Wednesday, July 16, 2008

new beginning

Today is the first day of me being a Partner in ChorPee Anwarul & Company.

(is that advertising?)

Where did the time go?

I just sent the kids off to school, for once I did not need to yell so much for them to find their tudung/socks/water bottle/etc ..they were allready ready by the time I came down. Johan insists that I stand by the door and wave. Dahlia asked if I can come and watch her swim today. All her other friends' mom do, she said. Sigh..I'll see if I can get the car ok.

Last day at old offfice was -busy. I'm sure there are still things I have forgotten to do. I hope that the problem I uncovered on the very last day will be resolved. In a nutshell, it was something which landed on our laps, which had to be done by another party,who was dependent on yet another party to respond to queries- basically as of yesterday, nothing was done. I could not leave with the perception that I had sat on things - I don't sit on things. I explained to boss that it was allready given to another partner to handle and should have indeed been handled. We were merely there to supervise. I stressed to my colleague who is handling this matter that it has to be resolved TODAY if we want to save the situation. It's not fatal but it can be.

And the lunch went well. Nasi tomato , ayam masak merah , kari kambing and acar...Thank you to my colleagues Ir and Nad for the lovely choc strawberry cake. Like kids, most of us picked out the fat strawberries. Got some presents- thank you..

ok! time to get ready for work!


Madam Tai Tai said...

SW, congratulations on the partnership in the new firm. So which name are you choosing for your self - "ChorPee", "Anwarul" or "Company"? ;)

Best wishes and hope the rezeki datang melimpah in this firm. So now you dah jadi business lady, ek. You'll reap what you harvest. Bestnya tak kerja makan gaji.

And now..please forget about the former company, ya. Put all your focus, devotion and effort into this firm. Have fun, nonetheless.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Thank you Gina...and see you tomorrow

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