Sunday, August 31, 2008


Someone is reciting the quran this morning. A tragedy happened yesterday. Someone is going to be buried this morning and what is tragic is that that someone is Sophia and Dahlia's teacher and I JUST talked to her last Friday.

I had to go to the school on Friday, to fetch Sophia back from school, and then send her back with her bag. She had camping at Ulu Langat . All the prefects of the school. She kept nagging me the night before to get her stuff to pack. We thought we'd take her back first to mandi then send her back to school.

But when I reached the school, the kids were allready waiting to get in the bus- there were two buses waiting. I panicked and called for Sophia, and she said she had to go NOW. I found the teacher, Teacher Nurmardhiah and told her that Sophia's bag was still at home. She was a bit flustered and told me to go back to get it, and hurry!

I pun hurried as best as I could considering that it was Friday and there was a bit of a jam. I grabbed the bag and went back to school and found teacher Nurmardhiah again, still flustered and organising the kids to get into the buses. She taught Sophia Maths and Dahlia English. I wished her goodluck and to have fun. I said boy are you going to need the luck, with all the kids to supervise! I salam her again on the way out from the school.

The next day, Nadine had to go to FRIM pulak with her school - she came back telling me that her friend got an sms to say that a teacher passed away at the camp. And it was Teacher Nurmardhiah!

I called another teacher- it seemed that T. Nurmardhiah had a severe ASTHMA attack at noon on Saturday while taking part in the activities. She wanted to do everything and had to sort out EVERYTHING, I was told by this stressed teacher. Her inhaler was in her bag and she could not get to it on time. By the time she got medical help it was too late.

Sophia came back much earlier than planned of course. I thought that she might be traumatised but she seemed ok if a bit subdued. Dahlia said she was such a fun teacher.

Alfatihah..Takziah to her family. I could not sleep until 4 am last night . Such a preventable passing. But Allah knows best. And it must be her time.

I tak tau asthma can still be fatal ye?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blasted and Darn it

I was planning a romantic get away.

I was thinking of somewhere beachy.
I wanted a day when I can frolic in the sea, untroubled by the whereabouts of my children, free from worrying whether they are going to drown or whether the current is too strong or whether they are going to get sunstroke and free from having to constantly head-count my kids. I wanted to lepak in the room, order room service, eat on the bed and not worry about crumbs or bugs - I wanted to go to the breakfast buffet and not having to think about smuggling out a bun for "later". Yes, we do that. Sorry, I do that.

So I thought Eastern Pavillion Cerating.
Hubby poured water on this plan - he is on call. He said just plan for KL ...So I thought of Shangri La. all that is moot..because of this:

So much for romantic getaway.

Heh heh heh....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Morning News

Good morning!

This morning we sent kids to school and I was the first to open the office - which makes a change since I'm usually the last to arrive. heh heh..taken to this flexibility thingy like duck to water I tell you! Sophia since she's a prefect she is so jittery about time. Usually the one who holds everyone up would be the eldest sister. She has to wait until she hears the beep of the van before she comes down or puts on her scarf etc. But Sophia was nagging us all the way to school to hurry. I like sending them personally, but hubby said can't rely on our time so he insists on the van.

Kids have taken to sleeping with us again these days. It's been a while since Sophia's hands have to rub my tummy- a habit she used to have before she can sleep. Of course, the father slept downstairs on the chair, then upstairs on the sofa, then finally in the room. I could not sleep lah. I kept waiting for the news- who won? AI or AS? Of course, today I found out that AI menang...

So begins another chapter in a year of major surprises , to have AI in parliament - a personal vendetta? a good thing for the country? A self centred self interested opportunistic manipulative man or a hero for democracy? If I was the PM I would immediately elect him my Health Minister or something- he can't topple me from within can he? or does he want the DPM post? I wonder what the scene is at the PM's home:

PM: For God's sake Najib stop calling me allready lah! I know lah he won- biasa lah! tempat dia pun kan.
Najib: But PM! Think what this means for the party!
PM: No, thank you. You think what this means. I have to go open an exhibition.

