Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kids Update


is turning 13 this friday- yikes where has the time gone?? I can't believe that my little baby with her umbilical hernia and her one ingrowing toenail (sorry Nadine I'm embarrassing you but no one you know reads this right...) is now a young lady who is as tall as me! And of course I can't believe we are parents of a 13 year old...wow (yes its all about me)

Anyway generally I am happy with the way she has grown ..except that the procrastination gene has been inherited rather well...she postponed her homework until the day before school was supposed to start and of course earned a good "leteran" from me. Her dad had to rush to the printing shop to print her scrapbook on peribahasa....and it was a cool RM40 for the printing. Woww. tulis tangan je lah nadine.Anyway nowadays her homework consists of folios, scrapbooks etc...And she tells me all schools are doing this..ye ke? what happened to the good old writing in the excercise book?

Thinking of what to do for her birthday.She wants a shopping trip! Without her younger siblings! Ok lah...anyway Sophia has a prefect camp this weekend . Nadine goes to FRIM this Saturday with her school . I need to entertain the other 3. Sara is having a bad cough at the moment. This girl is skinnyyyyy...I think I'll go get the weightgain thingy again.

Dahlia - well , she played Monopoly with me and Johan the night before and was the banker. Boy was she boss-sayee!! And she kept nagging me to sell my Mayfair to her. And johan cried because he only had 2 pieces of notes left - only thing is the notes were $500 each. I only had a grand total of $340 as I got swept in the property market and kept buying everything I landed on. It was good - the last time I played Monopoly was about 18 years ago in my flat at Notts! (against husband and i remembered hating his competitiveness- nak gaduh je rasa)

Johan- semalam taknak gi sekolah as he said the teacher is mean. She threatened to stab kids' hands with a sharp pencil if they were naughty, he said. Ye ke?? sigh..and Ningseh tells me sometimes he comes back with buttons missing - got into a fight or his friend pushed him etc. Teacher said there are 16 boys in the class and they are rowdy..not my widdle johan , surely.

Oh well..so tu lah round-up minggu ini....Tata.

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