Dilemmas dan ituini

Ok a couple of dilemmas (yang buat sendiri)- One of them is a "grownup" issue ok...kids tutup mata, pi buat homework...!

1. I feel reaaaaaalllly guilty when a former client called me up and wanted me to do their work. Is this ok? I have this STRONG URGE to call my former bosses and ask for permission or approval -Can't help feeling guilty. Anyway there is enough work for everyone out there right...By the way I did not let any client of mine know that I was leaving for new pastures, you know - takut they ikut. But if they call me? Do I tell former bosses?

2. This coming month I need to decide on what to do re: number of children. Do we want one more? is FIVE not enough?? Whatever it is , I am so NOT going to continue with current IUD thingy. It was so PAINFUL to put it in the last time- I was yelping and yelling! Apparently I was such a multibirth person that things in there got a bit er..tough. Anyway hubby mentioned the SNIP -or the BTL- ie the ligation thingy. Both options involve cutting you up...eeeee..takut lah. (nama je husbnd surgeon ek?) But the alternative is - what??? Injection? (eeeee takut)

I know! Abstinence ! hahahahahahaha...

Ok ok....Some snippets:

We went to watch Wall-E yesterday. Depressing nye...for me. as it depicted an earth that was full of trash and nonlivable and no trees and no rivers- semua dah polluted. Very possible.

Nadine dapat Breaking Dawn from Auntie Amy...yay Auntie Amy. I pun suka gak baca buku lovestory vampire and schoolgirl tu. the way dia describe Edward Mullen tu, macam laaaa Greek God.

Oh yeah dulu I used to think greek men are goodloooking - until we actually met a few. Yang we met tu..er....tak lah cute..Miyut ada lah ...!

My Sudincousins (dad's side) are talking about cleaning up the pool at the rumah kampung in Rombau. Apparently the cousins, me included, tak balik so takda orang jaga rumput pun dah panjang etc. Pool dah ada satu layer algae katanye..Uncle uncle dah threaten nak kambus balik. Eh janganler. Planning to spend the 2nd and 3rd Raya at the kampung - memang dari kecik I used to spend 2nd raya there ...dah kawin ni ada routine - 1st day at my house, then the 2nd, 3rd,4th etc with in laws. I have not been back to Kampung Rombau for raya for the last er..how long ago wwere we married? Er..this time kena tukar sikit lah...Husband kata kita spend puasa and 1st Raya lah kat Kluang- nasib baik dia tak laaaahhh cerewet....

My Hamzahcousins (mom's side) pulak hopefully getogether this Saturday- tahlil arwah. Malam tu wedding - my husband's relatives from his atuk jantun (his mom's dad) side. he does not know them, actually so he's looking forward to it.

And we should go and visit MakDah since her stroke (his dad's sister)...

Nilah dia , duduk kat malaysia you are surrounded by family! I think we are lucky although yes, very penat sometimes to fulfil the commitments. Tapi ...it's nice



Anonymous said…

1. Okaylah tu, bukannya u steal the client, depa yg cari u..

2. I know 2 people who got pregnant while on IUD...

hi jah

1. Betul...

2. On IUD pun pregnant- I have to take it out by end of this month..what next?
Madam Tai Tai said…
SW, try taking the pill. My gynae said that besides it being an OCP it can also prevent cancer of the uterus.

I had IUD for 2 terms soon after Haris' birth. The first term (3 years) was ok, but the second one didn't agree with me lah. Selalu betul dapat v infection. I had to take it after 1.5 years.

Now I'm on the Pill for the last 8 years. Ok aje...badan pun alhamdullilah tak naik. Just jgn lupa to take lah everyday for 21 days. Kalau lupa...ooopss..the result you will get in 9mths time!
aida yurani said…
adding one more? Ok jugak? a brother for Johan to play/fight with?

Hehehehe. I see you Saturday, I hope.

good idea..dontknow why never thought of it....but i ni pelupa...
aida..what you think abt adopting

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