Jeanne: Hi zizah- ni I want to say congratulations
Zizah: Oh terimakasihlah..hai, selagi tak menang I tak dapat laaah any peace. Bila nak resign my post, bila nak resign, hari hari hanyang I- hah nak ambik kau. Biaq puas hati aku.
Jeanne: Hahaha- I know what you mean (er I don't actually)- anyway apa apa pun, datanglah rumah nanti noooo? Biaq lah the men merepek hai depa.
Zizah: eh mestilah I nak kena tengok kain you yang you juai tu kan??

Sorry think??Hehehehe..gurau gurau je ok (sebelum I masuk jail)


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kids Update


is turning 13 this friday- yikes where has the time gone?? I can't believe that my little baby with her umbilical hernia and her one ingrowing toenail (sorry Nadine I'm embarrassing you but no one you know reads this right...) is now a young lady who is as tall as me! And of course I can't believe we are parents of a 13 year (yes its all about me)

Anyway generally I am happy with the way she has grown ..except that the procrastination gene has been inherited rather well...she postponed her homework until the day before school was supposed to start and of course earned a good "leteran" from me. Her dad had to rush to the printing shop to print her scrapbook on peribahasa....and it was a cool RM40 for the printing. Woww. tulis tangan je lah nadine.Anyway nowadays her homework consists of folios, scrapbooks etc...And she tells me all schools are doing ke? what happened to the good old writing in the excercise book?

Thinking of what to do for her birthday.She wants a shopping trip! Without her younger siblings! Ok lah...anyway Sophia has a prefect camp this weekend . Nadine goes to FRIM this Saturday with her school . I need to entertain the other 3. Sara is having a bad cough at the moment. This girl is skinnyyyyy...I think I'll go get the weightgain thingy again.

Dahlia - well , she played Monopoly with me and Johan the night before and was the banker. Boy was she boss-sayee!! And she kept nagging me to sell my Mayfair to her. And johan cried because he only had 2 pieces of notes left - only thing is the notes were $500 each. I only had a grand total of $340 as I got swept in the property market and kept buying everything I landed on. It was good - the last time I played Monopoly was about 18 years ago in my flat at Notts! (against husband and i remembered hating his competitiveness- nak gaduh je rasa)

Johan- semalam taknak gi sekolah as he said the teacher is mean. She threatened to stab kids' hands with a sharp pencil if they were naughty, he said. Ye ke?? sigh..and Ningseh tells me sometimes he comes back with buttons missing - got into a fight or his friend pushed him etc. Teacher said there are 16 boys in the class and they are rowdy..not my widdle johan , surely.

Oh tu lah round-up minggu ini....Tata.

Sebak dan Sabak

Last night tried this "barbecue and steamboat" place called S*ABA*K at the Melati area- on the way to genting highlands , before turning into Taman Melati, there is a long row of shops and eateries that look good and it was a toss between Chinese Muslim restaurant and the BBQ area. The BBQ area won.

We should have gone to the Chinese Muslim restaurant heh heh

We were generally ok with the place.A brief review:

1. service- there were several waiters and waitresses. But when we arrived they stared at us and did not usher us in. Peliknya! Actually I noticed this in a few places where the staff is young malay gals and guys...they'd look at you as if you have interrupted their lovely chat and should be hung for it. Heh heh

2. Food- wah the choices were many! 4 types of noodles- 3 types of mushrooms, 2 types of prawns, crabs, sotong basah, meat, chicken, fish etc . We greedily took loads of shellfish-we love clams and cockles. Alas - disappointingly the cockles were small and the clams sometimes did not have any meat inside! Hubby's theory was that they must have been refrozen again and the flesh shrank.

3. Good stuff- choices! Ada icecream! Ada straw mushrooms! It's cheap!

4. Baddd stuff- the soup was too too salty! The floor was grimy! You can see foot prints and I nearly slipped! There is no towel near the handwash area! Or tissues! They were slow in cleaning up your place!

Overall, yes it was "cheap"- RM25 per person. But I think you get what you pay for. It was not fantastic and they had better improve on their quality if they want repeat customers. we certainly won't come back. Did we complain? We were sorely tempted but then we just wanted to get home, a party of 12 had arrived with loads of children and we missed our kids we left.

But...maybe if you go it'll be nicer? Who knows.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Everyone's had it!!!


