been walking and he said - 2 minutes. Hahahaha. He stretched me, he pulled my arm, he pushed me, he introduced me to muscles I had no idea existed. We did weights, and I finally found out how to use those pull thingy equipment at gyms (selalu nak try but tak tau how to start,seganlah)

My muscles are today, sore.... hubby too! Semalam kitaorang so lah berkobar kobar we bought this thingy called "GYM IN THE POCKET" - sounds slightly dodgy kan. But then, its really a huge rubber band that you use to train- ie use it as resistance etc. The boys selling it to us were so packed I could not help but stare! Muka kecik je..badan, masyallah!

Anyway it now is in the house being used as a skipping rope by the Kids.

Semalam sempat la singgah tengok British India sale- maaaacam british in India- rasa kena con! Mahal nye for some linen- that is IT I am definitely ordering from MadamTaitai- don't leave yet!! Ada shirt I saw yang cost RM700 and takdalah lawa,. I carik gak kalau ada diamond ke tapi tak lak nampak...! Having said that I bought a blouse and shirt. Then, off we went to a lingerie shop - I insisted that husband belajar beli kan bini baju sexy sexy...last-last he got me a set of camisole and briefs that are white, cotton, comfy and get this - XL.

So much for seksi...seksa jadinye..heh heh...

Ok time to do some work.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shila! Syoknya dengar u all pi gym, I have never ever been in one..got no time, usual excuse. But thinking of starting yoga, bila ada masa..

About lingerie, why don't you buy one for yourself and surprise him? He..he..


aida yurani said...

wah-wah-wah, pegi gym now? I pegi jalan kat lake aja sekarang, FOC with personal trainer. Next week start kena angkat weights jugak. Aiyak! Baru turun 3kg, on Sunday pegi makan baskin robins. Hehehehe. :)

XL is sexy tau! Hehehehe. Trying to get apek kek seng to understand that concept now. He is still saying it is SEKSA! hahahahaha

Superwomanwannabe said...


I pun nak try ler yoga, macam best je! Lingerie- oh suruh I beli ye..bolehhhh..Nanti I update you ok heh heh...

Superwomanwannabe said...


Baskin Robbin tak da calories laaaa
Heh heh..

Anonymous said...

He..he..for my upcoming anniversary, I bought a purple lingerie..hope I'll be brave enough to wear..You jgn cakap Jab tau..sure your kids are not reading your blog?


Superwomanwannabe said...

Jah- ada this veryy nice purple lingerie...i ingat nak beli tapi macam sungguh tak practical..kalau pakai sure sejuk heh heh..

and no my kids will not read the comments.

MrsNordin said...

Ha! Ha! Cotton? What the heck! Come, let's go shopping for lingerie next, nak?

BTW, thanks for the purple lingerie you bought me. I like it, but haven't tried it yet. Red flag lah..

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