Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Itu Ini

I am in the office alone.....there's our staff out there, two very accommodating and pleasant girls, and me. And some guys doing some drilling. Mypartner has gone out to see a client....Baliklah cepat ..boring ler takda member nak borak.(tengok tu semangat kekerjaan I)

Today is my one month here. So far its been fun. We have been meeting quite a lot of people. Insyallah ada lah rezeki tu. Some people have been nice. Some people act as if I am asking for a kidney from them, or other vital organs....these same ppl have no qualms asking for (free) medical advice from hubby, tapinye. Tu lah..now we know who our friends are kan.. Hubby wants me to make the firm a million bucks. OK! Insyallah! Heh heh..

Anyway got not much idea to blog about...the personal training is going ok I guess...the kids are also involved. ie they comment that daddy's tummy is soo big. Hubby is doing lunges after praying etc hahahaha...so obsessed. Geram sebab gained 600g, - eh ye ke ?? (Lupa pasal melantak kat wedding eh)

Also- Abah mertua is leaving for umrah on the 5th September- from JB. They are here with us but its so hard to get them to stay too long! Ada je lah excusenya..orang ni kawin lah orang tu cukur jambul lah....

On the subject of cukur jambul (!- you'll figure it out), met with Mas my sis in law over the weekend -her sister got married and we miraculously made it! "Miraculously" I say because we had another wedding on the same night- so we cut short that wedding, went off to her sister's, said our bye bye, then rushed back to the first wedding (my neighbour jugak tu)- Phew!! thinking of taking her out for dinner when she is free. Biler tu? She is supposed to call me. Tapi kalau tak sempat takpa...I takkan drama minggu ini, this time...he he...(she says)

Going off to Langkawi this Thursday. Driving as cannot bring self to pay over RM3000 just for a 2 hour flight to Langkawi (7 of us kan)...anyway nice to drive as can drop by auntie Makngah's place in Sg. petani..This time round I will remember to buy your placemats ok Makngah... (last time tak shopping ler)

Bar council vs public..Eh I also risau if we cannot discuss things calmly. Although sometimes malu nak mengaku member of BarCouncil- the statements they come up with!! Never lah get consensus of the whole member before suka suka issue press statements. Enko ingat dah bagus lah tu, agaknye? elok bebenor lah tu ye?

But on this case, I have to agree that we need to resolve the issue..... I think the bar council is saying that whatever you want to say or do, takkan nak ignore the family of those who have converted and not tell their families. And then they go and die. So inconsiderate . Camni lah, how about we eliminate the problem. We make sure everytime someone converts, he gets an advertisement in the paper that he has done so. So orang tak yah lah tertanya tanya. How about that?

Ok till next (boring) post.


MrsNordin said...

Husband doing lunges after prayers? HA! HA! So bersemangat waja!

aida yurani said...

kak long : beli placemats for my mom? Dah ler tu, your aunty makngah banyak sangat barang2 kat rumah tu.

lepas makan, angkat saja pinggan letak kat dapur, heheheheh.

have fun dengar subject anak aunty M! Sure you kena investigate punya.

and, oh, jangan bagitau pasal project beli rumah tau!

I wish I boleh ponteng and join korang.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi J- ya waja!!! But if behind the trainer's back- 10 kali je lah. depan trainer- 30 kali....heh heh

Superwomanwannabe said...

aida...forgot about anak auntie M lah!! cepat..fillme in ok with the latest goss... nanti dia drill i dont have anything to say...

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