Everyone is a politician these days.

Had lunch with old colleagues just now. The cab driver was asking me what I thought of the swearing incident, I said - PUHLEESE- no comment boleh tak.

But before i say no comment- this is my comment- dear Saiful...whether or not this happened to you..could you not have the common sense and brain cells to keep it private- why on earth did you let the press be there..why must you allow this situation to happen?

And tv stations...and newspapers...what the heck is wrong with you guys that this swearing thing is reported and is big news?? So bloody what lah if this happened..tak malu ke.

or in Malay:


the cab driver kata..our media yang report sapa suruh. Tak malunye...last last bangsa kita aib and ugama kita yang aib...alamak... And the cab driver said- I no longer watch TV and read papers...and I tell my kids to just switch off the tv!!

Ni dia...apa you nak kata...

pergi lah report on say, poverty ke, corruption ke...apa ke....kalau takda poverty macamana program Bersamamu tu boleh buat cerita...kan kan?

Ni hari hari bagi space to this STupid embarassing story. Dahlah tu.....dahlah tu!

The Hair

My son came to me and said "I don't like your short hair".

I recently cut my hair you see. One lunch hour I found out that there is a decent hairsalon on the 2nd floor of where I worked, so I tried it. The 58 year old youthful auntie was told- just get rid of this floppy hairstyle that I have which made me feel age.

Anyways she chopped , and she lobbed, and she cut and she made comments , and then lo and behold! I look just like her.

I now have short,layered hair which remind me of myself when I was 16. Except now, I am no where NEAR 16 lah.

So anyway the husband said, in his usual myopic way (or rather, anything not to piss my wife off) hahahah- said "your hair is nice" (when I asked him what do you think of my hair. When I put the question to my partner at work, he said- er...does your husband know about this? Hahahaha..gee thanks! :-))

Back to Jojo...he said I don't like you with short hair. You must promise me never to cut your hair again. I don't think it looks nice.

Waaahhh at 6 and allready an MCP , boleh ada preference ek?

So..instead of looking like Victoria Posh...I look like the ah-so who cut my hair..hee heee

the plus side dries in under 5mins!

the minus side makes you look like a boy! An Ugly boy!

hee hee- good thing hair grows.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Plug for Scrapbooking

My very good friends Shamm and May have set up an online store on SCRAPBOOKING:

They have LOADS of nice stuff from the States..Ok i nak cakap banyak-banyak I tak reti so just go and see them at:

Please go and visit them!!

Dilemmas dan ituini

Ok a couple of dilemmas (yang buat sendiri)- One of them is a "grownup" issue tutup mata, pi buat homework...!

1. I feel reaaaaaalllly guilty when a former client called me up and wanted me to do their work. Is this ok? I have this STRONG URGE to call my former bosses and ask for permission or approval -Can't help feeling guilty. Anyway there is enough work for everyone out there right...By the way I did not let any client of mine know that I was leaving for new pastures, you know - takut they ikut. But if they call me? Do I tell former bosses?

2. This coming month I need to decide on what to do re: number of children. Do we want one more? is FIVE not enough?? Whatever it is , I am so NOT going to continue with current IUD thingy. It was so PAINFUL to put it in the last time- I was yelping and yelling! Apparently I was such a multibirth person that things in there got a bit er..tough. Anyway hubby mentioned the SNIP -or the BTL- ie the ligation thingy. Both options involve cutting you up...eeeee..takut lah. (nama je husbnd surgeon ek?) But the alternative is - what??? Injection? (eeeee takut)

I know! Abstinence ! hahahahahahaha...

Ok ok....Some snippets:

We went to watch Wall-E yesterday. Depressing nye...for me. as it depicted an earth that was full of trash and nonlivable and no trees and no rivers- semua dah polluted. Very possible.

Nadine dapat Breaking Dawn from Auntie Amy...yay Auntie Amy. I pun suka gak baca buku lovestory vampire and schoolgirl tu. the way dia describe Edward Mullen tu, macam laaaa Greek God.

Oh yeah dulu I used to think greek men are goodloooking - until we actually met a few. Yang we met lah cute..Miyut ada lah ...!

