Apa nak jadi

Apa nak jadi

Sampai bila kita nak begini

Apa nak jadi

Apa nak jadi

Kes liwat lagi penting dari ekonomi

(to be sung to the tune of "Apa dah jadi" by TanSriSM Salim)

Entah lah - baca paper ni...drama minggu ini betol!! Sapa yg betul sapa yang salah...sapa yang corrupt ni and sapa yang bersih. 60 year old man liwatting a young man who is neither blind nor deaf nor crippled - ??

Whatever you want to say abt cannot blame ONE Man for all the excesses discovered and you have to give him SOME credit for creating an environment where things are definitely MORE transparent now and people can accuse others of this corruption or that corruption (I always suspect the accusation comes usually because the accuser did not get what he wants so he like, take revenge lah) ..Not as transparent as before, but certainly I dont think we'd get to hear so many juicy stories in the previous years. Paklah tak lak punish orang sini sana? Cool je tak lah selembik as ppl say. If he is very soft, can he still stand and give speeches here there and defend his post. He is saying- OI!! Concentrate on the economy ler.....

Im not a PakLah supporter either but I think ppl are not being totally fair when they bash this poor man.

And MEDIA- ACT RESPONSIBY PLEASE AND STOP BEING A 10 SEN SENSATIONAL PAPER!! I dah nak muntahhhhhhhh baca the worthless news of who said what and what did what to who..I don't believe our news anymore. the facts are there but the facts are reported according to what the paper is pushing or whose ideology the paper is promoting. So what is the truth??

And to those outthere-- not everything in the blog is true. Or untrue. Gunakan lah your own judgement (jangan jadik pak turut woiiiittt) TOLOOOONGGLAH.

And to those who leave comments ntah hapa hapa on the blogs- apa hal guna bahasa tak elok ni? Kalau pandai pakai computer pandailah guna bahasa manis sikit..Sikit punya "Kurang...." je tau.

And to those Malaysianpoliticiansarecrap group- apa nak buat...we learn from the West. Always remember that...mana lagi you nak lari ah.....

The end...


Anonymous said…

I agree with you. I dah lama skip the politics section kat newspaper. My kids have asked me apa tu meliwat, sebab selalu sangat dengar kat tv...

Other countries are moving forward and we are going backwards..sigh..

MrsNordin said…
I have stopped reading the newspapers except for the entertainment section. Light reading, no headache. Like you lah, baca sikit, dah nak termuntah. Blog pun, I've been very selectice. I avoid political junks altogether. I want some peace of mind...
ms hart said…
SW, I pun macam Mrs Nordin - dah lama tak baca paper! You've said it - muak! Baca gossip pun tak, sebab mostly tak dapat teka siapa si artis yg kena gossip tu!!! ha ha..nampak sangat dah belong to 'another group'....t-u-a..tak kenal artis batch2 baru!

kan? Tak da censor langsung..sedang kan dalam tabii pun tak di explain lagi apalagi luar tabii!! hehehhee
Mrs Nordin...not that I don't want to know...its that I get this feeling I'm being manipulated, you know? entertainment section lagi senang...
ms hart

I HATE Pancaindera (but have to buy every weekend) sebab they always make you guess who is beating up who, who is sponsoring which boy artist...and I can never guess !!
wanshana said…
Exactly my sentiments...Tak kuasa!

I stopped reading the hardcopies of the dailies a couple of months ago, and only read them online. The last couple of weeks ni, I just couldn't be bothered to even read the news on-line!

Banyak lagi benda lain more important to me and my anak-anak which I'd rather focus on.

Memang banyak lagi---economy, haze, ,etc etc ....

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