Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Computer Game Addicts

My kids, aside from fighting over food, also fight over whose turn is it on the computer.

Yes, they have devised this system of "turns" so their fight will be- so and so has overtaken her turn, and the so and so will say, yes, because you dah bangun, and the first person whose turn dah kena curik will say, eh I went to the toilet only...and so on and so forth

Kadang-kadang naik fedup.

Today, sorang lagi join in the fray- mummy.

Mummy sekarang addicted to this search and find games- Husband has downloaded LOADS of these type of games - and others (tapi suruh budak belajor!) anyway now mummy berebut dengan kids sebab mummy punya turn lah and they want to sebok.

You know tak the game that I'm talking about.It's usually a quest to find jewel lah, solve a case lah, and every scene you visit will be cluttered with stuff, among these stuff, you have to select and find certain items. Yang tak masuk akal pun ada, say, kapal atas ceiling or what.

It's fun, and my daughters will sit next to me pointing at the stuff( kena marah pulak sebab touch the screen). I sampai dah cross-eyed dah, mencari those tiny stuff.

But of course, we do want them outside..inhaling "fresh" air..tapi fun jugak lah main komputer ni...


Madam Tai Tai said...

Coolnya the dude and dudette in the profile pic! Just noticed the pic.

Lan0stZz said...

ok im playing this sunday chop!

Royalshoppingarcade said...

hhee..i suka main eldest pun akan try to come up with tapi lepas tu pening kepala asyik tgk monitor.I bring back my laptop home to browse websites and what not.we have wifi at home so I takdela kena tunggu turn nak guna, my husband berebut dgn my 2 sons je dulu since my baby baru 1 yr to think of it..diaorg kadang2 guna pc utk tgk dvd..esp kungfu panda..all 3 of my boys.

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