Friday, September 12, 2008


Had buka puasa with old colleagues from previous firm the other day- at AR RAWSHA. This place is famous for its Nasi Mandi...(kena mandi lepas makan nasi - punyalah penangan dia)

Ramadhan buffet- Rm35 - makan lah engko apa engko nak makan.

So anyway I went home first, and said hi to the kids and tried to pry them away from KakPS2 and AbangInternet, and then I went out again. Hubby pun nak tumpang so he was joining me straight from PrinceCourt.

Sampai sampai je..tak tahu mana nak park. I circled several times last last took one person's car park..amboi FAMOUS nye this arab place..sedaplah tu agaknye.

I arrived, to see a loong queue forming - rupanye orang dah beratur nak ambik food. My friends relaks je..rupanye CUTI..heheheheh...

I decided to take the plunge..hubby lambat sampai as he was WALKING from the hospital- he loves to walk - ee the only time i walked was when i berendut dengan dia.. anyways, beratur and finally got the food.

Bringing both hubby and me to anyy buffet is a total waste of time..makan semangkuk je. We took a bit of lamb etc and dah kenyang.

Ramadhan buffet dia - so so je lah...takyah lah ashik habis lak tu. I have a feeling if you go for ala carte it'd be nicer. Starter dia, mushroom soup, lentil soup and something with angel hair spagheti in it, main dia, nasi and ayam macam bakar, daging, ikan (i think lah sebab dah habis) , got hoummous and also got loads of pitta bread dia lah. Dessert was bakhlava and verry sweet semolina pudding...tak tertelan if you tak tahan sweet.

It was nice though to catch up with my old friends...missed the girlbonding thingy at old firm although Loved the peace and quiet of being alone! Have to go again lah to this place when it's NOT ramadhan.


Hanie Suriya said...

maybe it's the mentality.. kalau tempat baru sure hoardes of people pegi?

hehe.. sebenarnya jeles ni coz 2nd year running stuck in a land of no pasar ramadhan or buffet dinners.

wish Izreen was closer so that i could go to her place ALL the time to makan hehe :D


p/s:what is nasi mandi?

MRSHUSiN said...'s not nasi mandi lah kakLong & hanie... it's Mendy!

it's like a cross between nasi biryani & nasi tomato... sedapppp!

nasi u balik, we go melantak dgn izreen sekali!

kakLong, Arrawsha ni kat mana?
have u tried Al Diafah in sri petaling?

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Hanie- you may be right- "trendy" to go there at the moment..

yah, I feel for you..but on the up side, you're not wasting money on food you don't end up eating!

yeah- I second Izan- Izreen balik kita pi MAKAN...

IZan- kat belakang office I je- jalan Damai! Dokek lah...

MRSHUSiN said...


i'm craving for some salmon, bakhlava, fetush salad & mendy chicken/lamb!

eeee.... lapar pulak! :D

Anonymous said...

you must try the mendi ala carte...1 ortion can share wt three persons..i like it but one in a whilelah.. they are loaded wt ghee tapi seeedappp. i like the salad and rotis and humus as well


Superwomanwannabe said...

Izan, me too lah! I pi singgahlah sat lagi. Jangan jelesss

Eh btw epi ada call you tak abt 20th??

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Yani

Haaa...satu portion tiga orang boleh makan ke? Ok set...

MRSHUSiN said...

takde pun! what's happening on the 20th?
mau belanja saya makan ka?

Ismail said...

Why not makan at Tarbush Bkt Bintang.Selection of food banyak and lebih sedap. Yesterday Mak. B and I were at Arrawsha, courtesy of the owner's wife. I don't quite like the place - dahlah panas, food tak sedap langsung!. The place, macam pasar borong Selayang -. Anyway Shereene is now stationed at Tarbush Bkt. Bintang . Nak ikut tak ?

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