Sunday, August 10, 2008

Neighbourhood Spirit

The nextdoor neighbour had a wedding yesterday. Being the immediate neighbour, we couldn't just turn up at the wedding itself and then go home, right. So night before nikah, we went over and stayed on till 11 pm just doing nothing and looking for things to do. Since everything has been bought and pre-prepared, there was no onions for me to help peel, or meat I can help slice or rendang I can help stir. I think when the girls get married I'll do it kampung style and that means not just having goats etc or a fake kampung, I mean, everyone helping and pitching in. I hear in Melawati there are areas where they have a kawin committee, where they cook everythng themselves, and the committee members help serve and entertain guests and they all wear the same uniforms.

In this day and age, everyone is busy and hardly has the time to get to know the neighbours. For all my fancy talk I myself do not know half the neighbours around here. Well, that was remedied the night of the Nikah - everyone has met my husband of course, but the wife they rarely see....Since I was sooo er...talkative , it was hard for them to understand why I never make myself seen...Sebenarnya even though I love the team work and community spirit etc, I am very lazy to go visit ppl for no reason and stay to chat for a long time etc etc...hubby feels the same way and he rarely joins the borakborak session at the wakaf that the guys do.

So now I know my neighbourhood is full of datins*datoks*puansris*tansris ...and us and five kids and eight cats.

back to the neighbour's wedding, two tents were erected on our compound and on the other next door neighbour's compound...which actually worked well~! It was quite fun - I was neither guest nor was I orang rumah (host) so I could go when I had to and come and sebok distribute the bunga telor if they are shorthanded. Weddings at home is so meriah, kan.

Today is cleaning up day ...will go over in a short while to offer (surrender) self.


MrsNordin said...

It's nice of you to get to know your neighbours like that. Our neighbours... hmmm... hi and bye kalau jumpa kat luar je. I think, kalau our house kena masuk burglar pun they probably won't notice. Quite scary if you think of it that way.. :(

wanshana said...

Yeah, I miss khenduri kawin the kampung-style, too.

Nowadays, especially in KL, everything comes in a package - tak payah nak bawak ahli keluarga berunding and bahagi tugas. Semua datang goyang kaki, bawak perut, and bawak senyum to help layan guests ajer, kan?

I'm with you : kampung-style weddings for my kids, insya Allah.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Mrs Nordin

memang scary but your area ada security kan..and sometimes the neighbours puntak gomar if you friendly ..ada orang like that.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hey wanshana- wah jangan lupa jemput ok...! Mesti ada joget lambak...! Kena jugaklah adameeting, Shana nanti orang tersemput karang, kata itu ini hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Shila, kampung style wedding (yang masak sendiri ni) meriah tapi penat woohh..

Hubby's nephew got married recently, kampung style, ramai sedara cakap panas, penat etc..Nak harap org macam I, sekadar tunjuk muka and buat2 menyebuk je..he..he..


pinkytoe said...

Kakak, please la dont say u want kampung style. I live 5 mins away from Inlaw (who lives with 1 married bro and 3 other SILs) who lives 1 feet away from her other anak (my SIL la) and her 2 sis (children of all, though married and beranak pinak, still live with moms)with couples of feets away and surrounded with sepupu, 2 pupu, 3 pupu, (not to mention sedara-sedara by mariage of these sepupu sepapat). On top of that hubby is no. 9 of 11 siblings!! (is this confusing enough?) ALL of the above NEVER CATER for wedding. PENATTTTTTT!!!!!
p/s they even do their own bawang goreng and kueh mueh ok!!!moi belajar gentel karipap when married to this family.

Superwomanwannabe said...

hi pinkytoe- (cute name!)

Wow...penat ye...own bawang goreng!! I want to meet yr family! Yah,penat sangat pun tak best kan, nanti tak enjoy wedding,silap silap kena kutuk pulaak...heh heh..i think the best compromise is to cater food but make sure everyone has a job as well...

Superwomanwannabe said...

Jah..i pun pandai datang senyum je...hehehehe..kena carik compromise lah...tulah i pikir - what is the best way?

PS anniversary camna?

Anonymous said...

shila, food kena cater, yg lain boleh diusahakan. lauk pengantin yg baru2 ni, we all masak (i tukang potong2 je)..itupun rombongan pengantin jamah2 je,last2 we all yg makan sendiri.

Anniversary coming next week, i tgh ada sore point dgn hubby ni so tgh buat2 tak ingat..he..he


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