Celebrity Bloggers?

Ooh I just heard that Najib has his own blog.

Of course it is so the very changgih. And got video, of him welcoming the readers to his site and welcoming all views etc. I tell you, he'd better hang on to his day job cause he's a crap actor hahaha. Takpa...the intention is pure . I say, ABOUT TIME, mate! There must be fairness in everything , and in the blogworld so far the famous has been the opposition. Hey, I am as against corruption as the next guy, and I am for fairness and tolerance ok, but reading some of the blogs out there, makes me wonder which Malaysia they are referring to and why they feel so miserable in this wonderful country we live in. Call me naive, call me foolish, but I am thankful everyday that I am born in THIS country and face it, I don't have anywhere else I can say I came from what...hmm perhaps Pakistan where my moyang came from? Or Jawa where my other moyang came from?

Anyway I love reading CHEDET - he is one heck of a character our Tun is. When he was ruling, he was the Dictator, now that he is replaced by the Diplomat, they want him back. They say that if the Dictator was around, no such dissent in the party would exist. He-LLO? Don't you remember the New Umno lah, etc? Anyway they have got a point, Our Pak lah is an adorable uncle but he is NOT the Terminator...or the "Tun" minator.

What impresses me abt Chedet is his clarity and his ability to express his thoughts in the simplest possible way. And his views always make sense. Kira ada class lah, if nak bertekak dengan say, George-head-in-the-Bush (mampus aku kena ni karang)..

Another thing abt his blog is - the commenters! Ada yang puji melambung..ada yang tulis panjang panjang. They refer to him as "Ayahanda" .. Ada yang tinggal komen like "Yay I'm the first!" (referring to their comment) eee...ni lah Tun, generasi kita.

Anyway..like him or not, he is a compelling person.. And one I hope we can learn from. Takda ke orang nak publish his blog?

As for Najib- haaa bersiap sedia lah ko.....orang tak lapik lapik ok...


Anonymous said…

Are you willing to make a statutory declaration on these comments? (unretractable, of course)

Anyway, we are proud of the fact that you are a pioneer in this field of cyberspace (!)

-Mamba & Shaz
hahhaha...u ni kan..berani sungguh.you should really start a column in the mainstream newspaper or Harakah ok kah?hahahha...ish..nanti I pulak yg kena.(maybe they'll go soft on me coz I jual tudung jugak!)hahahhahah
SS said…
Tunminator hehehehehehehe...

You should see the comments in his FB, yes, they would also make you say "eee...ni lah Tun, generasi kita" :D
Hey Shaz and Mamba! How are you guys? Er...sd huh? perhaps not, I do still want to see the kids grow up! he he..

take care, letme have your address for the card raya- send to shishilal@gmail.com, ok....
Hi RSA--- oh boleh jugak yek? start paper merapuheheheheh...sure orang tak kejar you - you look too baik! hee hee
Heya ss-

Ye ke..he has a facebook??? The man is "with it" man! Can I send him a karipap? heh heh..what is it under- MM?

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