I just found out that a man I very much admired...drinks lah.! Caught in the act. Down the pedestal you come, oh Great one. (although still a very nice man)

Maid is having marital problem...the husband has decided that he is going to stop working and has been hassling her for money. After all, my wife's working in the land of Opportunity what. She is totally fed up with it and has told him to take a hike. If you want it to last..then changes have to be made but guys- tak ikut ke Marriage 1o1? Husbands are supposed to support the wife not the otherway round....

Kids- well, today is pets day. My kids are going pet-less. Dahlia said teacher N said "entah apa -apa lah bawak haiwan ke sekolah ni..ish" ..I take it she is not a fan of the idea. She is now ok with the fact that I forbade them from bringing the 3 weeks old kittens to school. But teacher N is right...can you imagine the school having to teach AND control little furry stuff? Some one in Sophia's class is bringing his chicks. Baru beli ke??

Tonight my matsalleh couple friends coming for dinner. Apa nak masak ni??



Madam Tai Tai said…
SW, how about cooking Nasi Tomato, Ayam Masak Merah (more tomato-ey than pedas), jelatah and rendang/kari daging (kalau malas beli aje yg ni)?

Kalau really malas and tak de masa, beli aje nasi briyani Insaf kat TAR, with their delicious ayam goreng and ayam madu. Ooo...perut I pun dah lapar as I'm writing this at 8.33am!
hiiiii pagi dah kat pc?

ayam madu..good idea...memang lah kena beli, you!
MrsNordin said…
Eh, who drinks?

p/s how come you never answer my call or sms?
MRSHUSiN said…
kak Long, beli nasi briyani gam dgn mak tim. she has a restaurant in Keramat i think.
jaja said…
ha ah kak long restaurant mak tim sedap.....semua sedap kat situ....kat round about keramat tu
Anonymous said…
Hi Shila! Actualy many Malay men drink..sedih kan. The irony is, the Mat Sallehs and non Muslims that I've worked with, don't drink. They also have high moral values..entahlah, maybe coz I'm in conservation so the people that I meet are different.

Isn't this maid of yours the one with a boyfriend here?? out of sight, out of mind...

Mrs Nordin- sapa lagi..idola kita berdualer
mrshusin...i have actually got them, thanks!
Hi Jah...yalah..what i sedeh is that the malay men who drink all drink cool lah kot.

Maid denies she got pakwer....i asked her you know.
Hi jaja! i love the telur dalam nasi - for beriani gam...

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