My Sudincousins (dad's side) are talking about cleaning up the pool at the rumah kampung in Rombau. Apparently the cousins, me included, tak balik so takda orang jaga rumput pun dah panjang etc. Pool dah ada satu layer algae katanye..Uncle uncle dah threaten nak kambus balik. Eh janganler. Planning to spend the 2nd and 3rd Raya at the kampung - memang dari kecik I used to spend 2nd raya there ...dah kawin ni ada routine - 1st day at my house, then the 2nd, 3rd,4th etc with in laws. I have not been back to Kampung Rombau for raya for the last long ago wwere we married? Er..this time kena tukar sikit lah...Husband kata kita spend puasa and 1st Raya lah kat Kluang- nasib baik dia tak laaaahhh cerewet....

My Hamzahcousins (mom's side) pulak hopefully getogether this Saturday- tahlil arwah. Malam tu wedding - my husband's relatives from his atuk jantun (his mom's dad) side. he does not know them, actually so he's looking forward to it.

And we should go and visit MakDah since her stroke (his dad's sister)...

Nilah dia , duduk kat malaysia you are surrounded by family! I think we are lucky although yes, very penat sometimes to fulfil the commitments. Tapi's nice


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Langkawi trek...

So we are now back from Langkawi

Never drive if you are going to be there for less than a week. I am still recovering from it, and I wasn't even the driver!

The drive to Sg Petani (where we spent the night -thanks Mak Ngah) and then further to Kuala Perlis , was very scenic indeed- green and yellow paddy fields as far as the eye can see, against the backdrop of rolling hills...very beautiful. But it ain't near, ok, and 9 ppl in my trustee Serena, with bags, cushions, quilts, food, etc- we were crammed to the hilt.

Anyway, we broke the journey on Thursday night (or rather, friday early morning). Of course, the plus side was my MakNgah fed us verrry well...I was still munching on her karipap 2 days later (mom insists it was still ok)

We broke for Friday prayers somewhere in Perlis. Then went for lunch at Kangar..where we discovered that

1. There are no Mc Ds in Perlis
2. There are 2 KFC, however.
3. Plus, adek beradek KFC, iaitu, Pizzahut, and Ayamas

then we caught the ferry- which involved dragging all the bags - I made all my children carry their own bags ok- each has one with their clothes (ok- Johan carrying only half of his clothes- the other half with me) - and also involved a lot of rushing.

Sampai je...we got on our Touareg - ahahaha..I wish! No we got on our Ford Spectron (which was lovely and BIG!!!!) and headed out to Sheraton Langkawi

If we had not stayed at Berjaya Langkawi resort before we would have been more enthralled with the place. The resort was set among lush rainforest, and there are hills and slopes everywhere and it sloped towards the sea, and was rather fancy. But!! Big turn off for us and my poor dad's knees-you have to get a van to send you to your room, ala Berjaya Langkawi lah.

No need to go to the gym as the entire resort is an obstacle course.

Anyway makan at Cocobeach -very near the airport- and by the beach. Good food except the babykailan ikan masin looked suspiciously like kubis and udang. And ikan jenahak dia maaaacam ikan siakap.

Next day hubby's talk- suited up, he left the room in the early hours of the morning. I was awake , having been kicked by Johan. Talk was fine, he said, and we all went off to Kuah by 5 . Siang tu, pi buffet breakfast - ada ke makan grilled beef for breakkie...nangis my trainer karang.
then, pi pool. Dad was hungry but refused to eat at the hotel- too expensive kata dia- ye lah,. as a Malaysian would you pay RM37 for nasi goreng...? I would but then my mom said I have no qualms spending (wasting, she said) money on stuff like food, hotels, travel etc, but I balk at paying for say- baju or furniture or other material things. She is absolutely right. I am a totally kedekut person when it comes to my own stuff but I will spend happily for things like hotels and spas and restaurants!

So we all went to look for food and also sudumudu and pinggan mangkuk at Kuah..Haji Ismail Group - the famous duty free shop. I told mom- Ikea lagi lawa lah I do not want to lug around my Correlle back on the ferry- so no thanks, next time je lah I beli. But they ARE cheap, you know.

