Friday, September 05, 2008

Bits and Pieces

I am proud of my girls.

They have fasted from day 1- of course from the bigger ones- it is expected. But the younger ones are also keeping up.

Yesterday we took them to McDonald for sahur. They were nagging for it masa break fast but I guess at 4.30 in the morning you don't really want to eat that beefburger or what. I forced them too as I don't want a case of "tak tahaaaaaan" at 3 pm.

I am also exasperated with my girls.

Ashik nak gaaduh je. Semalam fight because of the use of the bathroom. Sara was using Sophia's bathroom, and Sophia got mad and Sara hit her softly and Sophia returned it hard and both came crying to me and both got hit hard (on the bum) by me and got a good lecture on how can they fight over toilets when there's enough toilets to go around and Sara, it is NO justification to say you only hit softly and why did Sophia hit you hard, if you do not want to get hit, do not hit her in the first place!! What is this hitting ? I will not (smack) tolerate (smack) any more hitting (smack) in my house! heh heh

Anyway it ended with a hug and loads of tears.

Jojo pulak tak nak pergi sekolah with the van. he wants me to send him. even though he'd be late by half an hour. So throughout the ride, he'd be on my lap lah, (I know, Iknow, unsafe etc) and hugging me. I suppose they don't stay this clingy for long.

Nadine has her sejarah folio to do, as in where her family came from. Yes we have found out that there is Pakistani and Jawa and Sumateran blood in her family. Good luck trying to draw that family tree.

Ok - we are going off to Kluang this weekend to send off DadinLaw. He's going for umrah on the 6th from Singapore - hope everything goes well.

And my mother's birthday was on the 2nd and I did not get to blog about this wonderful woman who is such an influence on me and made me who I am- a people pleaser. hahahahahaha no lah my mom is really great. If she was born a boy she'd be the CEO of a big corporation or some other bigshot position. She is such a lady and I have inherited NONE of her graces. or talent for cooking. or penchant for neatness, I get my gypsy tendencies from my dad. Hahahahahah (not true as dad was in the armforces and was very disciplined)

Ok have a good day and weekend!


ms hart said...

SW, so many similarities lah! The kids' puasa, the McDonald 'craving', the girls'over bathroom, the only boy sitting on mom's lap on the way to school (Psst..but mine quickly goes to the back seat just slightly before reaching his preschool!! Tak macho, I supposed, kalau gofren nampak!), and last but not least, the Sejarah folio! We were just wondering - apasal segala benda folio, folio, folio? And for the Sejarah one, segala tok nek mak pak punya birthdates lah, qualifications lah, segalanya nak tau! The best part, tang hobi ayah - melayan kerenah anak-anak!!! ha ha ha...suka-suka dia aje nak tulis!!

ms hart said...

oooppsss..the girls' fight over bathroom..

Superwomanwannabe said...

We should so meet, Ms Hart! Yalah the kids would drive you potty kan..but we love them like that...what to do...i pun tak tau kenapa banyak na folio, lepas tu bukan dapat balik kan? Sekolah simpan...!

MrsNordin said...

Have fun in Kluang! Sure best makan... :)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi MrsN

The best part was makan ramai ramai...

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

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