Journey to Johor Journal.

Heya. How was your weekend. .

We went back to Kluang. Left the office early to go back but then had to do a Uturn- my grandaunt Opah Tam had to be admitted to HKL - she's diabetic and her left toe on her foot has gone black after an ant bit it. What is sad is that she has allready lost the other foot to diabetes as well. We rushed (as much as you can rush in the KL Friday afternoon-after-rain jam) to HKL to see her.

Anyway. We finally left KL at NINE PM. Stopped for a nap at Air Keroh and again at Pagoh. Reached Kluang at.....4 a.m . That must be a new record. Heh heh..But just in time for sahur ! After that, everyone crashed everywhere, on the sofa, on the mattress, and all the rooms were full. I used to wonder how come my younger sister in law would always get the masterbedroom with the ensuite bathroom- when we were the eldest in the family (ranking mah). But mominlaw told me once that really, that room is too small for our kids and us! So it's taken for granted that my sister in law no 1 would get the room everytime. these days respect for their elders heh heh heh.

We left for Johor at 10 a.m the next day for the Abu Bakar Mosque. To everyone NOT Johorean, Johor is actually JohorBharu. Abah and the entire 19 of the congregation were taking a bus from there, to Changi airport. His flight was to be at 9 that night. (I think). Anyway we spent a nice couple of hours before the bus finally left, just bonding with each other- I think all of the family were there- and their kids! Happy news - We are getting another 3 additions to the family by next year. Sisinlaw Zu and I were saying we should jump on the bandwagon too! (No thank you, I may look pregnant, but I think that boat has sailed for us)

Of course, we had to go visit Faiz and his new house! Faiz, Lina and Aludya their (almost) 2 year old daughter whose smile was sooooo hard to see- entertained us and took us out for buka puasa at this place called - My Friend. Ok lah, ikan steamed, sotong goreng, kangkung ikan masin. Yumms. I had a feeling mak was NOT happy as she wanted to terawih at home.

Sampai Kluang again maybe at 10-wanted to stay until buka puasa the next day but then , Hubby said kids were going to school the next day. But everyone else left too...and mak looked soo sad.

We'll try to see her soon. My husband's brother and his uncle are there with her while my dadinlaw is gone. She would not come to KL to stay with us...she has so many plans she said And she wants her mosque for the terawih.

Today, recovering....


NUR said…
hi kak shila...our prayers that pukda will have a safe journey.

nape mukda x pegi sekali ekk..just wondering...
Hi Noni
Apakabar anda di Kuantan di sana....i pun tak pasti kenapa mak tak ikut...nakjaga rumah kot...insyallah abah ok...balik 19th Sept.
MrsNordin said…
Glad you enjoyed your Kluang-JB trip! MrNordin has driven down this morning at 5.30am. Coming back on Wed. Sigh... I hate it when he's not around!
Hanie Suriya said…
hello!i occasionally drop by from izan's blog..her best friend hanie.

My Friend tom yam tu @ kempas ke? i miss that place even though makanan dia takdelah sedap mana and can be a loongg wait..

your post has made me realize how much i miss jb food.
Hi MrsN- kesian you..sabar lah ok and bring that boy over to the house if you want a break ok. LOTS of kakak want to play with him.
hi Hanie! Welcome to my "house"! yah I think its in Kempas...yang besar tu ke..dekat dengan kilang epson ke? The waiters macam takleh layan you sangat lah because they were teramat busy,tapi food dia boleh tahan lah!Mybroinlaw Faiz and his family staying in JB tu pasal..

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