Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Last Day

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My mom always tells me that I am such a people-pleaser. She is so right.

I hate saying no, and I hate having to say no. I hate to offend people. or make them upset. Hence I am not a litigator. I'd probably see the point the other party tries to make, feel sorry for him, and agree.

Anyway. What brings me to this post is that I have been asked to extend my last day. On the basis that I have not had my farewell lunch yet! And there are a lot of matters to be settled. Yes there are, but I am fully confident that I can hand them over to good hands on Tuesday, which is the last day. We have not really talked about handing over stuff. I think it's been easier to just pretend that I'm not going anywhere. I even bought a rug ok for the room. At my current place.

So now, I think it's sunk in at last that by wednesday I'm not around and panic is ensuing. Hence the request. I didn't say anything. I so wanted to refuse but I so did not want to offend anyone , with any perceived haste to leave you know? And I do appreciate the panic. But on Wednesday I have to go in to new Office ! And on friday I have a spa date!

So, this is what I will say on Monday. Boss, sorry, I have asked, and sorry I can't extend my stay. (my middle name is really "Sorry") Plus on Friday I am going somewhere. However, IF YOU REALLY NEED ME I will finish your work/review/read my email/water your plants etc from there ok. I have access to my emails for a month it seems. Hoo-ray.

What do you think . Tak sampai hati pulaaakk. but I think this is merely panic on their side talking.


Madam Tai Tai said...

SW, upset your boss but doooon't upset MrsN and me, ok! We are so looking forward to the spa date. SO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!! :)

So it's ok to be a people's pleaser - just please MrsN and me this Fri!

MrsNordin said...

Hey, GO ALREADY lah! I can't believe you're still there!!

Ok Spa date is on.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Madam tai tai and MRs N

I allready told Big Boss that sorry I cannot stay on ..

So our spa date is ON ok

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