The Sunday...we all went for breakfast, rushed to go to the pool- and the beach...and then rushed to pack and rushed to go to the ferry and rushed to reach home before midnight..we failed on that part as we arrived at 2 a.m.


Thursday, August 14, 2008


Hi are you....

I was online with a friend in Trinidad ..she was in Shrewsbury when we were stationed there- she had a daughter around Nadine's age . When I was about to deliver Sara, her husband was supposed to give us a lift (our car was then in a workshop) but at the last minute even his car couldn't start...batteries died.

So anyway this girl was telling me, that now she is going through divorce proceedings! That was a surprise ! I thought the marriage was extra solid. There was "family inteference". ie other people not happy that they are happy.

Another friend told me just now that she is standing by her husband who has secretly married a 20 year old. Another rock solid marriage shaken to the core. (but hopefully still standing...)

Kittens are now at the vet and staying there over the weekend. Semalam they freaked the maid out as one of them vomitted spaghetti-like worms. Yuckss. I checked it on google and it turned out that its quite common for kittens to have worms- in this case, roundworms! So off they went. they also have fleas. and conjunctivitis. Poor kittties your parents don't take care of you ye...

It's rather fun to watch them play you know. One of them would be sleeping and the other would all of a sudden , pounce on the sleeping cat. And they would tumble around etc.They also sleep by the window and on each other- it can be adorable.

Johan is at home. He has a class visit to Sunway petting zoo and he did not want to go because it's hot and it's itchy. Aaahhh ,my son. He told me he did not want to go so I did not give the RM35 and now he's telling me "anyway I can't go , because you haven't paid, mummy"


Going to Langkawi today. After work. Dad and Mom supposed to come and now dad telling me he thought we were leaving tomorrow after Jumaat and he does not want to go if we leave today. I am torn between going "ok" and "Jom lah babaaaahhhh"... I know mom wants to come along. My parents in law have gone back to Kluang . My sis in law and family will also be in Langkawi attending a wedding. I hope dad follows.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Itu Ini

I am in the office alone.....there's our staff out there, two very accommodating and pleasant girls, and me. And some guys doing some drilling. Mypartner has gone out to see a client....Baliklah cepat ..boring ler takda member nak borak.(tengok tu semangat kekerjaan I)

Today is my one month here. So far its been fun. We have been meeting quite a lot of people. Insyallah ada lah rezeki tu. Some people have been nice. Some people act as if I am asking for a kidney from them, or other vital organs....these same ppl have no qualms asking for (free) medical advice from hubby, tapinye. Tu we know who our friends are kan.. Hubby wants me to make the firm a million bucks. OK! Insyallah! Heh heh..

Anyway got not much idea to blog about...the personal training is going ok I guess...the kids are also involved. ie they comment that daddy's tummy is soo big. Hubby is doing lunges after praying etc obsessed. Geram sebab gained 600g, - eh ye ke ?? (Lupa pasal melantak kat wedding eh)

Also- Abah mertua is leaving for umrah on the 5th September- from JB. They are here with us but its so hard to get them to stay too long! Ada je lah excusenya..orang ni kawin lah orang tu cukur jambul lah....

On the subject of cukur jambul (!- you'll figure it out), met with Mas my sis in law over the weekend -her sister got married and we miraculously made it! "Miraculously" I say because we had another wedding on the same night- so we cut short that wedding, went off to her sister's, said our bye bye, then rushed back to the first wedding (my neighbour jugak tu)- Phew!! thinking of taking her out for dinner when she is free. Biler tu? She is supposed to call me. Tapi kalau tak sempat takpa...I takkan drama minggu ini, this time...he he...(she says)

Going off to Langkawi this Thursday. Driving as cannot bring self to pay over RM3000 just for a 2 hour flight to Langkawi (7 of us kan)...anyway nice to drive as can drop by auntie Makngah's place in Sg. petani..This time round I will remember to buy your placemats ok Makngah... (last time tak shopping ler)

Bar council vs public..Eh I also risau if we cannot discuss things calmly. Although sometimes malu nak mengaku member of BarCouncil- the statements they come up with!! Never lah get consensus of the whole member before suka suka issue press statements. Enko ingat dah bagus lah tu, agaknye? elok bebenor lah tu ye?

