Lecture from MommyMalaysia to her children

Imagine Malaysia was a mom. And her many different races, her children. What do you think she would say looking at all these bickering over who gets what and why..

" Ok, You,and you my children, come here. Come here NOW.

Ok let me explain lah ok ...for all this time, I give you, my first born child, this chunk of special privilege , you know for what or not? Not for you to go sell to the neighbour next door ok, its for you to make sure you be SAMBODY in life..! Otherwise you cannot do it on your own., you very slow you know! A bit er "special" like that... Its also not a lesen for you to just lepak ok, and expect me to support you forever. One day I won't be around, who's going to make sure you makan? Must makan sendiri isn't it?

And you, my second born, just because I give your brother special privilege, you dont lah be jealous, you also got other privilege..i love all my children the same ..you don't lah have to have eXACTLY what your brother has...different lah a bit but still get a lot whattt.. I mean don't you trust your mother one?? SO far you have not eaten is it? I try to give you everything isn't it?

And you no 1, no need lah to tell your brother he's not special..why you so rude one? I teach you like that ah? Hish mind your mouth now ok...you both are special and you are both my children-


Heh heh heh...yes, my family is sebijik sakan like that also..but we love each other ! If only Malaysian children (these different races) would grow up....


Madam Tai Tai said…
Oooo...mommy Malaysia dah marah sangat tu?

So no. 3 & 4 escaped mommy's wrath ke?
hai gina....entahle,ramairamai anak ni kan meriah...but kenalah tau how to handle when they argue among themselves ye tak..Child no 3 and 4 tu sapa lah ye??
wanshana said…
Macam familiar ajer scenes ni... Oooops! Oh ya...anak-anak I pun selalu gak kena macam tu from me! Hehehe!

Sometimes you wonder how they can fight over benda-benda yang tak masuk akal, kan? I guess we'll have to remember how it was masa kita kecik-kecik dulu... I fought with my brother just for the sake of fighting then. And being the youngest, I nearly ALWAYS won...

Bawak bertenang, Mommy Malaysia... :)
Hi shana

hahaha- yeah ashik gaaduhje kan. Yalah, if there really is a MummyMalaysia, can tell off her "children" the malayss and the chinese yang ashik bertekak entah apa apa- macam mana nak jadi family ni,...ashik berkira!
Lan0stZz said…
betullla rimas btoll cam budak2 gaduh x abes2. u jadi la mami malaysia kak shelia ganti tros "dadi" tuuu ;P
hi.. very funny & refreshing ;)

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