My Opah tam, aged 73, left us last night. She was the 3rd sister in the LalMohd clan, adek Opah I. She became a single mom raising at least 5 kids (i'm not sure!) on her own when Atok Tam died loooongg ago (I can't even remember him). She was always a very vocal person, a critical person and a smart person.

Last year, I wrote that my Opah Tam, who was diabetic, had to have her foot amputated - she injured herself with a nailclipper and it got gangrenous and it had to be taken off from the knee below to save her life. Well, she never properly recovered from that- she became depressed, and very quiet. From someone very chatty she totally changed.

Then last Friday we heard that she was back in hospital having had her toe bitten by an ant.. Then, yesterday I got a call from her daughter telling me she was "tenat" (critical)- we rushed off and found her unconscious, with an oxygen mask on. Apparently she was very acidotic- very dehydrated and with very low bp. To raise her bp they gave her this drug and it made her heart rate jump pulak. Hubby asked me to ask the family how far they want to treat her, I said no need to ask, treat her as far as you can, as long as there is hope, go for it. She was 73 only. I told Uncle Adek-if they ask, tell them- do all you can. (Sebok kan I)

(She was taken care of by her daughter, can't be easy to do. and she would not do what she was supposed to do and towards the end she refused to eat)

Then later we got a call from Uncle An the eldest, to say that the doc said, she had very slim chance of recovering, would they like to preservere or would they like to bring her back. Hubby said try lah one more night, with the drugs and the medicine and if tak jugak jadik then we can consider giving up. Then another call from same Uncle to tell us, no lah the family has had a meeting, and they all agreed to not prolong her suffering and take her back.

Later that night - we went over to the house. My Opah tam looked soo peaceful - as if she was smiling. She was laid to rest near my Atok Mamak who left us this February- this year alone we lost my Opah, her brother and her sister. That's hard man!



MRSHUSiN said…
takziah & alfatihah kakLong...
Innalillah hiwainna ilaihi rajiun...
moga arwah ditempatkan di kalangan mereka2 yang beriman...
Anonymous said…
Takziah Shila. She died in Ramadhan which is a blessed month.

Izan- thank you

Jah- yes you are right...& you know, at least she did not have to suffer kena potong kaki lagi sebelah, and then going through dialysys- I'm sure she would have been evenMORE depressed!
MrsNordin said…
My condolences to you and family..
wanshana said…
My condolences to you and family.

Yes, she left in the blessed holy month of Ramadhan.

Semoga arwah ditempatkan bersama golongan yang beriman, insya Allah. Amin.

The siblings bersusun-susun meninggal dunia...Reminds me of may paternal grandfather whom I never knew. He passed away when my father was 12 years old. He had three wives, all passed away within 6 months after my arwah grandfather meninggal.


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