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I was online with a friend in Trinidad ..she was in Shrewsbury when we were stationed there- she had a daughter around Nadine's age . When I was about to deliver Sara, her husband was supposed to give us a lift (our car was then in a workshop) but at the last minute even his car couldn't start...batteries died.

So anyway this girl was telling me, that now she is going through divorce proceedings! That was a surprise ! I thought the marriage was extra solid. There was "family inteference". ie other people not happy that they are happy.

Another friend told me just now that she is standing by her husband who has secretly married a 20 year old. Another rock solid marriage shaken to the core. (but hopefully still standing...)

Kittens are now at the vet and staying there over the weekend. Semalam they freaked the maid out as one of them vomitted spaghetti-like worms. Yuckss. I checked it on google and it turned out that its quite common for kittens to have worms- in this case, roundworms! So off they went. they also have fleas. and conjunctivitis. Poor kittties your parents don't take care of you ye...

It's rather fun to watch them play you know. One of them would be sleeping and the other would all of a sudden , pounce on the sleeping cat. And they would tumble around etc.They also sleep by the window and on each other- it can be adorable.

Johan is at home. He has a class visit to Sunway petting zoo and he did not want to go because it's hot and it's itchy. Aaahhh ,my son. He told me he did not want to go so I did not give the RM35 and now he's telling me "anyway I can't go , because you haven't paid, mummy"


Going to Langkawi today. After work. Dad and Mom supposed to come and now dad telling me he thought we were leaving tomorrow after Jumaat and he does not want to go if we leave today. I am torn between going "ok" and "Jom lah babaaaahhhh"... I know mom wants to come along. My parents in law have gone back to Kluang . My sis in law and family will also be in Langkawi attending a wedding. I hope dad follows.



Madam Tai Tai said…
Hi SW,

Have a great holiday in Langkawi! It is going to be a loooooooong drive so I hope you have prepared a whole stack of DVDs for the kids to watch.

And selamat cuti sekolah!
Anonymous said…
That is so sad Shila...but such is life, dugaan bermacam ragam. Some through illness, some through polygamy but somehow I feel polygamy is worse!

Have a good holiday in Langkawi!

hi Madam tai tai..thanks
jah...kesian kan.....

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