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Yesterday Saturday we all woke up early and went "cycling" nearby. I don't usually follow but times are-a changing and I am determined not to miss out on the kids' fun I went. I should have stayed home. I was yelling at them all the time to get off the main road, get further in, not so fast, not so behind, etc etc. I bet they also wished that I was home! hubby was happy walking behind them as the kids cycle beyond both our sights. Cars are fast ok? Usually when driven by young men!

We also stopped by a playground- again me yelling as my husband pushed them on the swing dangerously high and fast. I'm turning into my mom- I see danger everywhere. Eh when I was younger, I once was hit by a boy on a swing (Roger Woo- Dr Roger now) and I fainted ok. So there is basis in my fear...!

I had forgotten how much fun a playground is..I pun naik see saw- although to balance my weight all FIVE of my kids have to sit on the other side (sob!!) We found a dried coconut palm (is that what they call pelepah kelapa?) and I dragged the kids on it - like in LAT's "Kampung Boy".

Then, I went to the Gym for some "Aerodance"- one hour of "masala" dance routine... mak oi...nak pengsan I...gelek lah, angkat kaki lah, henjut henjut ler...the women there were so cool and dressed so well. Good lah, berjurai peluh. Now whenever I walk my knees click. Are they supposed to do that?

Hubby was on call so soon he had to go to the Hospital - tsk. this is his 3rd week running ok. Can I moan? Of course ler I know its his job, and of course we do get him when he comes back but its a pain gak when you know his mind is not with the family and he is on the phone 247. Kan kan kan?? Its been fifteen years but I still moan kan.

So the kids, stuck at home, had to do one hour of studying ler with me. They were lounging upstairs, watching tv, playing computer games, playing ps2, anything but belajar. Sophia , the minute I said go do your homework terus ngantuk and want to have a "nap". (today "demam")

Dahlia took her homework and was doing it when all of a sudden she said "Oh Shaitan is disturbing me."

"why, Dahlia?"

"It's making me sleepy...."

Oklah, go and sleepp...after all they got up at 6 am..nak cycle punya pasal.

Later I asked you think I am too garang (strict?)

He said yes. "You should control your temper mummy, just like you tell daddy to do"

I was totally gobsmacked. He was listening ke, when I was giving a ceramah to daddy on anger management- "Should I Johan, have I ever lost my temper then? Like how?"

"Like when you ask us to go mandi and you say "GO GO GO GO NOOOOOWWWW!!"

"Ok, then how should I ask you then?"

"you should say- "Can you all go and mandi please?" he said.

"But, " I asked him back " what if you don't listen?"

"Then, you should say it louder"

"But what if you STILL don't do it?"

He thought for a while and then he said "You should do this!" Then he smacked me.

See...I'm getting parenting lessons from my 6 year old.

What to do...


U ni garang ke?

BTW if u'r interested in scrapbooking, maybe u can try digital scapbooking. Tak yah keluar modal, just download from their sites & get creative.
MrsNordin said…
Hee.. hee... Johan is so cute!

I agree with mamamia.
aida yurani said…
Kelakar lah Johan ni. Hahahahaha.
Mamamia- bolehtahan lah kuasa "leteran" ....tapi kalau I tak raisemy voice macam tak dapat respon la...
Mrsnordin..yah kan, good idea. Scrapbooking can be expensive. But handmade tu nampak lah depan mata. Kepuasan dia lain lah agakye..
Aida.hows PakNgah??
ms hart said… cute your son! One of my many lines - "Anak2 mummy suka mummy jadi monster tau. Bila cakap baik2, tak nak dengar. Bila cakap macam monster, baru dengar. Pas tu kata mummy garang!" he he..believe me, they can quote unquote this infamous script any day!!

On the cycling thing - my husband kata, "Dah, dah..tak payahlah tengok your son cycle. Memang tak kan pandai-pandai budak tu..." sebab maknye asyik2 hysteria!!!
Hahaha Mamamia...Im so glad Im not the only one yang jadi histeria..heh heh...

Yalah..nak kena jadi monster. I now "growl" macam hulk. Tapi lagi ketawa ada lah depa.
Fadzila said…
hehehe...good boy la Johan tu... tp how about try apa yang dia kata... may be diorang nak macam tu kut...
Anonymous said…
sakit tak your muscle after the masala exercise?

ms hart said…
he he he..yang hysteria tu i ler..bukan Mamamia!!
Anonymous said…
digital scrapbooking is never as satisfying as real scrapbooking.... :)

fulltime mom

SORRYYYY!!! Laaaa manalah kepalaotak I nih....

Saaakit sampai laaa harini..heh heh.. tapi best!
hello fadzila,

I did try and it did work - mainly because he was the one who suggested it so when I say- see Johan I do it JUST like you ask me to- then he pun terus lah buat apa I mintak.. !
hi there FTM

there speaks a dedicated er...scrapper?

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