Sunday, July 27, 2008

Saturday Evening - the Reunion

Thanks to my former flatmates for trekking all the way to my neck of the woods yesterday ... we had planned a barbecue after our short lunch ..sooo looking forward to the get together- I'm sure our husbands were wondering - eh baruuu je jumpa..Lunch is not enough time ok..

Anyways husband at the last minute was on call for another doc. As he was the chief arsonist /pyromaniac of the family (ha ha) , his absence would mean no one to bakar bakar bbq- Quick call to our local caterer disclose that she cannot spare her 2 wonderful young men who usually help with our tea parties.

So menu was changed (many many MANY times) - in the end it was simple soto and rendang, kuah kacang, lodeh and various kueh. Husband expected me to cook , as he had to again, leave for some very inconsiderate patient who decided to be admitted hari tu jugak - oi orang ada function la! Me cook? Horrors! Nasib baik jadiiiikk.... But really need to get that second car - with him gone I couldn't go get so many stuff I wanted! My roast chickens from Ayamas,my pegedils, my satay, my cillies, my etc etc ...Grr I did offer to send the guy- he said no.

First guest was SZS with her husband R- I was upstairs just about to pray when they arrived- and hoped that husband can usher them in- sorry guys. Yes, R you really do not look your age at all!!

Everyone turned up- thanks guys. Thanks to SZS for her beautiful cupcakes and brownies - to AR for the VicSpongeCake, to L for her chocolate cake (I nak 2 ye, for Raya- I have told your husband- its really nice and dark with choc curls on top) - to T for your caramel yang memang dalam list of "to buy" (not "to do" ok sbb tak reti) and also to SS for her kueh bakar berlauk yang first time I makan!

Our husbands were such sports and looked like they got along with each other - it's amazing that the same group of kids 20 years ago now have such interesting careers! SZS and her husband are both litigators (ie "real" lawyers ha ha- the amount of time I tell people I'm a lawyer and they say - "so you go to court?"-!) AR deals with buying and selling companies - wooooaahhhh..penting tu.!! L scares the bejeebers out of other departments (internal audit! ) SS is a senior lecturer at a prominent college university- waaah ko mengajar, ye. T is a major honcho in a major transportation company- ada chance bagi kerja tak T?

And me? the most boring....Mother of five...dabbling in law (but first, mother of five) I tell you Johan was so excited ramai boys datang. He asked - who's birthday is it? it was that many kids..Should have done party packs ek??

I really had a good time...tak cukup masa borak ...Sampai anak L dah muntah muntah mama dia masih kena tahan nak borak he heh. Sorry ye...

When's the next lunch? Call me 'k!

Satu gambar pun tarak can you believe it!!!!

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