But on this case, I have to agree that we need to resolve the issue..... I think the bar council is saying that whatever you want to say or do, takkan nak ignore the family of those who have converted and not tell their families. And then they go and die. So inconsiderate . Camni lah, how about we eliminate the problem. We make sure everytime someone converts, he gets an advertisement in the paper that he has done so. So orang tak yah lah tertanya tanya. How about that?

Ok till next (boring) post.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Neighbourhood Spirit

The nextdoor neighbour had a wedding yesterday. Being the immediate neighbour, we couldn't just turn up at the wedding itself and then go home, right. So night before nikah, we went over and stayed on till 11 pm just doing nothing and looking for things to do. Since everything has been bought and pre-prepared, there was no onions for me to help peel, or meat I can help slice or rendang I can help stir. I think when the girls get married I'll do it kampung style and that means not just having goats etc or a fake kampung, I mean, everyone helping and pitching in. I hear in Melawati there are areas where they have a kawin committee, where they cook everythng themselves, and the committee members help serve and entertain guests and they all wear the same uniforms.

In this day and age, everyone is busy and hardly has the time to get to know the neighbours. For all my fancy talk I myself do not know half the neighbours around here. Well, that was remedied the night of the Nikah - everyone has met my husband of course, but the wife they rarely see....Since I was sooo er...talkative , it was hard for them to understand why I never make myself seen...Sebenarnya even though I love the team work and community spirit etc, I am very lazy to go visit ppl for no reason and stay to chat for a long time etc etc...hubby feels the same way and he rarely joins the borakborak session at the wakaf that the guys do.

So now I know my neighbourhood is full of datins*datoks*puansris*tansris ...and us and five kids and eight cats.

back to the neighbour's wedding, two tents were erected on our compound and on the other next door neighbour's compound...which actually worked well~! It was quite fun - I was neither guest nor was I orang rumah (host) so I could go when I had to and come and sebok distribute the bunga telor if they are shorthanded. Weddings at home is so meriah, kan.

Today is cleaning up day ...will go over in a short while to offer (surrender) self.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Apa nak jadi

Apa nak jadi

Sampai bila kita nak begini

Apa nak jadi

Apa nak jadi

Kes liwat lagi penting dari ekonomi

(to be sung to the tune of "Apa dah jadi" by TanSriSM Salim)

Entah lah - baca paper ni...drama minggu ini betol!! Sapa yg betul sapa yang salah...sapa yang corrupt ni and sapa yang bersih. 60 year old man liwatting a young man who is neither blind nor deaf nor crippled - ??

Whatever you want to say abt cannot blame ONE Man for all the excesses discovered and you have to give him SOME credit for creating an environment where things are definitely MORE transparent now and people can accuse others of this corruption or that corruption (I always suspect the accusation comes usually because the accuser did not get what he wants so he like, take revenge lah) ..Not as transparent as before, but certainly I dont think we'd get to hear so many juicy stories in the previous years. Paklah tak lak punish orang sini sana? Cool je tak lah selembik as ppl say. If he is very soft, can he still stand and give speeches here there and defend his post. He is saying- OI!! Concentrate on the economy ler.....

Im not a PakLah supporter either but I think ppl are not being totally fair when they bash this poor man.

And MEDIA- ACT RESPONSIBY PLEASE AND STOP BEING A 10 SEN SENSATIONAL PAPER!! I dah nak muntahhhhhhhh baca the worthless news of who said what and what did what to who..I don't believe our news anymore. the facts are there but the facts are reported according to what the paper is pushing or whose ideology the paper is promoting. So what is the truth??

And to those outthere-- not everything in the blog is true. Or untrue. Gunakan lah your own judgement (jangan jadik pak turut woiiiittt) TOLOOOONGGLAH.

And to those who leave comments ntah hapa hapa on the blogs- apa hal guna bahasa tak elok ni? Kalau pandai pakai computer pandailah guna bahasa manis sikit..Sikit punya "Kurang...." je tau.

And to those Malaysianpoliticiansarecrap group- apa nak buat...we learn from the West. Always remember that...mana lagi you nak lari ah.....

The end...


Sara and Sophia are down with fever at home.

