Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sebak dan Sabak

Last night tried this "barbecue and steamboat" place called S*ABA*K at the Melati area- on the way to genting highlands , before turning into Taman Melati, there is a long row of shops and eateries that look good and it was a toss between Chinese Muslim restaurant and the BBQ area. The BBQ area won.

We should have gone to the Chinese Muslim restaurant heh heh

We were generally ok with the place.A brief review:

1. service- there were several waiters and waitresses. But when we arrived they stared at us and did not usher us in. Peliknya! Actually I noticed this in a few places where the staff is young malay gals and guys...they'd look at you as if you have interrupted their lovely chat and should be hung for it. Heh heh

2. Food- wah the choices were many! 4 types of noodles- 3 types of mushrooms, 2 types of prawns, crabs, sotong basah, meat, chicken, fish etc . We greedily took loads of shellfish-we love clams and cockles. Alas - disappointingly the cockles were small and the clams sometimes did not have any meat inside! Hubby's theory was that they must have been refrozen again and the flesh shrank.

3. Good stuff- choices! Ada icecream! Ada straw mushrooms! It's cheap!

4. Baddd stuff- the soup was too too salty! The floor was grimy! You can see foot prints and I nearly slipped! There is no towel near the handwash area! Or tissues! They were slow in cleaning up your place!

Overall, yes it was "cheap"- RM25 per person. But I think you get what you pay for. It was not fantastic and they had better improve on their quality if they want repeat customers. we certainly won't come back. Did we complain? We were sorely tempted but then we just wanted to get home, a party of 12 had arrived with loads of children and we missed our kids ...so we left.

But...maybe if you go it'll be nicer? Who knows.

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