Sunday, July 27, 2008

Saturday evening- the 70s Party!

A very good friend, also from the UK times- MrsNordin- turned 4-0 recently. To celebrate she held a 70s party. Gave us all pleeennnnty of time to prepare. We even went shopping but I thought I'd go to the tailors to make a gold lame suit for both hubby and me.

Before you know it, it was Friday and neither husband nor me, had anything to wear. Yikes!!! Mom would have lent me her stuff but she's renovating the house so all her baju is in the sealed area! So..takda baju...

To make it worse, my friend sent us a video of Boney M- boy we had no excuse to be unprepared!

Husband rupanye had the situation handled...On Saturday while I was cooking and wondering where the heck my husband was, rupa-rupanye he had time to go find costumes. So, by 7, husband was dressed a bit like this: ( but in bright yellow)

and I had a mega afro wig with flare pants and blouse ..hee hee
then we went- and we got there ...and NO ONE was dressed up! Well...not as flamboyantly 70s as us ler..everyone was discreetly dressed in 70s print and looked elegant and stylish. Not camp at all! He he..takpalah we had fun as well! There were a lot of snacks like haw haw flakes, etc reminiscent of my childhood!
It ended with a dance and too early for us due to the same inconsiderate (haha) patient who had to be operated on...
Thanks MrsNordin for the great party!


MRSHUSiN said...

kakLong! u better post up pics of chepi in his austin powers get up & afro! nakkkk tengokkkkkk!!!

NUR said...

kak long!!!
nk tgk!!don't tell me you didn't take any pic!

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