Trying to chat with the kids

Everyday I would try to have a conversation with my children on how their day was. So I'll be asking them one by one to tell me what they went through that day. How was your day? What did you do?

Most of the time the answers would be- Fine. Nothing.

Then, I would drill them further by saying - what do you mean, fine. what do you mean, nothing.

2 days ago, I was at the dining table- and was drilling Sara. Nadine was having her dinner and Hubby was also there. So I asked- Sara, how was your day? was it ok? Did any of the teacher marah (scold) you? Did you fight with anyone? Did any body annoy you? What did you eat? What happened today?

Answers were- yes, no, nothing, not much, the usual.

I said- look guys, I want to be a part of your growing up, I want to know what you go through.

ThenNadine said - mummy...we go to school everyday and will do so for the next four or five years..(I think she meant herself) - Everyday CAN'T be interesting..!

i.E...stop bugging us!

I said I want to know as I cannot be there in your class with you so I want to know.

Johan said- eeee please mummy don't come to my class.

Johan, I said, can't I sit in your class one day? What if I go to your class and ask for my baby bushuk jojo??

Johan cringed and shook his head very quickly- NOOOO..

Hee hee...

I do want to know what they are up to. It would take time, usually. Normally they'll tell me in bits and pieces, over dinnerke, when I am watching CSI ke, (usually at a critical point) and when I have guests. Since I did not have time, I would be drilling them like that lah. Heh heh.

Now I plan to have more time to be physically there for the kids. No need to "interview" lagi lah!


myheartbleeds said…
I can just imagine your lil boy cringing!!

... it is funny how my kids never have homework when I come home early from work and then on days I come home flat and tired, they'd tell me I have to go out again to get them art class supplies for school...
MrsNordin said…
Hee.. hee... sounds very much like our dinner conversations!

Sometimes Nadim would come and ask me, "So how was your day, Aunty Yati?" My answer, "Mmm... ok..." Malas nak elaborate. I guess that's how they feel everytime we ask them that question.

Perhaps we should try a different line of questioning..
ms hart said…
The questions are sooo familiar! 'Did you fight with anybody?' - he he..penting tu..esp for 'quarrelsome trio'!!
My heartbleeds...and why is it always art supplies kan??
Hi J...

so sweet, they ask YOU how your day was?

what do you suggest - hey did anything interesting today?
suria said…
My son can't even remember what he ate at school!!!

Yes you are so right..especially with my boy!
HiSuria...boys memang malas nak borak I think...

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