Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Ate at Bijan just now. Belakang office baru I kan,....RM30 for a plate of Nasi Kerabu???!!! It's just a plate of rice mixed with various things like lemon grass etc right. Of course, this Nasi Kerabu got udang besar, grilled tender beef, a lovely salted egg (with really really tasty keropok/crackers . It was really tasty and well worth the money paid for! Everything tasted fresh. It was followed by pandan cendol icecream, which took the tastebuds a bit of getting used to.

Semalam makan at my other new office - Cosy Corner at GreatEasternMall. The food there is guaranteed to be nice. The occassion- DadofFourPlusOne threw a farewell dinner for his attachment student. So hubby and I, DadofFourand Wife and , ahem , "OUR" Staff (hee hee I ada stafff....) makanlah, sotong lah, ikan masak asam lah, ikan sweet and sour la, sedaaaaaap. Balik dekat pukul 10 and husband could not keep his eyes open a min longer and terus berdengkur.

Eh boring nye blog I nih....hmm Sophia is unwell lah. Sot set sot set...hidung selsema... Johan WANTS to be demam...and keeps asking me to feel his forehead lah, neck lah etc.

Today Princecourtmedical centre launching!! Officially. Hubby went with a suit. Maybe I present kan dia suit nak. I ceritalah kat dia, other people buy each other loads of expensive gifts, shall we start? He said no he already has everthing...hahahahah. Yah, honey but I dont mind having gifts on top of that..hehehehe



Madam Tai Tai said...

SW, wah..sakannya makan. Of course la the nasi kerabu expensive. You are paying for the ambience, dear. :)

Nasi kerabu kat gerai Kak Nah, at my old housing area, is just RM2.50 with lauk daging aje la. Tapi bila pekena dek budu dia - sodap teramat!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hahaha- ni dia bagik gak budu tapi in cute little bowls I pun tak perasan ada- nak habis baru nampak.

Jom pi!

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