I have caught Johan's cold. Johan has been acknowledged to be officially sick and not "mengada-ngada" (playing it up) or making it up. He has been down since last week, but then he'd perk up so we would send him to school. He has been exceptionally whiny and clingy.

So 2 nights ago his fever flared up....Hubby finally had to take him to the GP. He insists it will settle soon and its just viral...Amidst my mumbling of "I should have married a paedeatrician", we drove to the nearest GP and was chastised by my auntie the doctor - WHY HAVE I NOT BROUGHT HIM EARLIER. Johan's throat is inflamed and ears pun and he has huge glands. And after 2 weeks he was not settling down.

So he's staying at home lah...nampak segar je?? PS2 and Internet, mana tak segar...


MrsNordin said…
Hee... hee... I think, PS2 is the best medicine for any illness for boys like Johan!
ms hart said…
SW, last weekend my second daughter pun had high fever. It got us worried because she just had it last month. Rupa2nya kawan tu ada tonsils. Hmmm..no wonder. Doctor suruh makan vanilla ice cream banyak2! Apa lagi? Celebration lahh!!

Anyway, get well soon for your flu. Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin to you and your wonderful family!
Madam Tai Tai said…
Shila and Jab,

We received your raya card. Thank you!

Hope Johan will get well soon.
shah said…
askum kaklong..

ape citer demam2 nih.tu laa.kawen dr tak semestinya sehat.hak hak hak.

nway.this is my add.

Saitama Ken,Toda Shi
Nizo 986 Ban Chi
Sato Toda Ryou
Room 101

kuih cornflakes is niiice.anyway anything you want from here?i pod shuffle ?digicam?
MrsN- you are so right..!what happendd to our date?
Ms Hart- kesiannye..I grew up with tonsils...and ashik ponteng je.. though i cant remember the vanilla icecream bit! Hmmm...

You mustreceive 2 as i sent you one and hubby also sent you one ha ha
Hi shah mybro...

Ok one care parcel winging your way..wish i can send in person..

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