Someone is reciting the quran this morning. A tragedy happened yesterday. Someone is going to be buried this morning and what is tragic is that that someone is Sophia and Dahlia's teacher and I JUST talked to her last Friday.

I had to go to the school on Friday, to fetch Sophia back from school, and then send her back with her bag. She had camping at Ulu Langat . All the prefects of the school. She kept nagging me the night before to get her stuff to pack. We thought we'd take her back first to mandi then send her back to school.

But when I reached the school, the kids were allready waiting to get in the bus- there were two buses waiting. I panicked and called for Sophia, and she said she had to go NOW. I found the teacher, Teacher Nurmardhiah and told her that Sophia's bag was still at home. She was a bit flustered and told me to go back to get it, and hurry!

I pun hurried as best as I could considering that it was Friday and there was a bit of a jam. I grabbed the bag and went back to school and found teacher Nurmardhiah again, still flustered and organising the kids to get into the buses. She taught Sophia Maths and Dahlia English. I wished her goodluck and to have fun. I said boy are you going to need the luck, with all the kids to supervise! I salam her again on the way out from the school.

The next day, Nadine had to go to FRIM pulak with her school - she came back telling me that her friend got an sms to say that a teacher passed away at the camp. And it was Teacher Nurmardhiah!

I called another teacher- it seemed that T. Nurmardhiah had a severe ASTHMA attack at noon on Saturday while taking part in the activities. She wanted to do everything and had to sort out EVERYTHING, I was told by this stressed teacher. Her inhaler was in her bag and she could not get to it on time. By the time she got medical help it was too late.

Sophia came back much earlier than planned of course. I thought that she might be traumatised but she seemed ok if a bit subdued. Dahlia said she was such a fun teacher.

Alfatihah..Takziah to her family. I could not sleep until 4 am last night . Such a preventable passing. But Allah knows best. And it must be her time.

I tak tau asthma can still be fatal ye?


Madam Tai Tai said…
Oh yes asthma can be fatal! Why do you think I constantly worry about Chepul?!

Takziah ke atas Cikgu Nurmardhiah's passing.
ms hart said…
SW, sedihnyaaaa...but fate has its way to turn and twist, kan? If I were you, I'd also be sleepless...imagine, you were one of the last people arwah had met and talked to! Al-Fatihah to arwah cikgu Nurmardhiah.

Selamat berpuasa, ya SW!
myheartbleeds said…
Semoga Allah menempatkan roh T. Nurmardhiah di kalangan orang2 soleh... ameen. Al-Fatihah.
Anonymous said…
Selamat menyambut Ramadhan al Mubarak to you and family. 2 years ago, my neighbour died of asthma attack juga. She was in coma for a few weeks, tinggal anak 6 orang, also a teacher..She was in early 40s masa meninggal..Bila dengar these kind of news, rasa insaf sikit kan.

jaja said…
hi kak long...

jaja menitik airmata gak bila baca this post...maybe sbb jaja pun ada asthma...and my kids kecik2 lagi...6,5 and 4 years old...jaja harap sangat dpt tengok anak2 membesar...teruk gak my asthma coz jaja dah kena ambik steroid everyday 2 kali....emmmm....jaja doa sangat dipanjangkan umr utk dpt tengok my anak2 besar.....
selamat berpuasa to kak long and family
MrsNordin said…
Sorry to hear about this news. I'm sure you must be traumatised.

And Jaja, please look after your health. And get help!
yahh he is so active kan..I'm sure you pun worry! I guess he just need to be careful and dont over do it eh?
Ms Hart

Selamat Berpuasa to you and your family too- I shall be looking at your blog for inspiration this ramadhan :-)

Have you ever seen her? Apparently all the kids loved her.Really shows you cannot take life for granted kan....
Hi Jah

Anak ENAM?? alamak kesiannya! Asthma attack ni when it happens , can you do anything? Apparently when she finally got the inhaler the body "rejected" it.
Yah, insaf dan tersentak.
hi Jaja

Don't let asthma prevent you from living your life normally but do take care my dear! - you are living for so many people and not just yourself.At the end of the day, only Allah knows best and we can just live everyday as if it's our last (- believe it or not that was NOT an original line- heh heh). Selamat Berpuasa!
hi there Mrs N- not traumatised so much as shocked! Baruuu lah dapat simpan her handphone number, you know! I was just thinking - so I finally got to meet Teacher Nurmardhiah. Heeee...
Anonymous said…
Shila, hope i don't sound like a prophet of doom..Ajal maut tu tak kiralah muda or tua. I'm sure the teacher who passed away is a good person, same as my late neighbour. You know my first maid, is a very pious and honest person, selalu bangun malam solat tahajud. I always think to myself, in this life, she's a maid, in the next one, she may be in a better situation than me..

Salam Ramadhan SW,
Lama dah I tak jenguk.Tup2 ada kisah Teacher ni.Al Fatehah to arwah.My bestfriend's sis also dies of asthma.she had her inhaler but her asthma was really bad, bawak pegi clinic, nebuliser kejap but then tak sempat, meninggal juga.She was only 14 rasanya.Dah ajal...

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