How lar to lose weight ni....

I really don't mind exercising, but the food the food the food!Semalam makan quiche kat Delifrance (takeaway je maaa) and then today makan fishball at 711 and then tadi pi jumpa client terus berenti makan kebab...laaah DOF+1 has threatened to tell Kash that its all my fault, and has cursed that I be given another one extra kg - gee, thanks. I will now try to eat IN the office like him and the other staff. Tapi I nak jalan jalan lah cuci mata, tengok orang, etc etc? How? Ok ok lah I will buy HER*BAL*IFE- ada sapa-sapa nak jual?? So now instead of Kebab and er- baskin robbins (sikit je), I can have a drink of I dontknowwhat for lunch .

Parents in law are here! Yay! As usual this daughterinlaw misali (not) will cook in the morning whenever her inlaws are around walaupun selalunye makan cereal dan roti je. Today masak nasi goreng cina with green, red and yellow peppers, and asam masak pedas. (tapi tak makan pedas so husband kena taste lah) -

Kids are ok...I bought kain 15 metre semalam all the same type for baju raya purposes. Actually mulanye plan nak pakai satu colour but kain lain lain ...boring lah sedondon macam Boria sg pinang je . Tapi that would mean getting five different types of material...lecehlah pulak.

Shopping with my husband is nooo fun as he is more of a shopper than me.

Eh dah time to go back ler...will post later.


Helena said…
Hey.... I'm trying to loose weight too.... selera makan makin dasyat la....

sigh..... its lunch time now.... and I'm blog hopping..... kira okayla kan.... hehe
aida yurani said…
kaklong : herbalife tu macam you amik semua other slimming products, and it is quite expensive. Dari along buang2 duit, baik along pegi ja exercise and kurang kan makan. You still eat, tapi kasi kurang lah. Kurang itu nasi, kurang itu chocolate, kurang itu ice cream, kurang itu makanan berlemak, ada boleh ke? Hehehehe.

(Yang masih tidak-tidak kurus!)
Hi Helena

OK Lah tu,bloghopping is zero calorie unless you go to the blogs of orang pandai masak or restaurant reviewers ..sure naik xx kilo just looking at the food! are losing weight..but you need to be chekal and not lose motivation..(ehwahhhh macam kita pandai lak)

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