Sophia on Monday came out of her room in the morning holding her head and saying that it hurts. and her throat hurts. She said she wished she can put her hand in her throat and pull the hurt thing out. So Monday and Tuesday she was off school. Wednesday she went but last night she was coughing again and today she again came out in the morning, fresh out of the shower , clutching her head and complaining of her headache. So off again. me sighing as I don't know whether she is pulling a fast one on us or genuinely unwell. But her cough is quite bad so I think let her rest lah . But mummy dah JEGIL mata and ordered them to rest and read books and NO PS2 or INTERNET.

I say "Them" because yesterday and today SARA is also off from school. Semalam Sara ALSO said she has a mega headache and sore throat. She stayed home but mom in law came out and saw her playing PS 2 and asked her- Eh Sara how come you tak pergi sekolah? You dont look sick! Ohoooo ponteng ye..." Heh heh..

Sara kalau sakit verrry pitiful. Anak I tu dah lah sebesar one of my thighs - bila demam laagi lah kurus. And she'd be going everywhere with such a long face. this morning both Sophia and Sara had such "kesiankami" expressions.

Oh well....never mind lah..let them stay home even though half of me suspect its not bad enough to keep them at home. there is a bad case of flu/cough and cold going around anyway and let's not take any chances with our kids.

We are just bracing ourselves for when Nadine, Johan and Dahlia pulak.....hope not!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

How lar to lose weight ni....

I really don't mind exercising, but the food the food the food!Semalam makan quiche kat Delifrance (takeaway je maaa) and then today makan fishball at 711 and then tadi pi jumpa client terus berenti makan kebab...laaah DOF+1 has threatened to tell Kash that its all my fault, and has cursed that I be given another one extra kg - gee, thanks. I will now try to eat IN the office like him and the other staff. Tapi I nak jalan jalan lah cuci mata, tengok orang, etc etc? How? Ok ok lah I will buy HER*BAL*IFE- ada sapa-sapa nak jual?? So now instead of Kebab and er- baskin robbins (sikit je), I can have a drink of I dontknowwhat for lunch .

Parents in law are here! Yay! As usual this daughterinlaw misali (not) will cook in the morning whenever her inlaws are around walaupun selalunye makan cereal dan roti je. Today masak nasi goreng cina with green, red and yellow peppers, and asam masak pedas. (tapi tak makan pedas so husband kena taste lah) -

Kids are ok...I bought kain 15 metre semalam all the same type for baju raya purposes. Actually mulanye plan nak pakai satu colour but kain lain lain ...boring lah sedondon macam Boria sg pinang je . Tapi that would mean getting five different types of material...lecehlah pulak.

Shopping with my husband is nooo fun as he is more of a shopper than me.

Eh dah time to go back ler...will post later.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Saturday GoingOns

Yesterday Saturday we all woke up early and went "cycling" nearby. I don't usually follow but times are-a changing and I am determined not to miss out on the kids' fun I went. I should have stayed home. I was yelling at them all the time to get off the main road, get further in, not so fast, not so behind, etc etc. I bet they also wished that I was home! hubby was happy walking behind them as the kids cycle beyond both our sights. Cars are fast ok? Usually when driven by young men!

We also stopped by a playground- again me yelling as my husband pushed them on the swing dangerously high and fast. I'm turning into my mom- I see danger everywhere. Eh when I was younger, I once was hit by a boy on a swing (Roger Woo- Dr Roger now) and I fainted ok. So there is basis in my fear...!

I had forgotten how much fun a playground is..I pun naik see saw- although to balance my weight all FIVE of my kids have to sit on the other side (sob!!) We found a dried coconut palm (is that what they call pelepah kelapa?) and I dragged the kids on it - like in LAT's "Kampung Boy".

Then, I went to the Gym for some "Aerodance"- one hour of "masala" dance routine... mak oi...nak pengsan I...gelek lah, angkat kaki lah, henjut henjut ler...the women there were so cool and dressed so well. Good lah, berjurai peluh. Now whenever I walk my knees click. Are they supposed to do that?

Hubby was on call so soon he had to go to the Hospital - tsk. this is his 3rd week running ok. Can I moan? Of course ler I know its his job, and of course we do get him when he comes back but its a pain gak when you know his mind is not with the family and he is on the phone 247. Kan kan kan?? Its been fifteen years but I still moan kan.

