Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Semalam Auntie Rokiah's birthday -ada surprise party at her house. Happy Birthday Auntie rokiah! Sorry ye sampai lambat..tunggu budakbudak habih mengaji. And sorry you were kept up so late. We all sampai rumah around 1 kot. I drove the last part. Hubby dah ngantuk . tapi beriya iya kata tak ngantuk - And thanks for the tapau!

Kitten no 3 died...tinggal 4..I am worried now. why do they keep dying on us? Now the rest have gone missing, Manalah pulak the mommy go and sorok...

Friskie only has soft tissue injury and will be kept in hospital for 5 days. Hope he will be ok...we'll pop in of course. The other cats are looking for him.

Nadine taekwondo semalam until 6. her dad went to get her, but pakcik also waited for her. In the end I got a call from the wife of pakcik bas to ask me where was Nadine, and i had to tell her husband went to get her. last Sunday ada Class Club prize giving ceremony- everyone in Nadine's year - dapat hadiah. She got one for Word explorer . She is still trying to figure that one out. the next day she got one from her class- best student. Wooohooo! But of course - try harder and beat your personal best.

Car is back with us. Thanks Uncle Mail and Mak B for the loan of the car!

Finally reading "Don't be Sad"..the book is written with my life in mind, I am convinced. "avoid chaos"? I am Mrs Chaos.

Anwar and saiful- who KNOWS? Conspiracy? Reality? Who knows? One thing is for sure- it is dodgy and something reeks in China. bala missing? Something is going on, don't know what.Although one good thing -Now I know that I can go see my DPM for scholarship application. I may need this for the kids. Najib, Anwar, Saiful, Dont be Sad, ok?

And one day I will write this all up and it'll become a best selling fiction. heh heh ...

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