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Good morning!

This morning we sent kids to school and I was the first to open the office - which makes a change since I'm usually the last to arrive. heh heh..taken to this flexibility thingy like duck to water I tell you! Sophia since she's a prefect she is so jittery about time. Usually the one who holds everyone up would be the eldest sister. She has to wait until she hears the beep of the van before she comes down or puts on her scarf etc. But Sophia was nagging us all the way to school to hurry. I like sending them personally, but hubby said can't rely on our time so he insists on the van.

Kids have taken to sleeping with us again these days. It's been a while since Sophia's hands have to rub my tummy- a habit she used to have before she can sleep. Of course, the father slept downstairs on the chair, then upstairs on the sofa, then finally in the room. I could not sleep lah. I kept waiting for the news- who won? AI or AS? Of course, today I found out that AI menang...

So begins another chapter in a year of major surprises , to have AI in parliament - a personal vendetta? a good thing for the country? A self centred self interested opportunistic manipulative man or a hero for democracy? If I was the PM I would immediately elect him my Health Minister or something- he can't topple me from within can he? or does he want the DPM post? I wonder what the scene is at the PM's home:

PM: For God's sake Najib stop calling me allready lah! I know lah he won- biasa lah! tempat dia pun kan.
Najib: But PM! Think what this means for the party!
PM: No, thank you. You think what this means. I have to go open an exhibition.

Jeanne: Hi zizah- ni I want to say congratulations
Zizah: Oh terimakasihlah..hai, selagi tak menang I tak dapat laaah any peace. Bila nak resign my post, bila nak resign, hari hari hanyang I- hah nak ambik kau. Biaq puas hati aku.
Jeanne: Hahaha- I know what you mean (er I don't actually)- anyway apa apa pun, datanglah rumah nanti noooo? Biaq lah the men merepek hai depa.
Zizah: eh mestilah I nak kena tengok kain you yang you juai tu kan??

Sorry think??Hehehehe..gurau gurau je ok (sebelum I masuk jail)



MrsNordin said…
Haa! Haa! Haa! This is so funny! Eh, bila pulak Jeanne jadi orang Penang?? :)

The best part: "YOU think what this means. I have to go open an exhibition". Hee.. hee...
Hee hee Mrs N- you like?

Entah lah I think she is ...portugese kan? Oh well everyone who speaks to a penangite will automatically get their slang! Happens to me aall the time!

Thanks again for the coffee!
Anonymous said…
Good one, you! Laughed my head off.

fulltime mom
wanshana said…

That's so funny, Shila!

I like part juai kain... which MIGHT materialize soon, if laki dia kena bungkuih tikaq kat Parlimen?! Good thing? Bad thing? I really don't know... Sigh..
Lan0stZz said…
hahahah good one kak shila! was laughing my heads off here in the office. need more plz and we'll bail u outta jail no worries ;p
MRSHUSiN said…
kak long, kak long, u should become a part time stand up comedian lah! but in this country! mau kena sumbat masuk ISA!

hahaha... u just made my day kak long!
i agree with MrsNordin, the best part was "YOU think what this means. I have to go open an exhibition". i noticed that of our PM too! :D
Hi FTM-thanks- im sure they'll get me soon, heh heh

that would be a shame..he looks like a nice guy, kan?

He he if i was Azizah that would be how I feel!
Lana- he heh cannot resist lah. sure najib tengah panic..what is happening in HIS household i wonder?? Rosmah going:"TULAH YOU!! I kata LETUP bukan LIWAT! Your idea liwat ni hah tak jadi langsung!!! Kan dah! Hah now go and see if he wants a deputy"

Mintak maaf puannnnn sriiii
Hi Izan
if it were not for fear of rejection,memang dah go onstage.

sigh..lets hope we remain ok , as a country. Orang luar tunggu je tengok kita chaotic etc . We have to remain strong as a nation.
Madam Tai Tai said…
SW, memang hilarious! I second what everyone has posted here - be a part-time standup comedian!
Anonymous said…
You memang kelakar Shila..ada class..

People in my ofis are looking forward to having a new PM real soon..

aida yurani said…
Hahahahaha, kelakar betul kaklong! I gelak kuat kat ofc ni baca posting and the comments!

Thanks for keropok leko & milo last night.
You are soooo funny..Nanti I lawat u kat jail.hahaha...
RoyalShoppingArcade- hi! Yah, jangan lupa bawak barang you tau he he
Ish you ni memang shopaholic la..dah masuk jail pun sibuk nak shopping.hahahhahaha, eh, but on second thought, u should appear fashionable (by wearing my collection of clothes, of course), so that judge kesian kat u.hahahahha

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