Thursday, August 07, 2008


Sara and Sophia are down with fever at home.

Sophia on Monday came out of her room in the morning holding her head and saying that it hurts. and her throat hurts. She said she wished she can put her hand in her throat and pull the hurt thing out. So Monday and Tuesday she was off school. Wednesday she went but last night she was coughing again and today she again came out in the morning, fresh out of the shower , clutching her head and complaining of her headache. So off again. me sighing as I don't know whether she is pulling a fast one on us or genuinely unwell. But her cough is quite bad so I think let her rest lah . But mummy dah JEGIL mata and ordered them to rest and read books and NO PS2 or INTERNET.

I say "Them" because yesterday and today SARA is also off from school. Semalam Sara ALSO said she has a mega headache and sore throat. She stayed home but mom in law came out and saw her playing PS 2 and asked her- Eh Sara how come you tak pergi sekolah? You dont look sick! Ohoooo ponteng ye..." Heh heh..

Sara kalau sakit verrry pitiful. Anak I tu dah lah sebesar one of my thighs - bila demam laagi lah kurus. And she'd be going everywhere with such a long face. this morning both Sophia and Sara had such "kesiankami" expressions.

Oh well....never mind lah..let them stay home even though half of me suspect its not bad enough to keep them at home. there is a bad case of flu/cough and cold going around anyway and let's not take any chances with our kids.

We are just bracing ourselves for when Nadine, Johan and Dahlia pulak.....hope not!

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