Friday, August 01, 2008

the Road to Fitness

You know both husband and I have signed up for THIRTY sessions of personal training right..we had that hell of a trial which apparently was "very mild" , and today we went for an "Assessment".

That was interesting! I first had to be measured and weighed, then I had to go on to the crosscountry thingy and make my heartbeat go up to 137 and after that, I had to rest (that was nice....) and then I had to pull a lot of weights using my shoulders, arms and legs.

Hubby had to do the same too.

This is what we discovered:

1. We both have very high visceral fat (11 for me and 12 for hubby) ie the risk of heart attacks are higher.

2. I am heavier than I thought (Sixty blardie five kilo- I swear this machine is broken)

3. My shoulders are strong but my arms are weak

4. My left thigh is smaller than the right one (? How come?)

5. My thighs are as big as my husband's!!! (That's a reallllll killer that) - he was snickering all the way..

6. I may well strangle my spouse at the end of the thirty sessions (he was joking about my waist and hips)

7. Oh yeah- my waist and hips elicited an " must reduce the rice" comment from the trainer, (Can- I-have- your) Cash.

Other than heart rest rate is better than hubby- after the exercise, from rate of 137 in three minutes it went back (give or take a few beats) to 78 (rest rate is 72). My husband - from 143 to 84 (rest rate was also 72)

BMI high side...level 1 and 2 obese ok!!!!

After that , he told us what all of that meant- ie not too bad (for beginners who never exercise) some people would faint or feel dizzy on their first day (we weren't that far off, believe you me) - and for us to come every Monday and Wednesday 8-9! (this would mean going in to the office by 9.45,we hope)

Hubby will be "worked" and "pushed" , Cash said, and he aims to make hubby lose 9 cm from the waist...Okkkkk.. sudah bagus.. he has to get new pants, he moaned. I'd love to go get new pants!

I don't feel so bad today...maybe we can do this , eh. Get that visceral fat thinggy down.

(tapi.....Balik terus pi beli roti canai...shhhhhh)


Anonymous said...

I will be going somewhere near your house tomorrow (Sat) and will have to drive pass your house. Might stop for a bit, if you are in (unless you are working out at the gym, LOL).


Anonymous said...

thanks for coming along with me just now. enjoyed your company very much, and thanks for the kueh teow.... :D


Superwomanwannabe said...


Thanks for coming and thanks for taking me to see Nadhrah...I told Hubby and he said he'll think abt it but RM400 for scrapbooking lessons is maybe a not doable thing. Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Do a more simple one lah.... don't hv to go for the big stuff... tell her your budget lah.... maybe like you said, a layout page to frame or something. shouldn't be that expensive kot.....

Far said...

Which gym did you join? Mahal tak? Maybe i can keep you company?


Superwomanwannabe said...

FTM..yah, small first, or the first 2 ..

Superwomanwannabe said...

hi far- thanks for visiting! I go to K- Klub- at taman melawati..its CandySoo Fitness thingy so open to public....mahal tu about RM1770 per person if do personal training 2 to 1. pejam mata and tenyeh je lah...

Far said...

Eekrss mahal plus jauh!! The other side of town for me. Guess i'll be rooting for you from here :p


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