Monday, July 07, 2008

Saying Goodbye

Feel so sad ...sadder and sadder as the day draws nearer when I part ways with my colleagues...and my staff...I will take you when I have the resources ok...but not if our Big Boss marah, tau.

One more week to go..of course I am looking forward to new challenges, but you don't brush off the last 2 years of friendship that easily esp kita perempuan- tend to get close. They say you don't form meaningful friendships beyond uni..well "they" obviously have not resigned.. I still meet up with the gang from the first company, and the second work place .. and hopefully this one as well. OF course, lah, not as close, but then at least takdalah putus terus.

I'm imagining that certain relationship which was warm before is now cooling. I mean, I don't get included in the chats. Ke...saya je berjiwa sensitip?? Heh heh..DOsa besar tu tau, tak include me in your chats! Heh heh! Work is all about chatting.

Last week saw the big Man himself. Alhamdulillah, things were pleasant and cordial. Siap ada present lagi. The door is always open, he said if I ever wanted to come back. It's nice to hear. Don't worry ler oit Haq!

Ok ok better finish what Im doing or else my last day is going to be even faster. heh heh...

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