So the kids, stuck at home, had to do one hour of studying ler with me. They were lounging upstairs, watching tv, playing computer games, playing ps2, anything but belajar. Sophia , the minute I said go do your homework terus ngantuk and want to have a "nap". (today "demam")

Dahlia took her homework and was doing it when all of a sudden she said "Oh Shaitan is disturbing me."

"why, Dahlia?"

"It's making me sleepy...."

Oklah, go and sleepp...after all they got up at 6 am..nak cycle punya pasal.

Later I asked you think I am too garang (strict?)

He said yes. "You should control your temper mummy, just like you tell daddy to do"

I was totally gobsmacked. He was listening ke, when I was giving a ceramah to daddy on anger management- "Should I Johan, have I ever lost my temper then? Like how?"

"Like when you ask us to go mandi and you say "GO GO GO GO NOOOOOWWWW!!"

"Ok, then how should I ask you then?"

"you should say- "Can you all go and mandi please?" he said.

"But, " I asked him back " what if you don't listen?"

"Then, you should say it louder"

"But what if you STILL don't do it?"

He thought for a while and then he said "You should do this!" Then he smacked me.

See...I'm getting parenting lessons from my 6 year old.

What to do... THAT's what Scrapping means....

So now I finally know what the heck scrapbooking is. Yesterday went with FTM to see madam Nadhrah Maidin at her home and shop, SCRAPPING GLITZ....

Now I have always loved paper and art stuff, I used to buy loads of coloured papers and drool at the ArtShop inside central market...(Minahsongeh and I used to spend loads of time lepakking there - routine also include buying asam there).. but then I would never know what to do with all these paper and art stuff. I used to make greeting cards etc.

But now I can also SCRAPBOOK! Loads of pretty stuff and nice artsystuff you can buy - stuff to glue on, stuff to paste, stuff to rub on, all on verrryy nice decorate pictures . You can make albums , books, frames etc etc.

The only drawback is that - it costs a bit lah..

Now planning to start scrapbooking lessons for kids. if husband kasi ler.

Friday, August 01, 2008

the Road to Fitness

You know both husband and I have signed up for THIRTY sessions of personal training right..we had that hell of a trial which apparently was "very mild" , and today we went for an "Assessment".

That was interesting! I first had to be measured and weighed, then I had to go on to the crosscountry thingy and make my heartbeat go up to 137 and after that, I had to rest (that was nice....) and then I had to pull a lot of weights using my shoulders, arms and legs.

Hubby had to do the same too.

This is what we discovered:

1. We both have very high visceral fat (11 for me and 12 for hubby) ie the risk of heart attacks are higher.

2. I am heavier than I thought (Sixty blardie five kilo- I swear this machine is broken)

3. My shoulders are strong but my arms are weak

4. My left thigh is smaller than the right one (? How come?)

5. My thighs are as big as my husband's!!! (That's a reallllll killer that) - he was snickering all the way..

6. I may well strangle my spouse at the end of the thirty sessions (he was joking about my waist and hips)

7. Oh yeah- my waist and hips elicited an " must reduce the rice" comment from the trainer, (Can- I-have- your) Cash.

Other than heart rest rate is better than hubby- after the exercise, from rate of 137 in three minutes it went back (give or take a few beats) to 78 (rest rate is 72). My husband - from 143 to 84 (rest rate was also 72)

BMI high side...level 1 and 2 obese ok!!!!

After that , he told us what all of that meant- ie not too bad (for beginners who never exercise) some people would faint or feel dizzy on their first day (we weren't that far off, believe you me) - and for us to come every Monday and Wednesday 8-9! (this would mean going in to the office by 9.45,we hope)

Hubby will be "worked" and "pushed" , Cash said, and he aims to make hubby lose 9 cm from the waist...Okkkkk.. sudah bagus.. he has to get new pants, he moaned. I'd love to go get new pants!

I don't feel so bad today...maybe we can do this , eh. Get that visceral fat thinggy down.

(tapi.....Balik terus pi beli roti canai...shhhhhh)

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...