Blasted and Darn it

I was planning a romantic get away.

I was thinking of somewhere beachy.
I wanted a day when I can frolic in the sea, untroubled by the whereabouts of my children, free from worrying whether they are going to drown or whether the current is too strong or whether they are going to get sunstroke and free from having to constantly head-count my kids. I wanted to lepak in the room, order room service, eat on the bed and not worry about crumbs or bugs - I wanted to go to the breakfast buffet and not having to think about smuggling out a bun for "later". Yes, we do that. Sorry, I do that.

So I thought Eastern Pavillion Cerating.
Hubby poured water on this plan - he is on call. He said just plan for KL ...So I thought of Shangri La. all that is moot..because of this:

So much for romantic getaway.

Heh heh heh....


wanshana said…
I feel for you. Takziah... (Hehehehe!)

I say, cannot postpone romantic getaway another week ke? Puasa only during daytime what.... ;)
hi shana...good idea.... !
tapi..pakcik tu sure taknak miss terawih hehehe. kalau tak on call sokmo. sebab nak cuti panjang raya,he said.

part of nak pi cuti sans kids is sebab rasa tak puasnye rushing pi langkawi haritu. mandi laut ada lah 20 minit nak lah try leisure lak...of course, other fringe benefits apply..heh heh...
Anonymous said…
Shila, maybe you should consider the pill (kalau tak nak baby lagi la..). I pun baru switched to the pills a few months ago. Menses become very predictable and lighter. Kalau takut lupa, pasang alarm kat handphone.

aida yurani said…
Kesian along.... boo hoo hoo.
Hehehehehe, nak gelak kita baca ni.
Hi Jah

U know i think im going to go for that! the pill I mean. which brand is good?

terpaksalah disiplinkan diri though..
Hi Aida,

whatcha doing this weekend?
suria said…
Yelah shila..I forever feeling so penat everytime gi holiday with the children.One time kat penang since hubby kerja kat situ I was left to jaga the children.Imagine satu mata tengok deep pool satu mata tengok children pool and badan with the baby.Exhausted betul.Walaupun the two boys tu memang pandai berenang I am still worried for them.
hi chu- how are you lah. Macam mana nak enjoy kan macam tu kan? The kids mana tau takut betol tak.. And in the water anything can happen.
Fadzila said…
tapi pill bole buat kita crave for food... my advise..JANGAN.. nanti jadi like me..asik nak makan2 aja... the effect not masa u are on pills tapi after stop makan pills...
hi fadzilla..oh ye ke? Alamak i am "sehat" enuff as it is! ;- )
hi fadzilla..oh ye ke? Alamak i am "sehat" enuff as it is! ;- )
MrsNordin said…
Ha! Ha! That's what happened when you planned too much!

But what Shana said is true. Puasa only during day time, what? You can still order room service for sahur, then sleep in sampai 12 noon. Then check out. Best nya!
hi MrsN

Yaaa sounds divine..but kena tunggu lepas raya lah sebab tak sampai hati nak tinggal the kids yang berposa ni...

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